Code guide update

So uh you might notice the bbcode guide is not posted yet. Turns out is way more work.
There are two sections - useful codes and complex codes
I decided that instead of just giving you the useful codes, I’ll give you all of them

But, since I write it in txt document, I have to try it here to make sure everything works
Which takes a long time
And, I’m in uni, and also want some free time for myself (I’m lazy)

Things to look forward to:
More lists
Anchors and teleporters!
All about the easy code menu
Better layout
New jokes showcasing the cool stuff

So ye, tl;dr:
The guide is in making. I’m just lazy


It’s appreciated that you are working on it in the first place.
I’d rather you get it out in your own time than burn yourself out finishing it.


All of them? Including the…

Launch coooooooooodes?


sure, it’s 76-HT5-9… wait a minute!

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