CD Hugbox week part 2: do you want to make a snowman? (carniviousduck)


I keep waiting for the murderous rage and the red arterial spray to come to the fore any second now.
Its just odd to see duck hugbox.

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Cute and he even have a backpack too :grin:

Forgot the name btw

Naw I didn’t forget, I just do to piss people like you off …

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K, I will remember to be aware of that

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When he does Hugbox it is exceptionally heartwarming :heart:


~sees yellow snowball while he’s talking about making a snowman~

Ahh, asian daddy I see.

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don’t forget brown and red snowballs

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Sorry about having to ask people to do that. It’s a by-prouduct of us having to treat tags differently than how we used to on fluffybooru.
We’re still working on figuring out better ways to make people’s work easy to locate, and yet won’t cost us thousands of dollars per year to implement.