Character Bios: Other Elements (NobodyAtAll) [SPOILER WARNING]

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The ChaotiX
A superhero team, initially only comprised of X-Positives, but welcomes anyone with power who is willing to use it for good. Pierre was the founder and leader, but since his retirement, Calvin is now the leader of the team. Motto: “Don’t make us come over there.” Battlecry: “One for all and all for one!”

The Monster Party
A ChaotiX squad dedicated to hunting down vampires, werewolves and various other supernatural ne’er-do-wells who won’t play nice. Henry, Carmilla, Rex, Fenrir, Reggae, Mortis, Glenn, Sonia, Gizmo, Hunter, Socrates, Zorn, Nice Chris and James, and Amy B are all on this squad.

The Nerd Squad
A ChaotiX squad operating as the team’s science division, out of Valerie’s lab at Faucheuse Tower. Valerie herself, Alfred, Prometheus, Erwin, Miles, Buzz, Gizmo, Alex, Jack, Amy the Ant-Woman, Dew and the ChaotiX’s Igor are all on this squad. Yes, Gizmo is on two squads. He’s a man of several talents, and he’s always wanted a chance to work with the Faucheuses.

The Omega Squad
A ChaotiX squad formed only when absolutely necessary. Calvin, Miles, Future Quin and both Marleys are all on this squad. Technically, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Prometheus could be on this squad too, while they use the Omega Drives. Scott and Kirk could be on this squad too, but five Omegas is already overkill…

The Warriors Four
A ChaotiX squad consisting of Reiner, Kobul, Gilius and Angus. They had been traveling around the country together to help fluffies for years, but now they do it with the ChaotiX backing them.

The Rubber Band
A ChaotiX squad consisting of Brian, Stretch, Andre, Piccolo, and Jake, who all share the same rubber powers. Brian hates the name. Everyone else thinks it’s hilarious.

The Swole Patrol
A ChaotiX Squad consisting of Dwayne, Simone, Aziz, and Sasha, who all share the same powers of enhanced strength and durability.

The IntergalactiX
A ChaotiX squad for dealing with extraterrestrial affairs. Amitsu, Iyatagg, Bellikose, Peeta, Konba, Shyne, Dorz, Taarn-tual, Iku, Bangar and Bugsey are all on this squad.

Korkea Bros. Construction
A construction firm founded by Alpha and Omega. Beta, Gamma and Kirk are all employed here.

The Fluffy Cabal
Despite the name, not as surreal or sinister as it sounds. An informal group of mostly-benevolent like-minded individuals who understand that the fates of humankind and fluffykind are intertwined, and seek to ensure that both species flourish together. Deston, Xavier, Victor, Calvin, Valerie, Susan, Annette, June, Erwin, Tommy, Maria, John and Jeremy are all members. Pierre was a member too, as well as the founder and leader, but since his retirement, Deston has become the new leader of the Cabal. But Pierre’s always willing to help his friends when he’s needed. Motto: “We must survive.” We meaning everyone who calls Earth home.

The Trinity of Terra
The spiritual prototype to both the ChaotiX and the Cabal. Back when Pierre, Deston and Victor toured the universe as Reaper, Magus and Fenrir Houndstooth, they became known as the Trinity of Terra, and made it their official name. Scarface was briefly a member under the guise of Montana.

The Fluffy Cartel
Blueberry’s herd. After a chance encounter with Tommy and Maria Fonda left the herd with a stack of pot brownies, they began doing business with other herds in the area, trading pieces of brownie for anything Blueberry’s herd needed. When Tommy and Maria found out what had happened, they thought it was hilarious, and began supplying the herd with more brownies. Now the biggest herd in the forest.

The Order of Darkness
A top-secret cult aiming to conquer the world on the Darkest One’s behalf. Comprised not just of humans, but uplifted fluffies too.

A very rare fluffy genetic disorder that manifests itself as the afflicted fluffy reaches maturity. A fluffy that develops Syndrome-P53 will frequently emit a pheromone (designated Pheromone 53, or just P53) that draws other fluffies to the afflicted fluffy, and then drives then into a flufficidal rage when they see the poor bugger. Not all fluffies are susceptible to the pheromone’s effects however, for reasons currently unknown. Some humans are also susceptible to P53. This may explain a lot.

Phenomenon X
A phenomenon that has only recently been rediscovered, that bestows superpowers upon those who have the potential. This includes humans and fluffies, because fluffies have human DNA, and Phenomenon X’s cause is linked to the human genome.

X-Positives/Enlightened Ones/Miracle Children/Children of Vulcanus
Humans and fluffies who have tested positive for Phenomenon X, and thus have superpowers. Most of them are being trained at Dr. Pierre Faucheuse’s School for Gifted Individuals, and most of them are currently in the ChaotiX. More and more X-Positives are emerging, though. In the age of Ad Laun Dyz, there were many X-Positives, though back then they were known as the Enlightened Ones, and they lived far above the clouds, leaving the Earthbound Ones, as they called the normos, to suffer through an ice age.

Omega Class
An extremely rare kind of X-Positive. The maximum potential power of an Omega Class is theoretically infinite, though they aren’t automatically omnipotent. They still have to work to increase their power, though they can increase it surprisingly quickly, and they might not have any limit. There have been eight known Omegas: Calvin, Marley, Quin, Miles, Adam, Kushim, Scott, and Kirk. If you’re counting the present Marley and Quin separately from the future versions, there have been ten. Roxie and Ronnie are possibly Omega Classes too, but it has not yet been confirmed. Technically, you could also count Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Prometheus as Omega Classes too when they are using the Omega Drives. It’s a matter of perspective, really. Adam Omega was the first Omega Class. They were named after him.

The Dragon Force
No, not the band. The metaphysical force that bends the laws of physics to allow dragons to exist and do all the things that dragons do. No, it’s not just magic that does that, but magic is also a part of their being. Otherwise dragon body parts wouldn’t be the useful magical ingredients they are. All dragons have a connection to the Dragon Force, as do those with dragon blood, but for all but the noble dragons, the connection is stronger on the magical side of the universe. Dragons on Earth’s side have to make a choice: keep their powers, or keep their minds. It should be easy to guess which one most dragons choose. Dragonbane can sever a dragon’s connection to the Dragon Force by wounding them, depriving them of their powers until the wound heals. For a human with dragon blood, like Edward, this basically renders them a normo until they recover from the wound. But for a full-blooded dragon, who needs their powers to live? Well…

The color of magic, the pigment of the imagination. Normos can’t see it. Those of a magical nature can, like mages and dragons. Cats can see it too, because all cats are a little bit magical. And the Deaths can see it too, although there is little they cannot see. Edward described it as a “fluorescent greenish purple-yellow kind of color.”

FauCorp/Faucheuse Corporation
Pierre Faucheuse’s corporate empire. Having mostly done business in consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics (the last of which makes the most profit, due to the high prices of the products: Pierre strives to be an ethical man and fair business owner, but has no moral qualm with profiting off the vain, and to be fair, the products are high-quality), in recent years they’ve entered the vast and still mostly untapped fluffy market, going into direct competition with companies like Hasbio, FluffCo, and Alenix, and filling niches in the market that the other competitors have left unfilled. Initially founded to fund Pierre’s experiments.

The Fluff Network
A new streaming service also owned by FauCorp. Aims to provide higher-quality programming than the much maligned FluffTV. Made in Fluffywood, with an all-alicorn cast. See “The Fluff Network” for more details.

A new social media platform made to connect fluffies and their owners. Also owned by FauCorp. Has a strict no abuse policy.

A video sharing service, likewise owned by FauCorp. Also has a no abuse policy. Videos of fluffies raping other fluffies is not allowed, but videos of fluffies having their way with other things is.

Fluffy Buddies 4 Life
A group of fluffy owners that arranges playdates for their fluffies. Mark, Judy, Calvin, Seth, and Andre are all members. Chris is a former member.

Seth’s band. Cindy, Wallace, Terrence and Void are all members. Got their big break. When they started out, they called themselves the Elementals. Perhaps they should have stuck with that name…

Radioactive Biohazard
Needles’ band. Since collaborating with Zephyr, they’ve become almost as popular. They wanted to call themselves Poison, but the name was already taken.

The Fluffy Book Club
A group of fluffies who possess a talent rare among fluffies: they can read. They gather in the Fonda cabin to discuss their favorite books. Blueberry, Woodstock, Merlin, Nikola, Audrey, Ms. Pac-Man, and Dig-Dug are all members. Marley and Scarface are both trying their hardest to learn to read, so they can join too.

The Intergalactic Federation
Exactly what it sounds like: an intergalactic government. Their primary concern is ensuring that sentient beings of all species can coexist in harmony. Earth was recently inducted into the Federation.

The Intergalactic Patrol
Also exactly what it sounds like: an intergalactic police force. They deal with threats to the universe at large. Threats that only concern a single planet are left for that planet’s government(s) to deal with, unless that planet’s government(s) just can’t deal with it on their own.

The Hunter Association
An organisation dedicated to hunting vampires, werewolves, demons and various other supernatural horrors. They are not unreasonable. They will leave vampires alone if they aren’t causing trouble, or werewolves, or what have you. Their MO is protecting the innocent, and innocent undead count too. They reject anyone who is just in it to kill, and warn the authorities to keep an eye on them. Some members of the Association are vampires and werewolves themselves. Motto: “Et Non Pertinent In Hoc Mundo.” A rough translation would be: “You don’t belong in this world!”

Order of the Dragon
A resistance movement formed from the Adventurer’s Guild when Drakonia fell, because they already had all the things they needed for a resistance movement.

The One Man Army
A multiverse-spanning police force, dedicated to neutralising threats to the multiverse. Comprised entirely of versions of Calvin, though some of them have partners, other people from their native realities. Motto: “The multiverse must survive.”

The Citadel of Calvins
The O.M.A.'s effective opposite number. An alliance of criminal versions of Calvin, who seek to plunder the multiverse’s treasures and drown it in blood.

The Fateful Five
A group of five villains brought together by Fate to assist his Harbinger, U-1999. Hans, Demon Chris and James, and Demeter were all members along with U-1999, who was in charge while Fate was working elsewhere. Demon Chris and James and Demeter were summoned from Hell and Arborea, respectively, in a way that technically doesn’t break the laws of summoning. Hans’ soul was retrieved from Chris and James by Fate, who put it back together and placed it in what was intended to be Hans’ ultimate creation: a new mechanical body, combining the Stahlkörper tech and Caldroid tech. Calvin named the group on the spot. They didn’t give themselves a name because they didn’t consider themselves a team.

The Abuse Syndicate
Exactly as surreal and sinister as it sounds. An informal group of malevolent like-minded individuals who consider fluffies to be nothing more than playthings for abusers, and seek to ensure that abusers can continue abusing fluffies unimpeded. Vanessa, Ivan, Garm, Ivo, and Erick were all members, and the Nose was in their employ.

The Inhuman Alliance
An alliance of various non-humans, formed by Hans after the Syndicate fell. Hans, Garm, Necrosis, Mhortur, Argyrum and Demeter are all members.

The MetalliX
An alliance of various former foes, essentially reviving the Abuse Syndicate and the Inhuman Alliance. Hans’ 50’s backup, Vanessa, and Argyrum were the founding members. Projekt Schatten, Demeter, Voilet, Bleu, Pistol Pinto, Len, and Kamikaze were all members. The Meister-Roboter line, the Schlechtniks, and the Bauherren all served them.

The Ganglion
An extraterrestrial criminal organization. They’ve been moving in on Bertrand’s turf after his death, and their Boss, Gooroo, recruited Konba, Duwen and Scha, promising them to help them get their desires. His own desire seemed to be taking down the Federation, but turned out to actually be surprisingly noble.

The Intergalactic Faucheuse Foundation
The reformed Ganglion, hoping to use their resources to atone for their crimes. Voilet and Bleu are the leaders, and Trota, Pistol Pinto, Kamikaze, and Len are all members.

The Stoneheads
A Silicoid supremacist group, named because they deliberately forgo the lichen that many trolls and Silicoids cultivate on their bodies as a substitute for hair. Mhortur is a member, and worked with the Abuse Syndicate as part of a deal with Gooroo, who promised to have the Ganglion help the Stoneheads conquer Silics. Mhortur later worked with Hans’ Inhuman Alliance for the same reason.

The Anti-ChaotiX
CQK-9891’s second attempt at a multiversal alliance. This time, instead of recruiting versions of himself, he’s recruiting versions of Calvin’s friends. He already has a Pierre, Victor, Deston, Seth, Andre, Jack, Dave, Judy, Edward, Reilly, Konba, Scott, Xanitas, Kirk, Lou and Tony. Notice that there aren’t any fluffies in the group. That is not an accident on CQK-9891’s part.

An fluffy extermination firm founded by Dr. Ginger the Elder. What they didn’t tell people is that they intended to exterminate all fluffies. Shut down by Victor.

The NLU incarnation of APAT. Short for People Liberating Animals and Stopping Mankind’s Abuse. A notorious animal rights group responsible for liberating the first generation of fluffies from Hasbio’s lab. Naturally, has been defunct since the Fall of Cleveland. Victor caught one of their leaders fleeing to the border.

The comeback of PLASMA. Who exactly is in charge is currently unknown.

The Peacemakers
Seemingly a humble charity run by Father Lucian Pax, but in truth, the followers of the Light of Peace. Many members of the Peacemakers are the dregs of society, and have “seen the Light”, falling under their thrall. Not all of them joined the Peacemakers voluntarily. Motto: “May The Light of Peace Shine Upon All”.

The Octovirate of Darkness
An alliance of villains who all dealt with, or serve the Devourer. Dehak is the founder and leader, and Umbra, Varney, Shaun, Erebus, the Hungry Rider and the Dark Demon are all members, and ostensibly equal partners.

The Eternal Gentlemen’s Club
A secret society based in Massachusetts, serving as a safe place for immortals. Eli is the founder and leader, and the Baron, the Countess and Mr. Gris are all members.

The Wild Mages
A group of magical anarchists who live in Urshuul, away from the jurisdiction of the Mage’s Guild. Dehak was kicked out of the Wild Mages for being too crazy, even for them.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
When the end of the world is nigh, they shall ride out. The Death of Humans, War, Famine and Pestilence are all members. Chaos left before they became famous. Conquest botched the audition.