Casual Fluffy Update (by TommyBoyio) random_viewer_of_fluffies

for those who are know, @TommyBoyio been working on the casual fluffy. there has been an update on it for Halloween, (don’t know how to put the file on it) however, if you join Discord, you can get your own updates and download the game yourself. I’ll leave a link here at will be updated for you all to join


All I want for Christmas is for one of them to say “Nu wan be piwwow, wan be wawky wunny fwuffy!” It’s the best sentence a fluffy can pronounce.


mmh you can join discord and place it in the suggestion box and i’m sure tommy will work on it

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The first thing I thought of when I saw this was “Casual hello, it’s me, Zoidberg, act naturally.”