Cherry And Jason Alternate Ending (By Original)

Alternate Hugbox ending for those who wanted to see more of Cherry and Jason. I couldn’t resist, I’m a bit of a filthy hugboxer.

It was months after the terrible day, when Kylie cheating on Jason, and beat Cherry senseless. Cherry sat in her room, aimlessly pushing a ball back and forth. She was thinking of ways to make her daddeh happy. She knew of ways to make herself happy; huggies, love, sketties, dancing, exploring, and of course, daddeh. But there was an urge in the back of her mind, an urge that fought to get out.

Fluffy programming brought out the mare’s maternal instincts. They wanted to raise babies so that the fluffy would never die out, meaning Hasbio wouldn’t have to spend so much money on manufacturing them. Although, Cherry didn’t know that. All she knew is that she wanted to make her daddeh happy, and that something nagged her in the back of her mind, yearning for babbehs.

That’s it! That’s how Cherry would help her daddeh! She is so smart! She would have the best babbehs to help her daddeh! Everyone loves babies, and hers would be the cutest and bestest! Cherry happily pranced out of her safe room over to Jason’s room. Jason was laying in his bed, listening to music while he cried.

“D-daddeh?” Cherry asked timidly. “Is daddeh otay?”

“Yeah Cherry…” Jason mumbled. “I’m alright.” Jason sat up slightly in bed and watched Cherry hop up on a step stool, Jason’s office chair, and then onto his bed. Her wings fluttered instinctively as she hopped around. Cherry hopped through the messy bed and snuggled her daddeh.

“Daddeh nu be sad. Chewwy is hewe tu gib wots of huggies and wub!” Cherry said, nuzzling into him, wrapping her front legs as best she could around him. He laughed and pet her head.

“Thank you Cherry. I’ll do my best to be better for you.” Jason smiled at her. She smiled back. “Tell you what, Cherry, you’ve been such a good girl recently with your medicine and your casts, I’ll make you some delicious sketties tonight, and I’ll even get you a gift of your choice.”

“Weawwy?!?” Cherry gasped.

“Yup. You’ve healed so good, and I want to reward you for it as best I can.” Jason explained.

“Chewwy wan babbehs!” Cherry burst out. “Chewwy know babbehs hewp eye wawa and saddies gu way, an wan hewp daddeh!”

“Uh…” Jason stammered. “That’s a pretty big ask there, Cherry. Are you sure you’re ready for babies?”

“Yes! Am be bestest mummah, and 'ou be bestest daddeh. We hab bestest babbehs an we gib wubs and hugs and suuuu many wickies and-” Cherry was about to go on an infinite rant, so Jason cut her off.

“Woah there, Cherry. Okay. I’ll take you to a breeder farm and see if we can’t get a good deal. But… I think we’ll have to go tomorrow. It’s a bit too late tonight.”

“Otay daddeh! Chewwy am su cited, be bestest mummah, Chewwy wub 'ou!” Cherry said excitedly.

The two of them then ate some spaghetti, and Jason put Cherry off to bed. Before he himself went to sleep, he did some research online, and found that the closest breeding farm was an hour out of the city. Jason signed and rubbed his face. “Worth a shot…” Jason muttered and saved the address. Shortly after, Jason went to bed.

A few hours later, Jason and Cherry were riding in the car to the breeding farm. Cherry liked car rides, they reminded her of when she was first adopted by Jason, and Jason liked the ability to listen to music and clear his head for a bit when driving. After a while, Jason started talking.

“Cherry, you know that having babies is a huge responsibility, right?” Jason asked.

“Yes, buh Chewwy am a gud fwuffy and am wiww be bestest mummah. Fwuff teebee teww Chewwy how to be a gud mummah. Chewwy wiww wub and feed aww da babbehs, eben da bwown babbehs, and nu gib fowebah sweepies to any babbehs. Nu bestest babbehs, aww da babbehs is bestest babbehs, and wiww teach da wittaw boxie and tech babbehs to pway!” Cherry explained.

“Good. Sounds like you really did your research before wanting a baby. Alright, let’s go see what we can do.” Jason said. He turned into a small dirt road and drove up it for a good ten minutes before reaching a giant ranch farm house. There were fences all around, fluffies were in a decently sized pen with a fence surrounding them. There were cows and various other animals all around in a large pen. Jason exited his car with Cherry, and walked up to the ranch house. He knocked on the door and waited.

“Hello?” A young woman asked. She opened the door, and Jason stood, stunned. A beautiful young lady, no younger than 21 and no older than 23 stood in front of him. She had beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, a soft face, and wore a worn pair of jeans and flannel shirt, tucked into her jeans.

“u-uh… h-hi…” Jason stammered. His memories of Kylie fought to the forefront, reminding him of what happened last time he fell in love. “I uh… I came to see if I could get my fluffy bred?”

“Bread? Well why don’t you just go to the supermarket like everyone else?” The woman asked. The two of them sat there staring at each other. “Darn, I thought that one was pretty good.” The woman put her hands on her hips and pouted slightly.

“Wait… that was a joke?” Jason asked.

“Well yeah, duh. Obviously I know you didn’t come to a ranch to get bread.” The girl rolled her eyes. “The names Jennifer. Welcome to Jennifer’s Wittle Ranch for Rescued Fluffies! I see you have an adorable little fluffy with you.” She said, bending down slightly to go eye to eye with Cherry.

“Hewwo nice wady! Be daddeh nyu fwend?” Cherry asked.

“Oh isn’t she so well mannered. She’ll be a great mother.” Jennifer said. She stood up and started walking into the house. “Well now, come on in, and we can discuss pricing and the likes.” Jason looked down a Cherry who was doing a little dance in his arms with how happy she was, and nodded. Maybe he could trust this woman… for now.

The two of them sat down at a couch, and began discussing the pricing and Cherry. Jennifer was infatuated with Cherry. She apparently was the best fluffy she’d ever seen, very well behaved, extremely nice, and just wanting to please everyone around her. Because Cherry was so nice, Jennifer decided to give Jason a discount, and for only a few hundred, decided to let Cherry breed with an Alicorn.

“You know, fluffies bond similarly to humans.” Jennifer explained. They were now outside, watching Cherry run around in the Alicorn pen. Mares, colts and fillies played with her, while some stallions eyed her, lustfully. “They pick a mate and that becomes their special friend. The father typically gathers food for the two of them, while the mother provides and teaches. Once a special friend always a special friend. Not all of them are like this, though.”

“Huh… neat I guess…” Jason said, leaning against the fence.

“So… you single Jason?” The woman asked. This question caught Jason so off guard choked a bit. After recovering he looked to Jennifer with a red face.

“Yeah, I am. Why?” Jason asked.

“I could really use a hand around here, especially one so good at raising fluffies. But Ma’ and Pa’ would never want me to bring a guy here without me at least considerin’ him some. So, how about we go on a date?” Jennifer asked.

“I don’t know…” Jason said, looking back to Cherry. “I just got out of a relationship and that one didn’t end well. She cheated on me and…” Jason stopped himself before going on.

“Oh…” Jennifer stopped her advances. “I’m sorry to hear that. I won’t press you, but know that the option is there.” Jennifer said. She smiled warmly and Jason smiled back.

“So uh… you live here with your parents?” Jason asked, trying to shift the conversation away from awkward territory.

“Nah, my parents own another ranch out there.” Jennifer pointed across the regular animal pasture. “They’re cattle ranchers and horse raisers, but I never found that life exciting. Fluffies is where my skills lay, and that was their money maker when I grew up, so my Pa and I built this house together, and the pens, and I live here all alone. Course my parents aren’t too far, we live on the same land, just a few miles off, so we see each other regularly.”

After a few more hours of nice conversation with Jennifer, Jason and Jennifer left Cherry to do her business with a green and yellow alicorn stallion she decided on. Jennifer and Jason sat in the living room, talking for hours letting the time slip by. Jason had to admit, the two of them clicked very well, even better than he did with Kylie, whom he’d known since middle school. After Cherry was awake, Jason grabbed her and walked to his car. Jennifer followed.

“Hey Jenna…” Jason spoke. Cherry was put safely on the passenger seat and she was singing her off tune mummah songs to herself. “About that date… I think that’d be a good idea. I can pick you up next week say… around three? We need time to get back to the city, enjoy a nice meal, and then get you back home.”

“That sounds nice. I look forward to it!” Jennifer said. “And you be nice to Cherry! I don’t just give discounts to everyone, only the best moms.”

“I will be. Thanks again.” Jason said. He got in his car, waved to Jennifer, and drove home. The whole ride home, he thought of a nice life with Jennifer and Cherry.

The next few months were a lot like when Jason and Kylie first met. Jason would get home late, but still feed and love Cherry. Sadly, Cherry hadn’t gotten pregnant the first time, so Jason returned every month to the farm to try and breed Cherry. While he was there he would help with the fluffies, and even sometimes the cattle that would wander towards the ranch. He met Jennifer’s parents a few times, and the months turned to years. Cherry had a successful litter filled with Unicorns, Pegasi, and even one Alicorn, all with beautiful colors. Jason moved out of his apartment and out to the Ranch, when Jennifer and he got married and renamed the business to Jennifer and Jason’s Fluffy Ranch for Rescues and Ferals. Jason’s job was to go to the city and grab ferals or found fluffies from abusers, and bring them back to the ranch.

Jennifer helped raise and rehabilitate most fluffies, and then sold them to prospective customers who passed a thorough background check with multiple fluff marts to make sure they weren’t lying about being abusers.

Cherry and the Alicorn, who they renamed Reed, lived in the ranch house, and raised a beautiful family, and became the top money makers for Jason and Jennifer.

Cherry reflected on her life one night when she was in a nice big fluff pile with Reed and her five newest babies, and looked at her daddeh. If she hadn’t said she wanted babbehs, Jason would have been sad forever. She was finally a good fluffy. She helped her daddeh be happy, and find a nice loving speshaw fwend.

Cherry smiled in the large fluffy pile. Cherry loved her daddeh and mummah.


Bravo! I like this alternate ending.

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Oh you did write a hugbox ending!! Marvellous!