Chefs for a day - Part 3 (artist: Carpdime)

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Now I wanna draw fluffy soups.

Of all 4 main species and several of the sub species too ?
It be a whole range.

Seeing the fluffies opening a can of soup my brain thought of the many ways they could have injured themselves. xD


These fluffies be trained.
Rambo would either hurt himself or make a bloody mess.

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It looks like their meal is going to be mighty tasty,so far!

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Ok. I’m impressed. I sometimes have trouble opening soup cans, and I have fingers.

I’m amazed he didn’t slit his throat with that top.

I’m over here dreaming of a fluffy can of sketti-os

In the shape of fluffie heads

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Ohhhh I love this idea actually. :thinking_jellen:

With a jellenheimer varient.
And a pesto one for kltsune fluffies.

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Those are some well trained fluffies…

Dude wtf. I don’t think even most humans could rip a can’s lid off with their teeth. What is that fluffy made of? Steel?

I mean… fabulously drawn. I love the piece. But damn.

They can open their own spaghetti tins.

They don’t need humans anymore


Buttercup has some experiences with cans…

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More dynamic panel work!

Super fun adventures in capturing motion and action. In cute-o-vision to boot!

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Anyone else think that she’s gonna cook one of the fluffies? Or probably all?

It’s Carpdime.
Carpdime almost exclusively does hugbox.
And personally I am very okay with that.


Oh okie