Cherry and Brian B.S. 5: Winter Wonderland Part 1 (Star-The-Alicorn)

With christmas on the way, I decided to make a festive little christmas-y story for anyone who wants to read it.

Happy holidays to all who celebrate!

The car sped down the road as the snow fell around them. Snowflakes were swept up as the tires blew them off the road. Brian and Gavin had saved up enough to take themselves and the fluffies to a pet-friendly winter resort. Christmas songs blasted from the radio within, and everyone belted the lyrics, not caring if they were off-tune.

The fluffies were entertaining themselves in the back seat. Cherry giggled as he lapped at the window, trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue. Switchy rolled his eyes lightheartedly and wondered how he landed himself such a loveable dork as a special friend. Lucky sang along cheerfully, perfectly in-tune. Apple stared out the other window appreciating the scenery. Dusk contentedly napped beside him.

The snow grew deeper and deeper as they drove along, and they slowed down, not wanting to risk wrecking the car. They made their way into the mountains, thankful they were only a few car’s length back from the snowplow. Eventually Gavin pulled the car over.

“Look everyone, a hill! Wanna try sledding?” The man asked. He turned around and smiled at the fluffies’ reactions.

“Chewwy wan’ twy! What am swedding?”

“Dusk nu cawe. Wet sweep.”

“Wucky see hoomans swiding down the hiww! Am dat swedding?”

The fluffies piled out of the car sans Dusk, who preferred to nap. He wasn’t a fan of the cold, even with winter clothing.

Brian hauled the large, collapsible adult-sized wooden sled out of the trunk. He grinned and led the 4 fluffies up the hill, the tiny horses puffing and panting. He sat down, keeping the sled in place with his legs. “Hop on, fluffies!” He called.

The four fluffies piled on, and Brian wrapped his arms tight around them so they wouldn’t fall out. Then they started to slide down the hill. They went faster and faster, thanks to the steep incline. Soon, the icy wind was buffeting their bodies, and the fluffies were shouting with the adrenaline.

“So… How do fwuffies steew this thing?!” Cherry started to panic as the sled rocketed down the steep hill.

“That’s the neat part, you don’t!” Brian cheered. The fluffies’ reactions were priceless.





But by the time they reached the foot of the hill, their screams had turned to cheers and squeals of joy. Once the sled stopped, they all hopped off. Cherry bounded in place, giggling. “Again, again!” The other three fluffies agreed.

Brian smiled. “Alright kiddos, back up we go!”

They went up and down about 5 more times before Brian got too tired to climb the hill again. “Hold on kids, my legs are cramping up. I think we’ll have to stop for today, okay?” Cherry pouted, but nodded.

They all got back into the car and they drove off again. Dusk had remained asleep the whole time, enjoying the warmth of the car. So when Apple crowded up to him with icy fur he jumped and yelped.

“Get off Dusk! Yoo too cowd!” He snarled. Apple sheepishly grinned and backed up as Gavin chuckled.

After a few more hours, they finally reached the resort. It was snowy outside, but beautiful, well-lit and warm inside. Both humans and fluffies alike gawped at the decor.

There was a chandelier with garland weaved through it, throwing golden light throughout the lobby. There was a massive christmas tree in the back corner, covered in ornaments that glittered in the multicolored lights on the tree. Every inch of the place was draped in glittery fake snow, shiny ornaments and presents, and beautiful garland.

“Pwetty…” Dusk breathed. Brian smiled down at him. For once the earthie wasn’t grumpy. He’d reward him for his good behavior with some cocoa.

They made it to their rooms, dropped their luggage and collapsed into bed, and napped for about four hours. When they awoke, it was sunset. Gavin and Brian went outside to watch the pretty sight on the outside deck. They were delighted to see each room on the first floor was given a good-sized backyard.

Most of the fluffies were done with snow for the day, but Dusk came out to see what all the hype was about. He shivered and grimaced. “Bwww! Why othew fwuffies wike dis?”

“Oh, perfect timing little guy! Here, we got something for ya.” A small cup of warm cocoa (Not hot, he didn’t want the earthie to burn his mouth) was held down to him. Dusk took it and sipped it, lighting up in a happy grin at the taste.

“Yummy! Bestest wawm dwink!” Dusk chugged the warm cocoa and lapped up the whipped cream. He burped and settled back with a happy sigh. “Dat was guuuud…” He cooed.

After a while though, he started to feel dizzy. “Dusk feew funny, heehee!” he giggled. He stumbled around on the snowy ground, feeling high as a kite.

“Oh boy, here we go!” Gavin did his best not to laugh as the earthie shakily wandered over to the rear of the backyard. Both men knew chocolate got fluffies drunk off their asses.

Dusk attempted to climb a short yet steep snow pile, but he was just running in place. Brian and Gavin cackled as he eventually fell over onto his back, kicking his legs in the air.

“Why Dusk upside-downies? Heeheehee!”

Brian got his laughter under control and scooped the earthie up, cradling him like a baby and carrying him back towards the house. Dusk’s pupils blew wide and he booped Brian’s nose with a hoof, staring at him dead seriously.

“Hab Dusk ebah towd yoo how much Dusk wub yoo?”

Brian chuckled. “Not directly, but in your own way, yes.”

“Dusk wub yoo. Bestest hoomans ebah. Wub Appwe. Wub famiwy…” Dusk started to tear up, sniffling. “Wub yoo so much!” He drunkenly collapsed into Brian’s chest and happycried. Brian felt his heart melt. The man pet Dusk’s mane as he carried him through the sliding glass door.

Apple stood at Brian’s feet, having heard everything. His eyes sparkled and his chest felt light. This was how Dusk really felt? Dusk cared that much? The purple earthie was set down beside him and Dusk immediately latched onto him. Apple cuddled him back.

“Wub yooooo.” Dusk slurred.

Apple cooed. “Appwe wub yoo too! Bestest fwiend!”

“Bestest fwiend!” Dusk happily replied.

Dusk then stared down at the floor, dead silent and wide-eyed. He pointed with a hoof. “Dat cawpet is moving.” He said, as if scolding the floor for not staying still. Apple looked down, and the patterned carpet was as motionless as always. He stared back at Dusk, confused out of his little mind.

Brian yelped and scooped Dusk up. “Oh, no no no, don’t-


“Well… Shit.” Brian grimaced at the fluffy puke dripping from his left arm. “Looks like we have a mess to clean up. Gavin, honey, could you call the front desk and ask them to lend us a carpet cleaner?”