Christmas Battle Fluffy Foals Pre Amble (AMDk7)

So far people are in to battle fluffies and want it to become an annual or 6 monthly event.
We wil see about that I suppose.
But I do have an idea for a December themed one.

The 12 foals of Shitsmas.

12 days of battle fluffy foals, starting 12 December up to 24 December culminating, in one great big battle royal collage drawn by everybody involved.
including @Carniviousduck and myself.

But before the preamble everybody is invited to create Battle fluffy Foals in holiday themed colors.
And pit them against each other.
@swiftbitches Brute is the referee to make sure the foal actually do blood well fight !
The loser gets enfed by Brute !

All of this starts long after Round 3 ended.
Around 12 December.
Plenty of time for people to get a break from battle fluffies and create some festive foals of their own.

I just wanted to know if people are down for this.

12 Foals of Shitmas
Christmas themed battle fluffy foal event in December.

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m in. I’ll come up with an adorable little degen.

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It will take place about 2 months from now.
But time flies like a motherfucker.

I want to be in this time!

I thought you might ;p
It’s foals this time !
Loser gets enfed by Brute or Tiafluff !

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Does the loser get a choice? I feel like Brute would be bigger, but wouldn’t intentionally wear something studded.

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More like who the referee is.
The referee enfs the loser foal.

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Any yellow foal is safe from me. Yellow gang :smiling_imp:

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I’m also sure Tiafluff wont wear something green or purple and studded.
More like bladed.

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Oh what a wonderlust opportunity, the grinch, santa slay, and krampus… im in as well

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Im game, ill have a line up of ready to fight fluffies ready to fight!

hey! it’s christmas! i was maybe thinking of some candycane colors

Oh very festive
Will the blades be colored too or will they light up with scorching hot christmas lights ?

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i was thinking anal beads for the lights hahaha

Tiafluff going all out i see.

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I’m so looking forward to Christmas fluffy foals, even if they are fighting!

Not getting enfed is an extra incentive

Kicking this up to gauge interest still

I love Battlefluffs!

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It’s very subtle.
Round 3 is the winners from round 1 and 2 pitted against each other
Then we wil have the 12 foals of shitsmas.

And the next one wil be around V-day

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