Cinnamon (SteinSoto1987)

Be Cinnamon, a dark red earth fluffy with a tan mane and tale

you have four babies who you love dearly. they’re only two weeks old. they ride on your back, nestled in your fluff

you have been on your own for over two weeks. ever since daddy found out you were going to have babies

there was a handsome stallion in your neighborhood and one day you bolted past daddy when he came home from being gone all day

it was dark and he couldn’t find you but Blackie found you. he smelled you.

you hid in a bush and hugged each other and then he nuzzled the fluff around your sides and then your special place

then he was on top of you and there was pain but it also felt warm and filled you up with good feelings

you fell asleep hugging Blackie and in the morning you walked around the neighborhood looking for nummies

then daddy saw you and hurt Blackie bad. he beat him with the strap around his waist.

Blackie cried and cried and ran away. then daddy whipped you until you cried and asked him to stop

you knew it was your fault for disobeying daddy but what was the worse that could happen?

well, you found out. two weeks later your belly was getting big with Blackie’s babies

daddy was mad. first he said he was going to take them out of you and kill them all

you know “kill” means bad hurt that fluffies don’t wake up from.

then he decided that you were selfish and bad and took you to the park

he left you there and never came back

so you wandered the park, hiding where you could, drinking morning dew or rainwater

eating grass or leftover food the humans dropped

it wasn’t so bad but you needed a place for your babies

two weeks ago the pain came. you could barely move. your legs could hardly touch the ground

you managed to find a big round human thing with a roof over it. they sometimes came to the park and sat there to eat and play

the weather has been cold and wet so no humans came for a while. that was good. you could have your babies

they’d be safe for a little while but you need a permanant nest

at least until they’re old enough to go out on their own

you do the best you can… moving around, keeping yourself fed, giving them milk and hugs

you’re so tired, though

then you spot something… it’s a huge old tree with a hole in the bottom! just big enough for a fluffy!

you waddle over, excitedly babbling to your little babies.

“mumma fine new pwace! new home! we sweep and be wawm naow!”

“yay mama!” “wawm fwuff!”

you smile and poke your head into the hole in the tree…

and see another fluffy mare already in there.

“wah you doin hewe?”

“dis vaniwwa’s pwace. take cawe of babehs hewe.”

Vanilla is a cream-colored unicorn mare and has three foals crawling across her fluff

you don’t see a male anywhere.

but this place is PERFECT! big enough for you and the babies, soft moss and leaves on the floor, some food stashed away…

“i fine dis pwace so vaniwwa weave.”

“buh? vaniwwa been hewe fo wong time! fine pwace den haff babehs hewe! big white bawl in sky come and go!”

“nuu! cinnamon wan dis pwace fo babehs!”

“cinnamon, dere enuff woom fo boff. yu babehs an my babehs all keep wawm togetha!”


that’ll show Vanilla. you get what you want.

Daddy used to say you were his special girl and if you didn’t get what you wanted you’d throw a tantrum and…


you got so distracted thinking about Daddy that Vanilla got up and kicked you in the face!

you feel warm boo boo juice ooze from your nose

“OWIE! why huwt fwuffy?”

“you cawl vaniwwa stupid? you twy take vaniwwa pwace? even if vaniwwa offa to shawe? YOU da stupit fwuffy!”

“nuu! not stupit!”

she charges, ramming her horn into your chest and knocking you backwards out of the hole

her foals gather in a small fluff pile behind her, watching in fear with their eyes wide

your own foals fall to the ground as you land on your behind

“ummph! owie! yu bad fwuffy!”

“nu i wan shawe, but you gweedy fwuffy! YU bad!”

she rears back on her rear legs and kicks you in the face again. you see stars and hear your foals sobbing

“pwease nu huwty mumma!” “mama! mama! wan huggies mama?”

you stumble to your feet

“Vaniwwa i wan dis pwace… or i giff you big owies!”

“come at me, fwuffy.”

you charge, ramming the side of your head into Vanilla’s side. she falls over, coughing.

seeing a chance, you poke your head in the tree and grab one of her foals

biting into the scruff of its neck, you mumble “dis wah happen when cinnamon dun get wut wan!”

the foal screeches as your teeth grind into its scruff.

you toss it to the side, slamming it against the tree and then stomp on it with your front hooves


“wut stupit fwuffy gonn…”

your sentence is cut off as Vanilla bares her teeth and rams into you with her horn again!

then she stomps on two of your own babies until they stop moving!

“nuuuuu! why huwty babeh! pwease get up babeh! mumma giff huggies!”

but you can already tell Vanilla gave them the bad hurt. they won’t wake up

“dis cinnamon wast chans… yu go naow and take offa babehs or i giff big huwties.”

“dis MY twee naow!”

Vanilla doesn’t even respond. she starts bucking and kicking you in the face, in the head, in the side

you try to back away, to kick her back… you should be stronger than a unicorn but you’re weak and tired

Vanilla rams into your side again with her horn. you feel a crack and boo boo juice spurts from your mouth

you fall to the ground… coughing. you can’t get up.

Vanilla looks down at you angrily

“yu bad fwuffy. yu nu shawe so naow yu and babehs get bad huwty.”

“fwuffy… fwuffy sowwy…”

“dunn cawe.”

Vanilla takes each of your remaining foals in her mouth and shakes them back and forth before tossing them to the ground

she stomps on both to finish them off

she hold a hoof over your head

“spoiled bich.”

everything goes dark

you feel the sensation of being dragged

your eyes open just briefly… you’re laying on the big black rock where the fast monsters chase each other

your babies lay around you in bloody piles

you pick up one of them with your weak legs and hold it close to you

“sowwy… babeh… mumma… mumma make bad mistake.”

you start to carry the motionless baby across the black rock

there’s a loud screeching sound and a loud honk, like one of the things that fly in a “V” but much louder

you vaguely felt something hit you but you’re numb now

your eyes close

so sorry, babies…


Bitch just killed a baby herself and is surprised.
Classic fluffy behavior


Fuck you Cinnamon. Everything’s your fault.

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Really good :blush: