Carpdime's Foal Sim by Carpdime (Fb id: 21168)

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So back on the booru, @Carpdime made a simple foal sim. However, the link was not active by the tim I checked it in 2020. I decided to make this topic to spark some discussion about it, as well as find out if Carp still has it. If not, we’ll just convert this topic back to an “image” post, as a sort of a memory of a game Carpdime once made.


Knowing carp I like to see a game in his style oh I can hear the chirping already

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To my understanding it was more like a simple text game.

I don’t have a copy of this anymore as the links I uploaded to have since expired many times over.

From memory you could generate random foals with different colors and auto generated names.

Afterwards, each fluffy had their own health, life expectancy, hunger, poop and mood status.

There were options to play, feed, punish, etc. I think the concept is a really basic version of The Sims. It didn’t have any graphics so it was entirely text output based. Supposedly phase two could have been to implement a graphical UI.

The strangest thing I remember was a bug where the fluffy could keep talking after it died or something bizarre like that. That and also you could keep applying the sorry sticks to a dead body.

It was no where near as entertaining as FoxHoarder’s dating sim, although there are some tamagotchi like concepts which had some potential.

There are some text based life sim games in the Google store, I think the final game would have been close to that concept. Basically iterating through the lifecycle of a fluffy within 5-10mins.


That been a creepy one you wake up ur fluffy is in vase (fluffy ash) you walk over to get a drink and hear it “daddeh flufy wan huggies”

BTW carpdime you’re one of the first people that I seen art of when I discovered this community