Cleaning Time (TheBigBrother)

Thanks for the ideas yesterday although I didn’t implement too many here I did get a ton of ideas! Has anyone seen any stories about online sellers? Aside from foal in a can how could one ship a fluffy?


ohhhh such a sweet worried mama, she’s trying so so hard.


what a good mare


If you drugged a fluffy you could ship it in a box with air holes.


Sell this “good” mother’s foals for $1 on eBay. Ship them in a little shoebox with a tiny baby bottle of water and some kibble. Fuck ‘em.

Cardboard boxes doesn’t work to deliver animals unless its for very short distances. Usually plastic boxes with holes on the roof are used or “fence” ones.

Water and food is usually delivered with bottles instead of plates.

One of the most important things is the roof shouldn’t be much taller than the animal height.

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Thanks for the info this will be helpful I think for the story to progress.

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