Choking Feral Fluffies (40251 by gr1m_1)

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dude you just leaked my pro no kills no allarms 100% dishonored walkthrough


I seem to remember a story version of this where a guy goes around doing exactly this. Finding a feral fluffpile and quietly choking the babies one by one, then putting them back for the mare to find.

I read it and verbally said out loud ‘me gusta’.

The cartoon has done the same thing.


Yep, there’s a link to it under the image.


I must’ve had a little stroke and gone blind for a moment. Cheers for pointing that out.


@Virgil what kind of spider is Jimmy? (The spider on the screen) yes I named it

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Looks like a wolf spider if you ask me.

Chump. Real pros do Mostly Flesh and Steel playthroughs.

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unfortunately, you can’t 100% it without a teleport. when I do any%, it will be Flesh and Steel

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Saddest part is… She’s probably not as upset with the fact her babbehs died… As much as the idea her “toysies don’t wowk nu mo’!”…

I kinda wanna find out more about the guy choking them now…

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Ngl I thought he was riding a unicycle


I may be missing something obvious, but I don’t see it. Where?

Hi it is located right at the bottom of the post right above the Replies,Views,Users,etc.
Jeepers Peepers [Foalout4]

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Am I the only one who thought the guy was unicycling towards the fluffies?


you are not the first, but it’s hivecanon that the the jeeper peeper rides around on a unicycle lmao

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Hahaha yeah stupid mare with her stupid “bestest babbeh” she let her other foals fall of her back and doesn’t care if they’re scared or hurting.

u em meaneh monstah