Cherry's New Home [FluffyTheVampireSlayer]

Cherry 's New Home.

Tisha pulled up to her apartment building and parked on the street out front. She took a huge fat rip from her vape and blew it out the car window as she spun her hat around. The sun had been down for a while now.

“Damn that nicotine sure does the trick.” She said, talking out loud so that Cherry could hear. “You ready?” She asked.

“Yes new mamah!” Cherry said with a smile. “Chewwy am so happies!”

It was weird talking to fluffies. They were like pets, but they had the intelligence of human children. You feel obligated to talk to them while at the same time treating them like a dog. Tisha didn’t seem to mind acting like the fluffy was both, and she talked to her accordingly.

She opened the passenger side door of the car and Cherry jumped out. The excited fluffy sniffed the air and the small patch of grass in front of the building stairs. The two went up the second floor, room 206.

“Here we are!” She said as she opened the door. Cherry walked in with caution, but wagged her tail with excitement. Tisha shut the door and kicked off her shoes.

“Man I’m beat!” She groaned as she pulled an ice cold Lacroix from the fridge. She pulled out an ice cube tray from the freezer as she felt Cherry sniffing the floor around her, investigating. She tossed a few cubes in a small glass and rinsed them with a little cold water to wash off the freezer taste. She then crushed a lime wedge into the glass to coat the ice. Finally she added a double shot of Titos vodka over the ice before pouring in the lime Lacroix.

She held the remaining amount in the can pressed against her forehead to cool off. She turned the AC unit on with her foot as she sipped her drink. It went down smooth and she let out a relieved sigh as she exhaled.

Cherry booped her on the leg. She looked down and laughed. “Hey that tickles!”

“Chewwy need go potties.” Cherry said bluntly.

“Oh!” Tisha laughed. “Right this way, baby!” She guided her into the bathroom. She put a step stool in front of the toilet for Cherry to climb up with. It was a little tricky, but she used it without making a mess. She even pushed the flush handle when she was done. Tisha couldn’t help but applaud, then immediately using bathroom spray and lighting a match.

She then noticed her smelly little friend needed a bath.

“You want to take a nice warm bath so you can get all clean?” Tisha asked. “We can take one together!”

“Otay!” Cherry replied happily. “Chewwy wike good smew an pwetty fwuff!”

Tisha stripped down, exposing her huge black cock, which made Cherry nervous.

“Mummah… hab nunu stick?” She said nervously.

“Hmm?” Tisha hummed as she looked down at herself. “Oh, my dingaling? Don’t be scared, baby. It’s not gona hurt you! Some trans folk like to get theirs removed cuz they think it makes em more of a lady, but I always thought that was silly. Being a lady’s not about what’s down there, it’s about what’s in here.” She pointed to her brain. “I’m comfortable with my weiner while feeling like a lady at the same time. I’d miss it if it were gone. It’s like an old friend I grew up with!” She hummed a happy tune as she tossed her clothes in the hamper and started the water in the tub. She put some music on her phone and set it on the counter.

Cherry sniffed the tub nervously while peeking inside. “Wawa am ok for fwuffy?” She asked.

“Don’t worry, hun, it’s not too hot or too cold. It’s juuuust right.” Tisha climbed into the tub as it continued to fill. She added some bubble bath before bringing Cherry in to the tub, nice and slow so as not to startle her. She gently rubbed some shampoo into her fluff and massaged it all over her body, scrubbing out all the remaining filth that the stream water had failed to remove. Cherry cooed with pleasure as her new mother gently washed her clean.

“Wawa good fow fwuffy.” She said with a relaxed tone.

“That’s right, baby.” Tisha said as she used her special dreadlock shampoo on her own hair. She then proceeded to shave her legs and armpits while humming along with the music playing on her phone. Cherry sat in front of her, enjoying the warm water.

Soon Tisha was finished and started draining the tub. She used the detachable shower head to rinse them both off before climbing out of the tub. She grabbed a big fluffy towel and rubbed Cherry’s wet fluff to get most of the water out. She used a blow dryer to get the rest. She then held Cherry up in the mirror so she could see her reflection.

“Look how pretty you are!” Tisha said as she hugged the fluffy in the mirror. “I’ve always wanted a fluffy, and now I have the best one ever!”

Cherry smiled and wiggled excitedly in her owner’s arms. “Chewwy am so happies! Wub new mummah!”

“Alright let’s get some food shall we?” Tisha said as she set Cherry down and started putting on clean clothes.

Cherry ran out into the apartment and started running around and exploring, unable to hide her elated mood. “Spwore!” She said, sniffing everything around her.

Meanwhile Tisha looked up Fluffy food on her phone. “Spaghetti? Really?” Tisha said, confused.

“Sketty?” Cherry inquired. “Mummah make sketty fow Chewwy?”

“Hmph.” Tisha huffed. “No Italian food around here. But I’ll fry us up some tacos!”

“Otay!” Cherry said excitedly. She didn’t know what tacos were, but she was hungry so she didn’t care.

That was when there was a knock at the door. A hard, intimidating banging, like it was the police.

“Who the hell?” Tisha asked as she went to the door. She peeked through the key hole to see two large men in what appeared to be exterminator uniforms. She opened the door to greet them. “Yes?” She asked with a frustrated tone.

They didn’t even respond. A puff of gas from one of their exterminator wands in Tisha’s face sent her crashing to the floor, unconscious.

Cherry backed away in fear as the two men entered the apartment and closed the door. Before her AI could make a move she was sprayed with sleeping gas and fell down, unconscious.

“Target secured.” The one masked man said into his radio. On the back of his uniform was a large Hasbio logo.


Finally a story that gives the people what they want


Police brutalizing a black, trans woman? This is surely fiction.


Oh. I was wondering when the other shoe would drop. I guess this is one of those settings where Hasbio is still trying to contain the situation.

I guess there were signs. Like Tisha not knowing about sketties and not having a litter box ready despite wanting a fluffy; that knowledge isn’t common yet.


Damn it. I like Tisha. Cherry would have, too.


Name in title. Love your name btw

I wonder where this is going, Cherry seems like a good fluffy.


Braindead tucute logic at its finest. lol

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