Chrissie And Maple part 3 by bunnybunnyhops.

Mr. Brown named Chrissie’s alicorn foal Sprinkles. Said she was going to replace Candycorn when she reached marehood. He told his fluffies that when they retired they went to a farm. Which was true, but not the whole truth. They were fed grain and oats and other foods to mark them ‘organic’ for a few mouths and turned into high end dog and cat food. The factory was told to them to keep them in line, they didn’t need to know that was their ultimate fate.
He was happy with his new breeding mares. They fed each other’s and other mares foals. One stayed awake while the other was asleep. This closeness was unusual, but it was working better than how the mares raising the foals by themselves. Some of the other mare adopted the mammah buddy system.
Mr. Brown keep an eye on Spinkles growth. After a week her eyes began to open and her blue wing feathers started to come in. When her eyes were fully open a few days later she said a her first word. “Mammah” she said it to Maple who quickly corrected her, but it seemed to be too late and she called @qqwqboth Chrissie and Maple mammah. It lead to the other foals calling them both mammah.
He told the mares to go to the foal play room for now on. A few days later Sprinkles began to walk. Then her eyes went from blue to green. By the third week she began to eat her mom’s food. It was time to think about studs for her mammahs and to make a few phone calls.
Maple was easy to pair. His second best stud. But with Chrissie, he was debating a risk. His best stud was getting old. He didn’t mount the mares like he use to. Mr. Brown had promised him could have every breeding mare before he was shipped off to the farm. It would weaken the bloodline but as long as he didn’t tell anyone and made them pets only, he should be fine. He sighed and paired Chrissie with her dad.
Mr. Brown stared a wall. Not only was it time to gather the foals for that weeks store deliveries. It was the day he would breed Chrissie and Maple. It was also time for the bi-yearly inspection. He didn’t know who was doing the inspection this time around. It use to be Parker, but he had retired. He asked around about the new inspector, no one could tell him any thing about them. It seemed he was their first.
Two women came into his office. One was all smiles, the other was serious. The smiley one was carrying a clipboard, Mr. Brown was sure this was the new inspector. The serious one had a blue and green fluffy hanging from her shoulder. Mr. Brown noticed this fluffy was no ordinary fluffy. Their legs were too long, wings too large, and cat like eyes. He heard about Hunting Friends but this was the first time he seen one before.
“I’m Ellen, I’m here to do the inspection,” the smiley one said. “This Alice, she is here to check the health of your fluffies.”
“Vet?” Mr. Brown asked.
Alice smirked, “I am a doctor.”
“You’re not from Hasbio, are you?”
Alice laughed. “They wish.” She got her laughter under control. “No, did you forget they went out of business right after the PETA raid?” She shook her head. “I am here to play vet, that’s all you need to know.”
Mr. Brown sighed. “Where do you want to start?”
“Go about your day like normal,” Ellen said. “We’ll ask if we like to see something or want know something.”
Mr. Brown nodded. “We’re going to head to the stallions first.” He walked towards their room.
The women followed. Alice left her Hunter Friend outside the room, and followed Mr. Brown inside. She didn’t need her killing pushy breeding stallions again.
Mr. Brown pulled a lever to open all the stallion cages. “Can I ask you something Dr. Alice?”
Alice already knew what he was going to ask. “Hunting Friend breeding is different from normal fluffy breeding, and Ray-Ray hasn’t found a stallion that had impressed her.”
Mr. Brown nodded. He let her into the stallion room. It was set up just like the mare room, toys, auto feeders and auto waters, sleeping area. The only the jointed rooms lead to where the enfie mares were and to the breeding room.
Alice looked around. She noticed the older fluffy having trouble walking. She picked him up and looked him over. She shook her head. “Old but in good health otherwise.” She looked at another male.
Mr. Brown put up his hands. “Today is his last time breeding, then his going to the farm.”
“Which farm?”
“Skittieland Fluffy Farm.”
Alice nodded. “Good choice. They treat their fluffies well.” She walked to to the enfie mare room. She check a mare over. “Who does the processing?”
Mr. Brown leaned against the door frame. “My vet, Dr. Hayes.”
“Oh, I should have recognized his handiwork. He can be kind to them, but he like punish too.” Alice brushed her finger against the mares stumps. It screamed against the feeding tube. “You were an extra bad girl, weren’t you?”
Mr. Brown kept his voice level. “She ate all her foals as soon as they were born.”
Alice nodded. “Where does their milk go?”
“Down stairs, some go to the bottling and the rest go the nursery for the C-grade foals.”
“Their foals.”
“No, not after they give birth.”
Alice stood up. “I like mirror to make them watch themselves get bad special huggies.” She walked out.
Mr. Brown took them to the mare room next. He noted that the Hunting Friend stayed hanging on to Alice’s shoulder this time. She must not have been worried about her causing trouble with the mares.
He open the cages and picked up a box. He walked into the room. “Candycorn it’s time to go to the farm.”
An oranges and yellow walked up to him. She looked excited. “Candycown can go to fawm an’ keep babbehs?”
Mr. Brown forced a smile. “Yes, you get to go to the farm.”
The fluffy jumped around. She was so happy she almost made bad pee pees. She ran to the litter box before she had an accident.
Mr. Brown called out other mares names. The came with their foals. “Today is the day, say goodbye to your babies.”
The mares began to cry and protest. It was never easy to get them to give up their foals, but Mr. Brown knew what to say. “Do you have see what happens to bad mares, do you want to be enfie mares or go the the factory?”
The mares whimpered and said their goodbyes. They looked away as Mr. Brown collected them. He only left Spinkles for last. He picked her up. “You’re getting Candycorn’s room.”
The filly peeped. “Nu wan’, wan’ to stay wiff mammahs.”
“You get the see them but your mammahs are going to soon mammahs and will need the room for your siblings.”
The little alicorn jumped out of his had and went to a corner to cry. Maple when to her to comfort her. Chrissie wanted to, but Maple was better at it and she was curious about the big winged fluffy with the strange eyes. “Nyw fwend?”
Ray-Ray only purred and smiled.
Chrissie tilted her head.“Nu tawkie?”
“That’s right,” Alice said. “She’s mute, she can’t talk.”
“Saddies buh otay’.” Chrissie walked off to Maple and Sprickes.
“You have a good fluffy there,” Ellen said.
Mr. Brown smiled. “I try to keep up quality.”
Great Mare walked up angry and defensive. “That am bad fwuffie.” She pointed a hoof as Ray-Ray.
Alice grinned. “A F21311 fluffy, I haven’t seen one outside their intended use.”
Mr. Brown couldn’t hide his disgust. He was okay with them to be kid toys, kibble, and pets. He was okay with abuse to a point, but there was a line. “Are rumors true about their testing?”
Alice shrugged. “I wouldn’t know, I haven’t talked to the ones making them.” She kept her eye on the big fluffy. “How did you get one?”
“A cop friend gave her to me. No shelter or rescue would take her. She was an abomination to them.”
“Fancy that, they whine and cry that they aren’t soap, they’re living beings, but when it comes to one like her, they stop thinking that.” Alice looked her over. Alice looked around in the other rooms. She came back. She took Ellen to a corner and talked to her. They came back.
Mr. Brown picked up Chrissie. “Time to become a soon mammah again.”
Chrissie started to shake and wimper. Memories of the last time flooded her mind. She didn’t fight, Great Mare prepared her for this.
She was strapped down like the first time. The thing was put on her legs and back. A stallion was brought in. It didn’t hurt like the last time at first but this stallion kept going after he cried out ‘Gud feews’. The stallion told her he’ll keep going until his ‘nu-nu stick git gud feews huwties’.
Mr. Brown tranquilized the stallion after the second cry of ‘Gud feews’. He dealt with stallions trying to enf until his no-nos fall off. He wouldn’t let them ruin the mares.
Mr. Brown put the stallion in a carrier. He carried Chrissie back to the mare room crying. He came back with Maple. He strapped Maple down and covered her with a different piece of cloth with the same mare scent. As all of them. He brought in his second best stallion to impregnate Maple.
“Which mare do you used for the scent?” Alice asked.
“The big one’s.”
“Does she know?”
Mr. Brown shook his head. “I think it would kill her if she knew.”
Alice nodded. “Fluffy are sensitive and prone to heart attacks.”
The stallion was done and Mr. Brown returned Maple to the mare room. He went down to the nursery with two brown foals. He walked up the a young brown mare. He lowered to two little fillies to her level. “Teach them to be nursies.”
“NU!,” The mare yelled. “Nu, fwuffy an’ othah nuwsies nu wan’ to be nuwsies, wan’ to be mummah, nu wan’ dummeh swide babbehs, wan’ own babbehs.”
Mr. Brown put the foals down. “Anything else?”
The mare puff out her cheeks. “Nu wan’ to take cawe of munsta babbehs. Wan’ them to hab foweba sweepies.”
Ray-Ray flew down from Alice’s shoulder to in front of the mare. She got into a pouncing position keeping her wings spread and hissed.
The mare was frozen in fear. She was going to die and she knew it.
Alice explained. “Ray-Ray is touchy about alicorns, I think she remembers her mom trying to give her stumpies because she was born with a horn. A underdeveloped one, but the bump counted.”
“Call her off.”
“Of course,” Alice let out a whistle.
Ray-Ray returned to Alice. She had been waiting for the order, wanting it. But it was her mama’s decision whether this fluffy lived or died, not hers.
“Can you make her into an enfie mare like Dr. Hayes, Dr. Alice?” Mr. Brown asked.
“Naturally, he learned how from me.”
“I’ll show you are medical office and then I’ll bring the mares and foals,” Mr. Brown brought them to a room full of medical equipment. There was two glass wall looking into room with metal grates covering the floors.
Alice prepares while he lead his breeding mares and foals into one of the room. The foals looked confused, the mares looked mortified. It was clear they knew what was going to happen and they were hoping it wasn’t them who messed up.
The nurse mares and foals were brought into the other room. This mares looked ashamed, they questioned their master and now one of them will pay for it.
The offending mare was brought in. She was placed down on the table. Her mouth and legs strapped down by Mr. Brown. He spoke formly. “For some of you this is the first time seeing this, for others, it seems you need to be reminded what happens to bad mares. You are here to birth and raise foals. You will raise these foals even if they aren’t your own. You will give them milkies even if they are wingie-pointie babbehs, or brownie babbehs. You will raise them to be polite obedient pets. You will love your foals equally and not play favorites. You will not spoil your foals. You will not make demands. You may ask for things, but if I say no, you will not argue. You will respect me and each other. You will do as your told. If you break the rules, disrespect me or each other, make demands or do anything I don’t like, you will suffer the same fate as this one.” He pointed at the offending mare. “Don’t turn away and remember.” He left the room with Ellen.
Alice unmuzzled the brown mare on the table. “Don’t worry, you won’t have ugly stumpies when I’m done.”
The mare started to protest. Alice ignored her. “First we crop the tail and cut off the mane.” Alice cut the mare’s mane close off close to her head and neck. Next she dislocated and cut off the mare’s tail. The mare’s word became cries of pain. “Now clean and close any wounds.” Alice pour alcohol on the wound that once the tail and sowed it closed. It was clean and soon would be covered in fur. “Next we shave the legs.” Alice pulled out a straight razer. It wasn’t something Mr. Brown had in the room, she brought it.
Alice carefully shaved the shaking mare’s legs. They legs were baby smooth when she was done. She took hold of a leg. “Dislocate the legs.” She pulled the legs out of their sockets in a quick hard motion. The mare cried out each time. She grabbed a scalpel. “Cut a one inch half circle.” She made the cut. "Pull the skin back exposing the muscle. " She grabbed forceps and pulled back the half circle of skin tissue. “It is time to cut through the leg. Remember to make the cut clean and to clamp arteries.” She cut through muscle, and ligaments. She cleaned and closed the wound. It was smooth when she done. “Repeat for the other three legs.” She went to work on the other three legs. The mare passed out part way through the second leg. Alice gave her a shot of adrenaline to wake her up. “Stay with me. You’re far from done.”
Alice finished the last leg. She got a board with a hole. Part of the hole was covered in cloth. She also grabbed a stand and two metal cones. She placed the board on the stand. “Prepare the mare for the milking machine.” She rolled the mare on its back. She took a clean scalpel and cut off the ends of the mares nipples. She placed the cones over the mares tits. Making sure they were suctioned on. She laid the mare on the board stomach down. “Place the probes in a anus and urethra.” She got out lube. She pushed both probes into place. Starting with the larger anal probe. “Finally, place the feeding tube.” She gave the mare a shot in the neck to relax her muscles. Alice shoved the feeding tube down the mare’s throat.
Alice placed the new enfie mare on the floor. She opened the door and a stallion ran in. He jumped the mare like he never seen one before and she was offering.
Alice joined Ellen and Mr. Brown his office. He looked pale. “Do you always do that?”
Alice tilted her head. “No, I was giving the mares a show.”
“Next time ask before you feed my fluffy’s discarded parts to your Hunting Friend.”
Alice was a little embarrassed. “I will. I did it without thinking.”
Mr. Brown stared at Alice in horror. How often did she take fluffies apart for it to become habit.
Ellen grabbed Alice’s arm. “You passed, see you next time.” She pulled Alice out like she just did something embarrassing.
Mr. Brown sat there for a moment. He shook it off and went back to his normal day.

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