everyone is talking about the fall of cleveland and i get that it is something important…
but what is it?

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I major coloboratinal work in the fluffy history
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Thank you, bookmarking for later.

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That summary on the wiki is absolutely barking. :laughing: I look forward to the whole thing.

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A classic, but damn if it isn’t hard to read with formatting

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is there any chance this has ever been converted to tex format rather than greentext? my phone screen, it too dang small!!

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Kinda shockin Murdoch would go the length even killing the fluffy owners just to introduce his new brand, that guy is greedy and insane…at least he is dead karma hits him the worst way possible.

I kinda assume stories now to be timed after the fall of Cleveland. Am I wrong?

Also sorry for being such a hivemind slave, just want some clarity before stepping on anyone’s toes.

Oh wow! Thats a big archive! Thanks for putting it together!


The invention of Fluffies is not set on mosy timelines.

Almost all stories take place in the present. Some imply Fluffies are new, others that they have been around long enough that people have raised multiple generations to natural old age, which means 10-15 years however many times. Enough time for breeding techniques and organized bloodlines to exist. Fluffies can breed after a year, but in many works its a multi-generational owned business to farm them. Plus mutations and distinct feral lineages exist in some stories.

The fallout of Cleveland, no pun intended, is also uncertain. Fluffies are seen as a blight because in most continuities the wild population is a problem. In Abuse-oriented stories it is heavily controlled via extermination, poisoning, starvation, and a cultural appreciation for hurting them while in Hugbox stories the Abusers are just pricks and their numbers are successfully kept down like a combination of rats and cats, with the issue being primarily the mills and shitty owners flooding the streets and animal shelters with so many domestics that the system is overwhelmed.

After the initial release of the first Fluffies in every continuity you have a wild population explosion, and after Cleveland most ferals and a lot of domestics are wiped out. The end of FoC implies that the ferals are mostly gone and will take a long time to recover if they ever do, given most survivors went to freeze to death/be eaten by animals in Canada.
So its open to interpretation where between those two events, or after, stories take place. I’d lean towards most Abuse stories taking place right before Cleveland when the Megaherds are first forming which explains why there are so many ferals everywhere, or long after if humanity fails to learn its lessons. Most Hugbox stories would be long after Cleveland if humanity does learn its lessons, since very few stories treat Fluffies as something new.

Its also not clear what happens with Hasbio afterwards. They got off scott free after the release of Fluffies by PETA, and even seem to own Fluffcontrol and most shelters meaning they sell the solution to the problem they made. But after Cleveland they should in theory face serious repercussions. Yet they seem to be operating the same as before in most stories, just with a board instead of one owner. They seem to still be selling massive amounts of Fluffies despite the high population, and the fact that the original lore involved Hasbio losing all data and equipment used to create them. Furthermore, the rival companies to Hasbio kind of disappeared in most works.

Also, despite Fluffies having horribly inefficient digestive systems and being prone to disease they are treated as easily farmed resources for food and leather in many continuities. They shit nonstop because they can’t intake much from what they eat, so unless their shit is being funneled multiple times through them or they have been given fixed digestive systems with massive length of intestines they are objectively terrible for that.


Thank you Thk, that’s exactly the answer I needed

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No problem.

All in all, its up to you. Most Fluffy stories don’t reinvent the wheel and aren’t overly concerned with the details. As a result contradictions arise, even with the hivecanon.

I’d say if it matters to you then mention your take or any important lore before or after the story. Or in the comments, where people tend to hash out the details and questions.


That’s why I like this fandom. The realism so painful it’s hardly satire sometimes.


It’s not mine. I Googled it