Chrissie And Maple part 5 by bunnybunnyhops.

Both the Luna and Trixie fluffies turned out perfect. Mr. Brown put the Trixie fluffy on auction first. He got a good price for her. But when he put the Luna fluffy on auction. It exploded beyond his expectations. She turned out pretty for a fluffy. Mr. Brown found it odd. Some of Chrissie’s first litter was pretty too. He was happy about it, he expected Chrissie’s foals to be average to cute. She didn’t have the same genetics as Maple, but was having pretty foals.
It was a matter for another time. It was time to collect Chrissie’s and Maple’s foal’s and get them pregnant with their next litter. Have the foals going to the stores fixed so they could be sold, douple checked the license of the people that Trixie and Luna and put the foal that was going to be his next stud in the training room.

Lancelot was collected from mummah Maple. His gold and silver coat glittered when the light hits it. All the other mares told Maple he was the prettiest babbah she ever head, but his mummah never told him he was. Nor did mummah Chrissie. They told him he was the same as all the babbah, not better, prettier, stonger, or smarter. All babbahs were equal. He believed them. After all, his mammahs wouldn’t lie.
Mr. Brown pulled him out of the collection box and placed him in a different box alone. It had a toys, food, water and a litter box. He cried. He never been by himself before. He didn’t know that he did wrong. But he felt like he was in a sorry box.
All the food was gone by the time Mr. Brown came back. He picked Lancelot up and carried him to a room. It was like the room he was in before but smaller. It had toys, food and water bowls, a bed, and a litter box.
“Here you go, Lancelot.” Mr Brown put the foal down. He left locking the door.
Lancelot walked further into the room. He could smell another fluffy. “Hewwo, nue fwend?”
A white Pegasus, with pink tipped hair and wings walked out of a box in the corner. Her soulless eyes where a deeper pink. She was the prettiest mare he ever seen. She looked tired and jaded. “Hewwo, wittwe cuwt.”
“Am Wancewot.”
“Wotus, fwuffy wiww show 'ou awound.”

Lancelot grew close to Lotus. He did find her strange. She did everything other fluffies did, but it seemed more robotic. Like she lost all joy and emotions and was just going through the motions. She would say strange things to him. She told him not to get attached to her. She was just a mare and was only good for one thing. That every mare beside his special friend was only good for enfies. His special friend was already chosen for him, she was a mute mare that he would only see to give babbah’s to. She wanted to be with him when he grew up, but couldn’t be until they retired. He had to keep her secret from the other stallion so they didn’t get jealous and try to take her away.
Lancelot thought those were silly things to say at first. He just wanted to be regular friends. Enfies were gross and why would he want to have them, he was just a little babbah. That all changed as he got older.
One night, he woke to get some water. He lay by next to her. He notice something. She smelled pretty, really pretty. It made him get strange feels in his no-no stick and his special lumps hurt.
All the things Lotus would tell him made sense now. She had already given him permission. He thought it would be rude of him not to wake her up first.
Lancelot shook Lotus awake. She looked in his face and knew what he wanted. She presented herself and waited for it to be over so she could go back to sleep.
Lancelot’s took a few tries to mount Lotus properly. He grabbed her mane with his teeth, and gave her enfies like his life depended on it. He felt good all over. He liked the feeling. When he had good feels for the first time. He like it more. But he found the feeling was too short. He pulled Lotus’ mane back hard and continued. He wanted the good feels again.
Lotus didn’t care. He wasn’t the first stallion to get rough with her. In fact some got rougher, one nearly beat her near death. And He wasn’t the first stallion not to stop after he had good feels. He was just another stallion, just another colt she saw grow up and turn into a stallion meant for studding. He wasn’t meant to be with her. No stallion was meant for her. She was only meant to tell them what they needed to know and allow them to give her enfies when the time comes. She envied those muted mares they used for breeding, they kept their special friends.
Lancelot was finally done. He cuddled Lotus. “Can Wotus be speshuw fwend?”
Lotus was surprised. This was a first. No stallion had wanted to be her special friend. “Why wan’ Wotus? Onwy mawe fo’ fiwst enfies.”
“Nu onwy mawe. Bestes’ fwend, Wancewot wobes Wotus.”
“Nu say that, wiww get enfie juice, an’ what about speshuw fwend waitin’ fo’ 'ou?”
“Nu know mute mawe, nu can speshuw fwend. Know Wotus. Wotus has to be speshuw fwend. Hab Wancewot’s babbahs.”
Lotus looked away. It was true, she could feel the tummy babbahs begin to grow inside her. It would be nice for them to have their daddy around. But she knew it was never meant to be. And she couldn’t let the only stallion to ever be nice to her be punished.
Lotus got up and let all the emotions she had buried out. She yelled. Not at him, but at all the other stallions that came before, and all the stallions that would come after. " ‘Ou think fwuffy wan’ to be speshuw fwom wiff munsta wike 'ou. 'Ou gabe fwuffy bad speshuw huggies, ‘Ou gib fwuffy owwies. Fwuffy hab nu choice buh to hab bad stawwion babbehs. Fwuffy wiww teach them to be gud babbehs, bettah den any othah babbehs. Dey weww nebah know ‘ou ow about ‘ou. Fwuffy wiww teww them about gud stawwion. Stawwion that actuawwy wobed fwuffy, an’ cawed fo’ fwuffy, an’ that wiww be dah daddeh dey know. Dah onwy daddeh dey know. Go fwuff youwsewf munsta stawwion."
Lancelot ran and hid in a corner. He was confused and scared. Why did she say those things to him? Was he really a monster? Didn’t she offer herself? Had to admit he was rough with her but he didn’t mean to hurt her. But now she hated him and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.
Lotus laid back down in the bed and sang to her tummy babies until she full asleep. She loved them more than any other litter she had before.

In the moring Lancelot was taken to the stallion room. He was place in a cage and told it was his. He walked out of his cage and down to the main room. A heavily scared black and white unicorn walked up to him. “Bown hewe ow some pwace ewse?”
Lancelot looked around. All eyes were on him. “Hewe?”
“Wha noob namsie?”
The other stallion nodded. “Fowwow Panda.” He show Lancelot around the main room telling him where everything was. “Dis am wike mawe woom, same wuwes. Nu enfies wiff othah stawwion.” Panda led him into the enfie mare room. “If speshuw wumps hab huwties, come hewe an’ pick mawe to gib enfies to. Nu enfes if habin’ babbehs. Nu wowwy about huwtin’ tummy babbehs. Dey wewe bad mawes, nu wowwies about if enfies am bad ow gud.” He led him out the room and showed him a door. “Whewe 'ou go to gib speshuw fwend babbehs. Onwy come when cawwed.”
Lancelot nodded. “Fwuffy undewstand.”
“Who fiwst mawe fwend?”
Lancelot tilted his head. “Wotus.”
Panda called out. “Bwuisew, come hewe.”
A solid aqua stallion came up to them. “Yes, siw”
“Teach Wancewot dah wuwes, fwuffy came fwom Wotus.” Panda left.
Bruiser grinned. “How am fwuffy’s bestes’ enfie mawe?”
Lancelot didn’t like that. Lotus may have hated him now but he still loved her. “Wotus nu am enfie mawe.”
Bruiser snorted " ‘Ou stiww wittwe, ‘ou nu know. Aww mawes am enfie mawes. Fwooh dah cwose doow am sometimes enfie mawe. Wiww be aww time enfie at fawm. Wiww take othah mawes fo’ enfies." He shook and got back on topic. "Wotus not fo’ wub, onwy to teach cowts how to be stawwion. To get fiwst enfies fwom."
Lancelot tried to hide his anger, he didn’t like the way Bruiser thought of mares. " 'Ou think youw way, fwuffy think fwuffy’s way."
“How was fiwst gud feews?”
“Nu of youw business.”
“Oh wittwe babbeh nu did finish ow couwdn’t 'ou find hew speshuw pwace.”
Lancelot huffed. He knew what Brusher was doing. " ‘Ou twyin’ to get fwuffy in twoubwe, nu wowk."
Bruiser puffed out his cheeks. He walked away to get his good feels the normal way. He did want to get the younger stallion in trouble. The one that starts the fight gets to be the mare if he attacked a stallion three times. He wanted to be the boss, but he couldn’t do that until he was higher in the ranks.
Mr. Brown came in for Lancelot’s first breeding session. He sighed he hated the first few sessions for a stallion. They always try to get attached and not just do their jobs. “Come on, Lancelot, time to meet you special friend.”
Lancelot was led into a small room. Mr. Brown injected him with hormones. He saw the footage from the night before. He didn’t want to risk him not doing his job because Lotus yelled at him. She was going to be punished when her foals were born. He was taking them away before she could see them.
Mr. Brown left. He was beginning to get the wanting feeling in his Special lumps and no no stick. He tried to fight it. He didn’t want to give bad enfies again, but his little mind was filling with the memory of how good enfie felt. He enjoyed the feeling. He enjoyed the feeling very much.
Mr. Brown opened to door. Lancelot ran passed him mounting the mare in front of him. His special lumps hurt and he know how to make them stop hurting.
Lancelot didn’t notice Mr. Brown leave. He was focused on getting his good feels. He buried his face into her for and breath in deep. She smelled familiar, but his brain couldn’t place the mare. He didn’t care who she was. She was his special friend and she was going to be happy with the foals they were going to have. Maybe he could keep her and Lotus as his special friends. He could win Lotus back and be the best stallion for both. It wasn’t unusually for a stallion to have more than on special friend.
Lancelot finally yelled good feels and stayed for a moment. His special friend was shaking. He thought she was excited for their foals. He had to admit, he was excited for his foals. He knew he would never see them, but his special friend would tell him about them one day.
Mr. Brown led the stallion out of the room. The mare was left strapped down. She was shaking in horror. Tears running down her face. It wasn’t the experience of being with a stallion that terrified her. She knew that stallions scent. She knew the tummy babies that had begun to grow inside her were abominations, and Spinckles knew there wasn’t anything she could do about it.

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I have two questions. Why is it that Lotus is going to be punished by taking her newborn foals? Is it a matter that she’s simply a first time introduction breeding mare or did she do something in particular to be punished. The other this is how does Sprinkles associate Camelot as a sibling? Now that I think about it, Sprinkles is from the first batch so she would have likely been mostly weaned and was cognizant of the trade between Chrissie and Maple. I might need to go back and look at the previous chapters to see if I missed a detail.

Answer to question one. Lotus has been a introduction being mare for a while. She is being punished for telling off a stallion. Mr. Brown think it may prevent on a stallion from doing his job. She was suppose to tell Lancelot he was a ‘good boy’ and enforced the teachings. And her reward was to keep and raise her foals until they were weaned.

As for the second question, she helped Chrissie and Maple raise their foals. She sees them both as her mothers and all the foals they have as her brothers and sisters. But deep down she knows Lancelot is her blood related brother. And since Lancelot is inbred (Father and daughter) you’ll see what happens there.

Bonus: Sprinkles dad was in this story. Which means it’s either Panda or Bruiser that’s a shit factory.


Poor Lotus… :<

I love the style of your narration, I absolutely hope to read more of this.

Oh, and what kind of fluffy is the Great Mare?

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This isn’t the the whole explanation. But enough of one. I have an entire article on them I haven’t posted here.

Great Mare is:

A F21311 fluffy is a fluffy twice the size, strength, and durability of a standard fuffy. It’s serves two purposes. The first purpose is labor. This horselike creatures are strong enough to carry a small child. The can be used as hobby horses for up to two years with proper care. They can also can be used on plow horses. Carry light materials. used for basic manual tasks. Used as guild animals if they are intelligent enough. And act as test subject. This fluffies are sterilized.

Their second purpose requires a different kind of training. Let’s explain their name, F21311. This designation isn’t random. F don’t stand for fluffy. F is just F. Next is numbers, 2 is nothing but U is the 21st first letter. C is the 3rd and K is the 11th. There true name is Fuck Fluffies.


Holy frick. I never would have known. Thank you for the explanation!

Yeah, I thought I left enough hints that’s what she was, but I guess not.

But they are mainly used for the first thing.

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I think I only thought anything else because she seems so intelligent, and she was obtained from a police officer, but with what you just described, all the pieces fit together pretty well. She is a fascinating character. I like how you write the fluffies. Their lives aren’t just surface-level. Personally, I struggle with giving them that depth.