Coaxed into a Fluffu 5: The Empire Strikes Back (DreamMLP)

God I need to make another American Dream already

inspiration for this post: Sodium Chloride but Skeet CLAPS BACK!! - YouTube



Time to give love to the regular pets of the world.

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These always crack me up


Yeah I think these are better in short one/two panel bursts.

It started dragging panels 5+ but the ‘Fuck you. give me spaghetti.’ was like a soothing balm for my worn and ragged flesh. xD


Is love a code word for sketti made from ground up fluffies?

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Me upon seeing a new CiaF strip: heck yeah!

Me after reading it: mom pick me up i’m scared.


Fluffy speaking straight FAX!


My only complaint is that god isn’t called jehova, that’s a miscommunication brought on by languages pronouncing and using letters differently. Really the only people that use jehova as a name for god are the jehovas witnesses. The correct name is Yahweh.

I’ve learned more about religion being an atheist than I ever did being a christian.


I did write this whole monologue at 3am, I just picked the first alternative god name that came to mind, but looking back I probably would have written Yahweh instead.


This reminds me of the various fantasy races like D&D Dragons that inherit the memories and/or knowledge their mother had at the time of their conception and how the infants are basically born able to enter politics and start small mafias once they find a lackey or learn shapeshifting.

Which I’m adding to the long list of things to write.


jesus christ, did you type that all out?

Originally on discord, then copy and pasted it to the images

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At least in Judaism, it’s better to say something like Ha’Shem. It goes back to a time when saying a deity’s name could gain its attention and wrath. We have TONS of euphemisms for this.

Just my 2¢ on the subject. :slight_smile:

Wow it takes a real dumbass to look down on someone that can kill you with one good stomp. Learn your place shitrat.

Ignore the atheist, regardless of whether they make a good point or not.

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