Chapter Index: Rainbow Game (By SqueakyFriend)

Rainbow Game

An audience-driven horrorbox story! A group of fluffies wake up in a basement with no memory of how they got there. Quickly they find themselves stuck in someone’s twisted Death Game, forced to traverse challenges and vote for who in their group to kill… How many must die before they find a way out? Is there an end to this cruelty? The only way to find out is to play along.

Note: This story is influenced by its audience, as all readers can vote for which fluffy should be killed in any given voting session! As a result of its premise, fluffies will get hurt and graphically killed throughout the story.

Chapter Index

Chapter 1: Patience
Chapter 2: Checkerboard
Chapter 3: Removal
Chapter 4: (To be continued…)


Ohh, this looks like fun!

the rainbow gaaaaaaaaaame! ohhh i love how they all look! cant wait for chapter 3

i hope that most of them get out alive ^^

We need a tag for survivor game shows?

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