Champ's Big Boy Vet Visit (Ace)

This one’s for @AmbitiousLeather8309


“Mummah…doctah su scawy.” This was Champ’s first visit to the fluffy vet office that he could remember. He’d been when he was a foal to get shots but now he was a big boy. A big blue and yellow stallion that loved to run around and play ball with his friend. His owner rubbed a few fingers against one of his ears, trying to soothe him.

“Remember the video we watched before we came over?” She asked him. FluffTV had a whole line of videos designed to help fluffies get over obstacles or face everyday fears. The one they had watched had their most famous star, Cinnamummah, going to the vet and having her teeth checked, heart monitored with a stethoscope, and even blood drawn. At the end she’d gotten a toy and said it wasn’t bad at all.

“Yis…” Champ nodded a bit. Cinnamummah was still his favorite even if it was kind of a babbeh show. He felt himself fill with a bit of resilience at the idea of having to tackle this.

“Why don’t you go play with the toys? That’ll get your mind off of it.” She gave his butt a tiny pat and sent him off on his way to play around with the nummed on blocks and raggedy stuffy-friends. Since his mind was occupied it was no time at all before the receptionist called off his name.

“Champ? The doctor is ready to see you.” The fluffy looked up from his stack of blocks. His mummah nodded to him. “I can’t go down the hall with you, but be brave OK? It’s just a check-up.” Why couldn’t she go with him? Apparently there was some kind of a fluffy flu going around. You couldn’t be back there unless you were properly sanitized and wearing protective gear, or of course a patient.

“O-Otay mummah.” Champ walked down the long hallway, led by the receptionist. He entered a room filled with all sorts of colorful posters and fun little things that would distract the idiots from the stressful experience.

The doctor inside the room was a middle-aged man with greasy black hair, a thick mustache, and gnarled looking hands. His previous job had been at a muffler shop. Did he have experience in any kind of medicine? No. Fluffies were toys though. You didn’t need jackshit to work at one of these places. Doing basic shit and Googling could get you by relatively well.

“Hello Champ. I’m Dr. Trenton.” The receptionist had left the two in the room. Champ shyly clicked the floor with one hoof.

“Hewwo. Cham’ am be guddest boy ‘fo doctah.” Trenton had lifted him up and put him on the exam table. He rifled through a few charts.

“Ah. Someone’s getting neutered, hmm? Well, that’s good. I’ve heard it makes fluffies calmer and happier.” Which wasn’t true at all. Unlike dogs or cats, fluffies could speak. And they sure as Hell were vocal about what happened down there.

“Neuer? Wha?” Champ asked. He was gently placed on his back on the exam table. Well. Surgery table in a few moments. The distinction wasn’t so great. Leather straps were cinched on each of his hooves.

“Don’t worry about it. Say, what’s your favorite thing to watch on FluffTV?” He wasn’t too experienced in medicine but he was a born talker. Fluffies loved to babble and it was a good way to get their mind off something.

“Oh! Cham’ wub Cinnymummah! She am pwettiest, bestest mawe. Wub singin’, wub dancehs…” He trailed off. Trenton was busy sanitizing the surgery site with an alcohol pad, and then peeled the wrapping off of a disposable scalpel.

“Is that so? Why, I know we have some Cinnamummah stickers in the toy chest. After we’re done I’m sure you could go home with them. Now be brave. You’re going to feel mild discomfort.”

“Teehee…Cham’ bwavest fwuffy.” He said with an admirable tone. The vet office wasn’t so bad after all. Well. That was until he felt a sharp piece of metal pierce into his ballsack.

“N-NUUUUU! SPECIAW WUMPS! HUWTIES! HEEEWWWPPP!” The stallion cried out. Luckily these rooms were soundproofed. You didn’t want other fluffies to hear them freaking out and cause a domino effect.

“Shh shh shh.” Trenton made the proper incision, looking over to his phone. A Youtube video showing the process was playing. He’d done it more than a few times already but it didn’t hurt to be sure.

“MUNSTAH MAN GIB CHAM’ HUWTIES! NU WAN! PWEASE MUMMAH!” He screeched, eyes rolling back and focusing on the wall. It showed a mummah and her foals all getting shots and smiling.

“Cham’ wan be daddeh! Nee’ speciaw wumps! NEE’ DEM!” He pleaded and begged. That didn’t stop the doctor from removing them though. Champ was forced to watch as his balls were plopped into the medical waste bin. Trenton sighed a bit.

“Well, I’m sure your mother will let you adopt a stuffy-friend. Isn’t that nice? I need to get you all…” Wait a second. He went over to his charts. Oh shit. Oh fuck.



“Oh man. Oh fuck. Jesus Christ.” Trenton began to have a mini freakout as Champ continued to scream and cry. It didn’t make concentrating very easy. There was no goddamn way he could put the testicles back into him. Anything that went into the medical waste box was a foregone memory.

“I…I got an idea.” He went over to the toy chest full of goodies that his patients could bring home. Found a few small rubber balls that were just the right size for talkie-babbehs. Just the right size for this little bit of scamming too.

“Alright. Be a brave boy.” He kind of just had to maneuver the rubber balls into place. Champ squealed and tensed up against the restraints, making scaredy-poopies on the table. That was fine. Honestly he was surprised it hadn’t happened earlier.

“Good boy. Shh. Shh. Good boy.” He began to suture the flesh back in place. There. Good as new. Hah hah hah…whew. Getting an orange flavored baby aspirin out of the cabinet, he’d slap it into Champ’s mouth and make him start chewing.

“There there. Come on.” Slipping the restraints off, he’d bring the fluffy over to the sink and begin washing him off. The poor boy was basically in a state of shock at this point. Trenton went back to the prize closet, got the Cinnamummah stickers out, poked the sheet into his mouth. He held on loosely but didn’t make much of a response otherwise.

“Ah, Mrs. Laurence. Champ was, well, a Champ!” Trenton told the fluffy’s mother with a big fake-ass smile. “While we were back there I noticed a strange growth. I managed to remove it with no difficulties but the poor boy was confused and thought I was removing his testicles.”

Champ looked up to his mummah. She gently took the sheet of stickers out from his mouth.

“Mummah, munstah man gib wowstest huwties! MUNSTAH MAN! HE AM BAD!” He looked fearfully to the doctor. His owner gave a small eyeroll at his dramatics.

“Thank you so much, doctor. How much will it be?” She asked, wondering if an upcharge situation was going on.

Trenton gave a wave of his hand. “Nothing at all! Consider it a freebie for the little guy’s health.” The smile got larger. God, it seemed like this was working.

“Thank you so much, Doctor Trenton! Wow, Champ. They really love you here.” She gave a wave to the doctor and walked out with her little guy in tow. Trenton gave a huge sigh of relief.

Back at home, everything seemed fine at first. Champ kept trying to tell his mummah about his wumps but she wouldn’t listen to a word of it. He was incredibly sore, sad, betrayed.

That wouldn’t matter a bit to what lay in store for him. Peeing began to hurt. A lot.

“Buwny-huwties! BUWNY-HUWTY PEEPEES!” He cried out as he piddled in the litterbox. Not only that, the flesh where the two rubber balls had been inserted throbbed painfully. Absolutely raged with a tortuous heat. The area became swollen as it filled with pus, and even brushing up against something could be enough to send him into screaming hysterics. His no-no stick dripped with foul smelling stuff.

“Oh my God. Champ! That growth must have been…I don’t know but it must have been something more serious!” His mummah said when she finally realized the extent of the problem. Rushing her poor little baby back to the vet’s office, she brought him in, basically tripping past the door in her urgency.

“Nu…nu wan munstah doctah…munstah nuuuu…” Champ weakly cried. He had a fever and it was hard to concentrate or fight. The fluffy was brought back to Dr. Trenton’s office.

“Oh. That’s one Hell of an infection.” He said to himself. He’d have to drain the area and…yeah it was best to just remove fucking everything.

“Champ.” He strapped the fluffy down on the table just as he had before. “I’m going to have to perform a total penectomy on you. But don’t worry. I have a special Cinnamummah doll just for you.”

Champ blinked at him. “Ecomy?” He asked. What’d that mean?

“I’ll have to remove your no-no stick. But think of your brand new toy.”

The fluffy gave a whimpering ‘huuuuuuu’.


Amazing :heart_eyes: lol


Oh Champ, what makes you think you deserve to be a daddeh?




So fucking deserved XD.


If that was his standard when repairing cars, no wonder he needed a career change. Dumbass.


I love abuse through negligence/incompetence


I wouldn’t let this moron work the carving station at Golden Corral…


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