Command or Death 2 (reupload kindish) by: screeelord

Chapter 2

I arrive home with my new blue, white maned foal Private, place him on the kitchen table, switch on the lights and then
take of my jacket and shoes and grab the rest of the foal-milk powder.
I sit down at the table, Private is patiently looking at me and the powder.
“Now before I give you some milk I will tell you the rules, you have to obey and if you break one you will get forever
Private shivers and then says: “Otay mistah.”
“At first, never forget do what I say or you will get forever sleepies and you will stop calling me mistah and you
won’t call me daddy, you will call me General.”
“Yes exactly and you won’t use any other word for me. Other rules are, never make bad poopies, bad poopies will always
be forever sleepies immediately and don’t break anything unless I tell you to do so, don’t be rude, especially not to
me, unless is say so, never lie to me or secretly do something against my will, if you lie or do something against the
rules, I will know it and give you forever sleepies, don’t even lie to me or do something ageinst the rules if someone
else tells you to do so and even if he says he would give you forever sleepies if you don’t, cause I will protect you
and a very important rule, never demand anything, never tell me what you want by yourself, no matter how much you think
you need it. I will frequently ask you how you feel by saying Private report and then you will tell me how you feel, if
you are hungry, you feel sick or something is wrong with you, you did something you need to tell me or anything else
you think that is important for me to know. Let’s practice it Private report.”
The foal is thinking for a moment and then says:“Pwivat is hungwy, have tummie owies.”
“Good, then I will finally make you some milk and if you ever have the urgent feeling to tell me something or you want
to ask a question, then call me General and wait for me to answer Private report and only then you can tell me or ask.”
Private nods as he seems unsure if he is allowed to answer.
“You are allowed to answer when I am directly talking to you.” I say while grabbing a bottle and getting some warm
“Otay m-” I immediately directly look at him. “GENEWAW.” He quickly corrects himself.
“Good.” I finish the milk-bottle and place it directly in front of him. “Now eat.”
Private happily walks to the bottle and directly starts to suckle greedily.
I watch him eat for a while and as he seems to be finished I say: “Private report.”
“Pwivat is fuw, have nu mowe tummie owies, thank you Genewaw.”
“Good.” I place the bottle in the sink. “Do you feel sleepy?”
“Yes Pwivat is vewy sweepy now … Genewaw.” “Private report.” “Is sweepie time?”
“Yes it is, it was a long day, I will bring you to your safe room now.”
I pick him up and got to the living room next to the kitchen.
The saferoom is a fenced part of the living room and the TV and PC are placed in a way that the fluffies couldn’t look
at the screens from the, I call it, safezone.
“This is your safezone and there is the litterbox where you need to make good poopies.”
Private looks amazed at his new place with half open eyes and smiles as he sees a ball and some blocks.
I take a small bed and put it directly next to the ramp of the litterbox and place Private in it.
“Good night Private.” “Goo nigw Genewa…” He answers and then falls asleep.
I switch on the night light and the light off and got to my room to sleep as well.

As I enter the living room the next day, I look at first at the litterbox to see, that Private pooped inside of it.
Many foals already have failed at this point.
Then I look at Private, he struggles a lot to move the ball around. As he notices me he stops and says a bit out of
breath: “Gehnewahw.”
Private is patiently looking at me while I bend down to switch off the night light and as I stand again I say.
“Private report.”
“Baww is vewy heavy Genewaw.”
“Yes it is, it is a special ball that will help you to grow big and especially strong while you play with it. You
should get used to it because there will be no other toys so far and I will exchange the ball with a heavier one as you
grow. And I recommend you to not play with the blocks yet cause they should be to heavy for you now.”
“Ok Genewaw.”
“Are you hungry Private?”
“Yes Pwivat hungwy.”
“Well i have no more nummies here for you, I need to go and get some and I will take you with me.”
“Ok Pwivat go with Genewaw an wait fo nummies.”
“If you need to poop or pee, do it now, I don’t want to stop for it.”
“Ok Genewaw.”
As he goes to the litterbox, I get back to my room to get dressed. As I enter the living room again, he already waits
at the ramp. I take on my jacket and then put Private in the front pocket and go out to walk to the next store.

As I walk Private stays quite silence as he looks amazed at the world from his point of view.
As I walk past an alley the silence gets interrupted by a yellow colt.
“Hewwo nice mistah, give nummies to fwuffy.”
I stop and look at the fluffy, that seems to be inpatient and says: “Give nummies noaw!”
I take Private out of my pocket and place him in front of the colt.
It looks confused at Private and says: “Dis nu am nummies! Dis am dummeh fwuffy!”
Private shivers in fear, as he thinks i just offered him as food to a fluffy and then looks at me.
“No, this is my fluffy Private.” I look directly at Private. “Private tell this fluffy what he did wrong.”
Private looks relieved, turns to the fluffy and starts explaining.
“Dis nu am mistah dis am Genewaw an fwuffy nu be wude, fwuffy neba deman anything-”
“Nu cawe wa dummeh fwuffy say, wan nummies, giv bestes babbeh nummies naow!”
“Buh fwuffy nee to do ewwything Genewaw say ow have foweva sweepies.”
“SCREEE, nu wan foweva sweepies, you awe bad fwuffy an mistah is munstah fwuffy kiwwah.”
The colt shivers and starts so slowly walk backwards.
“Fluffy calm down and come closer.”
“Do wa Genewaw say ow foweve sweepies.”
“Nuuu, nu wan scawy munstahs ow foweva sweepies huuu huu.”
I take a step forward to crush the colts head but it was taking a step back to turn around and i only step on a leg.
It screams in pain and tries to free his squished leg.
As I release it, it falls backwards on his back. Now that it is focused on his pain and leg, screaming and shaking and
shitting and pissing himself it was easy to slowly palce my foot on his head. It whimpers a weak nu wan before I crush
his head.
I turn around, Private looks sad at the fluffy corpse, as I want to pick him up I hear something coming from deeper of
the alley.
“Bestes babbeh have owwies ow find nummies … NUUUU BABEH huuu wha happen?”
Probably the father appeared, I get behind Private and turn around.
“My fluffy Private told him why he was a bad fluffy and then he got forever sleepies.”
“Dummeh fwuffy kiwwed ma babbeh an sayed he’s a bad babbeh, wiww give you wowstes sowwy hoofies.”
The stallion slowly walks towards Private while he tries to convince him that he haven’t killed him and doesn’t want
sorry hoofies.
“Fluffy don’t dare to attack Private or you will regret it or even get forever sleepies.”
“Ha fwuffy nu feaw dummeh kiwwa babbeh, wiww give wowstes owwies an use as enfie babbeh.”
“Nu wan be enfie babbeh, do wa Genewaw say.”
“Nu cawe, get sowwy hoofies noaw.”
He lifts his leg above Private, who shivers in fear and looks at me waiting for a new command or something to happen.
Private closes his eyes and covers as he sees something moving.
I kick the stallion directly in the face, sending him on a flight back in the alley where he slams against a wall
with a cracking sound.
Again I want to lift up Private and again I hear something from the alley. “NUUUU speciaw fwiend huuu huuu.”
I look in the direction of the sound but then continue to lift up Private and putting him back in his pocket and also
picking up the colt corpse carrying it to the sound. As I walk I say to Private: “Private be quiet now.” Private nods.
There was a highly pregnant immobalized yellow mare in a box, probably short before giving birth whining over the
corpse of his special friend.
I throw the corpse of the colt in front of her.
“SCREEE nuuu bestes wastes babbeh huuuu huuu.”
She then notices me.
“Wha kiww babbeh an specaiw fwend huuu, onwy wan dem bwing nummies fo tumme babbehs huuu, have tummy owwies mummah an
babbehs nee nummies.”
“They haven’t done what I said and so they got forever sleepies and you will get forever sleepies too, if you don’t do
what I say.”
“Huuu, nu wan foweva sweepies pwease nu give fwuffy foewa sweepies.”
“You won’t get forever sleepies if you do everything I say.”
“Huuu nu can do ewywhing mistah say, have tummeh babbehs.”
“If I don’t help you now, you and all of your tummeh babbehs will get forever sleepies anyway, cause of tummeh owies,
you are hungry, right?”
“Huuu yes fwuffy am vewy hungwy, have biggest tummeh owies.”
“If you do what I say you will have nummies and your babbehs can grow big and strong and don’t worry what i say will be
very easy and you can do it with tummeh babbies.”
“Ok, fwuffy wiww do wa mistah say.”
I take the corpse of the stallion and the colt and place them directly in front of the mares head, she looks feared and
“You are hungry, eat this fluffys.”
“EAT THEM or you and your tummeh babbehs will get forever sleepies from tummy owies.”
“HUUU ok wiww do huuu.”
“Good now your babbehs will live and can grow big and strong, you are a good mother.”
“I will leave you now and when I come back and you have eaten enough I can give you and your babbehs a new warm home
with a lot of food.”
“Yes really but now eat and always do what I say or you can still get forever sleepies.”
“Huuu ok mistah.”
“And when I come back you will also get a name.”
“Namsie, fwuffy wub having namsie.”
“Good I will see you later fluffy.”
I stand up and as I start walking I hear the mare chewing.
As I leave the alley I say to Private: “Private you can talk again now.”
“Private report.”
“Thank you fo saving me Genewaw.”
“Oh Private, there is no need to thank me for that, I said I will protect you and I did it cause it was right.”
As I walk, I think, maybe I don’t need to buy so much milk now.

I walk to a fluffy store that offers to look after your fluffy while you are shopping and even offer a milkbag service
for a little fee.
Private happily walks to the mares and I go shopping.
I buy some foals milk powder and also adult kibble and ask a shop clerk what would be the best to strap a mare to a
Surprisingly she isn’t surprised and very accurate and professional in her instructions, like she is saying how she
have done it once.
I buy all the necessary equipment, pick up Private and leave the store.

I walk back to the ally and as I get near the box I can hear some giggling.
As expected the mare has given birth and is nursing her 4 foals. One yellow colt, a green colt, a red filly and a
poppeh filly.
She has her back towards the corpses, she has eaten half of the yellow colt and a quarter of her special friend.
Private is happy seeing the foals.
I place my bags on the floor and knee down to the mare.
“You did good fluffy and like I said all of your babbehs are alive and no one has tummie owwies.”
“Yes mistah, fwuffy noaw get housie an mowe nummies?”
“At first you will stop calling me mistah, you will call me General.”
“Yes that is how you will call me and now I will give you a name.”
“Yeay, wike namsie.”
“Your name will be Milkbag.”
“Yes that will be your name.”
“Dis am stwange namsie Genewaw.”
“But you will get no other name and you better accept it.”
“Ok Genewaw.”
“By the way, this is my fluffy Private, say Hello to Milkbag Private.”
“Hewwo Miwkbag.”
I place Private in front of the mare.
“You will take good care of all of your babbehs and especially of Private and you will feed him as well.”
She gets closer and sniffs at Private.
“If you harm him or are a bad mother for him you will get forever sleepies and then your babies could also get forever
She shivers. “Nu wan, Miwkbag am good mummah.”
“Private do you like your new family?”
“Yes Genewaw is bestes famiwy ebah, have pwetty mummah an bwudas an sissys.”
The mare looks very pleased and short hugs Private. “Babbehs dis am new bwuda, give wub an huggies.”
The foals crawl towards her mother and Private goes towards them at first there anxious but as they sniff and also
smell their mother they hug him and he happily hugs them back.
“Genewaw, can babehs have namsies too.”
“Your babies will get their names, when they open their eyes.”
“Now Milkbag I want you to collect your foals and carry them and Private home and when we arrive there I need to tell
you all the other rules.”
“Ok Genewaw.”
She gathers her foals and lies on the side to allow them and Private to climb on her back.
“Now follow me Milkbag.”
As we walk there is a loot happy cheeping and cooing on Milkbags back and she giggles herself.
It seems she or any foal has no idea what is probably about to come.

As we arrive home I lead the mare with the back load directly into the safezone and lay down a blanket for the mare.
“This will be your bed, take the foals off your back, in a moment will tell you all the rules, you have to obey.”
I take of my jacket, sort the shopping and place the strapping material next to the safezone.
Milkbag is cuddling with all foals on her blanket.
“Milkbag come here.”
Milkbag gets up and walks towards me as the foals chirp cause of her absence, she starts to turn around.
“I SAID come here Milkbag, Private calm down your new siblings.”
The mare shivers short but then continues as she sees that Private hugs her foals and manages to calm them down a bit.
“The most important rule is, that you will always have to do everything I say or you will get forever sleepies and
then your babies will probably also get forever sleepys.”
Milkbag shivers again “Huu nu-”
“Just do everything I say and follow all the rules and you will have a lot of nummies and your babies will grow big and
“Ok, Genewaw.” She says nervous.
“You will be nice to every foal and feed them regularly and you will start every time with my fluffy Private.”
“Bu Private nu am be-”
“NO, you will do as I say and you will never demand anything or do something different as I say it, remember without me
you and your babies would probably already have forever sleepies cause of tummie owies, you had big tummie owies and
were cold in the alley, right?”
She nods.
“By the way, why had you only one foal left from your previous litter?”
“Huuu huu.”
“Say it!”
“Huu speciaw fwiend awways kiwwed a babbeh, when babbehs sweepie, when have big tummie owies an nu fin nummies an we
numm babbehs fo tummeh owies gu away huuu.”
Just as I thought, Private heard that and is shocked and hugs his new siblings even closer now.
“Now you won’t have to eat your babies anymore, just be a good fluffy and a good mother.”
She nods with tears in her eyes.
“Always poop in the litterbox, don’t make bad poopies and especially you are responsible for the poopies of your foals,
if they make bad poopies they will get forever sleepies and this would be your fault cause you were a bad mother and if
you have no more of your own foals you will get forever sleepies too.”
“YOU will place them in the litterbox after you fed them until they make poopies, then you can take them out again. If
a foal makes bad poopies anyway, you have to eat it.”
“Nu wa-”
“YOU HAVE TO, if i see bad poopies one of your babies will get forever sleepis, unless Private made the bad poopies
then he will get forever sleepies cause he can use the litterbox himself.”
It seems the mares thinking for a moment as it looks at Private who is nervous for a moment as I mentioned his possible
“Don’t break anything, unless I say so and you will never speak directly to me, if you need to tell me something or
have a question just call me General and wait for me to call your name, then you can talk or you can talk if I ask you
something or I am talking with you like right now but don’t interrupt me. Do you understand the rules?”
“Yes Genewaw.”
“Then go back to your babies now and I recommend you to not play with the blocks or the ball, this are special toys,
that are very heavy and could harm your babies.”
“Huu nu wike owwie toysies.”
“I will place them away from your babies until it is safer for them to play with.”
Milkbag goes back to her babies and I place the toys in a corner of the safezone further away from the mare and her
“WHAT did i just tell you?”
“Huu ehm ehm … Miwkbag am hungwy.”
“You will get nummies later, you have to wait some time.”
“Ok Genewaw.”
As she is focused back on her foals and Private I take the strapping material and begin to install it over an old
covered drain that was left from a renovation, I knew it could be handy and will probably be soon.
“Wha Genewaw doing?”
“Oh, i just make the safezone better for fluffys, you probably won’t understand it now but this will be good for you
and all the foals at some point.”
She looks confused but seems to accept this answer so far and I finish preparing the straps for the future use.
After that I go to the kitchen and make myself lunch, as soon as there is something to smell milkbag goes to the fence
staring at me and “clatter” around with her soft hooves trying to get my attention while ignoring her foals that
started chirping, intensifying over time as Milkabg nervously makes a fuss for my attention and Private trying his best
to calm them down.
“Milkbag go back to your foals and Private remember to play with your ball but away from the foals.”
Milkbag stands still for a moment but then goes back to her foals hugging them and whispering something about nummies,
while Private goes back to his training. After a moment I sit down at the table with my meal and start eating.
I ignore her and continue my meal, it doesn’t take long until. “Ge-”
I give her a mean look and she immediately interrupts but keeps staring at me. I finish my meal, Milkbag looks quite
sad now.
“Miwkbag have tummy owies ne-” Again a mean look from me. “Hmm babbehs ne… hmm… ne… hmm Miwkbag make miwkies fo
babbehs with nummies?”
“Yes it is time for your food.”
I wonder how long it will take for her to break a rule as I grab the kibble and give a big bowl to Milkbag and also a
non-dronable waterbowl. She looks a bit disappointed at the kibble after she just has seen better food but doesn’t seem
to dare to say something against it and only says a weak thank you.
After she’s finished I ask her if she has enough milk, she says yes and want’s to pick up her yellow colt.
“Remember to always start with Private, go over to him and feed him first.”
Disappointed milkbag puts the colt down and walks over to Private while her babies chirp she turns around but then
doesn’t dare to disobey as I watch her. She reaches Private who’s exhausted from the training and greedily sucks the
“Bestes babbeh nee miwkies too, nu-”
“Milkbag be a good mother and feed every foal until it has enough!”
Now she looks a bit angry at Private and as soon as he stops sucking she leaves him and goes straight to her yellow
colt and feeds it singing the mumah song, as it is finished she continues with the green and red foal but just humming,
after these foals she seems to ignore the still sad chirping poppeh filly.
“Milkbag do you still have milk?”
“Yes Genewaw.”
“What about your brown foal?”
“Dis am onwy poppeh babbeh, no nee miwkies ow wub, nu am reaw babbeh.”
“I said you will be a good mother to all foals, including poppeh babehs, now also feed it and give it love or you will
get forever sleepies.”
Scared and disgusted she takes the poopeh filly and lets it drink the rest of the milk. She then wants to cuddle with
all of her foals as I remember her about the bad poopies rule. She then takes the poppeh filly first and places it in
the litter box followed be the red and green foal. At first she doesn’t want to put the yellow colt in the litterbox
but as I remind her that he will get forever sleepies if I see him make bad poopies she quickly changes her mind and
also places him in the box. In the meantime Private recovers and uses the litterbox himself shortly after followed by
the other foals. As soon as the yellow colt pooped Milkbags takes him out cleans him and puts him on the blanket
followed by the red and green foal and again ignores the poppeh filly.
“Don’t you forget your brown foal?”
“Poppeh nu make poppies, stay in wittabox.”
“I am pretty sure it pooped, take it out and be a good mother.”
Annoyed she gets the poppeh filly and quickly cleans it and then hugs with her foals, mostly her yellow colt.
“Now you will do it like this every time until your babies can poop on their own.”
She nods. Private wants to join the pile but I remember him to train with his ball.
“But don’t overdo it Private, make some breaks.”
“Ok Genewaw.”
I quickly clean the litterbox and then go to my PC and play some strategic games and later watch some TV while the
fluffy keep themselves busy, Milkbag hugs and sings for her foals and Private joins from time to time when interrupting
his training.
This goes till the evening, then I make myself something to eat again and after that I give Milkbag another bowl of
kibble, she has just been a little less impatient this time.
“Here’s your food for the night remember to be a good mother and do everything as I want it.”
I get ready for bed while Milkbag finishes her kibble, as I watch her she feeds Private and her yellow colt first,
while looking at me.
“Ok, good night fluffys, everyone remember to be good and don’t break the rules.”
Then I go into my room close the door and to bed. I wonder what i will see in the morning.

As I walk into the living room the next morning I see Private sobbing in the corner by the toys, the ball smeared with
poop, a trail of poop leading from the ball to the blanket, where the mare hugs his yellow colt and the red and green
lying next to them and the poppeh filly lying shivering in the litterbox. As Milkbag notices me seeing her poppeh filly
she goes to the litterbox picks up the shivering foal and lays it at the side of the blanket while saying “Babbeh make
good poppies wight now.” Private is unable to look me in the eyes and I notice he is also smeared with some poop.
“Private report and remember everything I told you.”
“Pwivat hav big heawt huwties, nu smeww pwitty.” He says while slowly looking back up to me.
“What happened last night?” “Genewaw!” Privat shivers and looks down again as Milkbag interrupts us.
sigh “Milkbag.”
“Pwivat make bad poopies on baww, is bad fwuffy mus have foweva sweepies noaw.”
Privat looks shocked at the mare and then at me and starts whimpering.
“Privat now tell ma exactly what really happened after I left the room.”
“BE QUIET Milkbag, if I hear one word from you now, you and all your foals will get forever sleepies.”
She winces and tightly hugs her yellow foal while seeming very nervous now.
“Now tell me Privat.”
“Miwkbag pushed Pwivat away fwom miwkypwace an teww Pwivat nu get miwkies anymowe, then feed othew babbehs except bwon
babbeh snif, then put wed and gween and bwon babbeh in wittabox and teww babbehs to poop on bwon babbeh and bwon
babbeh to num poopies sniff then babbehs pooped on bwon babbeh, Pwivat teww Miwkbag is bad, nu poop on bwon babbeh bu
Miwkbag give Pwivat sowwie hoofies an teww nu teww daddeh ow wowstes owwies. Then put babbehs on bwanket except bwon
babbeh. Then babbeh make bad poopies and Miwkbag roww ball on poopies and teww Pwivat to roww baww back cause baww is
too heavy snif Pwivat roww baww back an Miwkbag teww Pwivat to sweep by baww and nu teww daddeh ow wowstes owwies an
foweva sweepies an Miwkbag wiww teww daddeh that bwon babbeh make bad poopies an sniff wiw get foweva sweepies.”
I look at Milkbag and she looks very angry at Privat. “Which foal made bad poopies Privat?”
Now she looks panicked at me and starts whimpering.
sniff Yewwow babbeh.” Milkbag jumps up grabs her yellow babbeh and runs into a corner with her back to me while
covering her yellow colt and shivers.
I go right behind Milkbag and knee down, while she is humming in a sad tone.
“Milkbag give me the yellow colt.”
No reaction.
“Milkbag give me your yellow foal NOW or you will get forever sleepies!”
I reach out me hand while milkbag slowly turns around and then slowly and shivering placing the yellow colt in my hand.
As soon as it lays in my hand.
I instantly squeeze the life out of foal. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”
As the mother screams the rest of her foals start to panic and chirp, not knowing what happened and Privat just looks
sad at the whole scenario.
Some blood squirts landed on the mares face, she reaches out for her foal but I slam the remainings on the ground.
The mare starts to cry.
“This is your fault, I said you are responsible for the poppies of your foals, you will now eat this dead foal and the
bad poopies and don’t forget to lick up the booboo juice and poopie trail and you are still not allowed to speak.”
She just nods and then bends down her head over her foal and cries over the corps.
“I will clean Privat and your poopeh foal and you will now clean the safezone … and also don’t forget to lick up all
your tears.”
I pick up Private and the dirty poppeh filly and before I enter the bathroom: “Milkbag EAT!”
She shivers but then starts to crying eat her beloved foal.
I clean the two foals, Private didn’t make a fuzz but the poppeh filly was really distressed from her mothers screams
and then the water but calmed down as i gently rubb her dry.
As i return, Milkbag is almost done cleaning and did a better job as I thought, I watch her finish cleaning the ball
with her tounge, her other two foals are still distressed chirping. I place the foals near the straps and go over to
Milkbag and get down.
“You did good Milkbag, you are allowed to talk again but there is something i have to tell you.”
She sits down in front of me and looks at me with wet eyes.
“I still need to give you forever sleepies, y-”
“SCREEE NUU WAN NU WAN, bu Miwkbag have nummed aw da po-”
“DON’T interrupt me, you were a very bad mother and broke several rules, there is no way i can’t give you no forever
sleepies, but unfortunately i still need you to give Privat milk and also your other babies that won’t get forever
sleepies, at least now.”
“Huuuu huuu nu wan foweva sweepies, nu wan give miwkies to dummeh Pwivat an poppeh babbeh huuu.”
“But you will live and give milk until there is no more foal left that needs milk and if you are a bad mother again or
break a rule you will get the worst forever sleepies.”
She looks at me confused and horrified at the same time.
“Wha am wowst foweva sweepies?”
“Let us hope you won’t find out, it is a fate worse than just forever sleepies and then you other foals could get
forever sleepies too.”
She thinks for a moment and then says: “Ok Genewaw wiww give miwk an nu bweak ruwe.”
I pick her up and strap her against the wall.
“Wa Genewaw doing, nu wike.”
“I don’t care and I don’t trust you anymore.”
I take Private and the poppeh filly and place them at the teats, the both start sucking while milkbag looks at them
with hateful eyes, as they are finished I place her other foals at her teats, they were exhausted from chirping and
greedily suck them dry. Then I place Milkbags foals in the litterbox, exchange the blanket and then release milkbag
“Now be a good mother, take them ALL out after they pooped, I will watch you.”
She nods, then I go into the kitchen to make myself something to eat and after that I watch TV or go at the computer
but always look Milkbag direct into her eyes when is see her looking after me. She took all her foals out of the
litterbox after they pooped and then hugs with her red and green foal, allowing the poppeh filly just to lay next to
them. Private continues his training and avoids milkbag but sometimes goes to the poppeh filly and hugs her, at these
moments i closely watch Milkbag while she looks annoyed at me and the two foals, not daring to do something.
As the evening comes, I serve milkbag a bowl of kibble, which she greedily eats and after that I strap her against the
wall again, this time she only dares to mumble her protest. Then I repeat the feeding procedure, again Milkbag looks
angry at Privat and the poppeh filly sucking her milk and place Milkbags foals in the litterbox afterwards.
I take a cage that is kind of formed like an iglu and tape it to the ground and put a little blanket inside.
“Private, this will be your sleeping place tonight, you will be safe in there.”
I secretly get a little button and place it in the cage and whisper to Private: “Press this if you are in danger and I
will save you, but only press it if you are in danger, not when someone else is in trouble or danger.”
“Ok Genewaw.”
Then I release Milkbag and Private rushes inside his cage.
“Be a good mother tonight Milkbag and remember if you need to get the worst forever sleepies, your other foals will
probably get forever sleepies too.”
She nods and I go into my room. It is quite early to go to bed but i have the feeling that in need to do something else
today, so I spend the time checking my tools and the notes.

BZZZ BZZZ Just half an hour later my silent alarm goes off, that stupid mare already thinks she’s in the clear.
I silently open the door and check the situation, the night light is fortunately bright enough to see.
Milkbag stands at the entrance of the cage with some fluff in her mouth, Private inside crying, his tail looks damaged,
the red and green foal lie on the blanket chirping, the poppeh filly is crying in the litterbox buried under a pile of
shit, slowly covering it whole.
A sneak up on Milkbag while she scolds Private.
“Dummeh bestes babbeh kiwwa come out wiww give you foweva sweepies fo being bad fwuffy an den wun away fwom meani
daddeh with othew goo- SCREEEE NU BAD UPSIES!”
I lift milkbag up and hold her directly before my face.
“It is over now, you will now get the worst forever sleepies Milkbag!”
“SCCCCCCRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE NU WAN NUUU WAN HUUUU HUUU, am good mumah, babbehs nee miwkies nu can kiww Miwkbag huu.”
She screams while making scared poopies.
“You are a very bad mother and were very bad to my fluffy Private and now you even make bad poopies.”
“Nuuu am good mummah huuu Miwkbag do nothin, bad fwuffy ca-”
I punch her in the face, she is immediately unconscious, I switch on the lights, then I pick up Private.
“Privat I want you to see this.”
I walk into the kitchen, I can see in my hand that a part of Private tail is bitten off, Milkbag must have tried to
snatch him out of his cage with her teeth. I place Privat next to the kitchen sink and lay Milkbag in the sink,
I quickly go to my room and get the tools, as I return I start the water boiler, then I tie Milkbags hoofs together.
I get out the drill, the trimmer and a scissor, then I cut off her tail, throw the fluff away and then I shave the back
off her head.
Private watches my actions with confusion.
I turn on the drill, now Private is concerned, I drill a whole in the back off her head at the position I wrote down in
my notes, now Privat is afraid.
The moment I go through the bone the mare wakes up, fortunately the bone piece is in the drill head, as it should be.
Milkbag screams and cries in agony, at first I wanted to do this with her unconscious but then I think I could do this
part with her awake. I press her head in a corner of the sink and push down her body with the elbow, she struggles but
she is no match for me. The water boiler is ready I grab the can with the other hand and then I pour the boiling hot
water directly into the drilled hole.
At first there is a lot muffled screams and struggling but as the water flows she gets silent and calm and Private
looks shocked at this scenario, his brain not able to process what I am doing.
As I am done, I pour the leftover water out of her brain and then seal the hole as good as I could.
I pack the tools, then I grab Private and Milkbag, I place Milkbag next to the straps and Privat in the litterbox, he
immediately poops, he must have hold back his scared poopies.
I untie Milkbag to strap her on the wall again and reveal the drain under her and also install the feeding tube now
and force it down her throat.
Milkbag does nothing anymore except an empty stare and some uncoordinated movements.
“Milkbag, now your other foals will get forever sleepies as predicted.”
She probably can’t really hear or understand me anymore but in case I want her to know it.
I go over to the red and green foal, they are both smeared in poop in the blanket, either she took them out too early
or they made sacred poopies as her mother screamed for her life, either way bad poopies.
I pick them up each by their head with my thumb and index finger, they chirp in fear and distress. I crack both their
heads and let the lifeless bodies fall to the ground.
“Now all your foals are dead Milkbag because they made bad poopies.”
“Private report.”
“Bwon babbeh stiww awive, nu make bad poopies.”
I turn around, he is right, the poppeh filly seems weak but still alive he must have digged her out of the pile of
shit before she suffocated.
“You are right Private, she will live, at least for now.”
I pick up the two poop smeared foals and go into the bathroom. At first I wash Private who looks worried at the poppeh
filly. Then I wash the poppeh filly, she is too weak to struggle or chirp against the water treatment. As I am finished
I go back to the living room and place them together in Privates bed. Then I clean the safe zone, throwing the two foal
corpses into the blender, this will be the mares first meal tomorrow.
As I check the safezone again the two reaming foals are sleepy and cuddle, the poppeh filly lived up again.
“Sleep now Privat but tomorrow we need to have a talk.”
“Ok Genewaw.” He responds before falling asleep like the poppeh filly.
I also go into my bed to finally get some sleep.

The next morning I go directly to Private as I enter the living room and bend down to talk to him.
“Private, do you want the poppeh filly to live?”
“Yes Genewaw, wan bwon babbeh to wive.”
“Her mother can’t help or take care of her anymore, then she will be your responsibility now.”
“Yes Genewaw, wiw take cawe of bwon babbeh.”
“You will need to guide her to drink milk and help her to not make bad poopies and when she opens her eyes and can
understand you, you will explain her all the rules, Nurse will have to follow the same rules as you, it is your
responsibility that she understands them and doesn’t break one.”
“Wiww do Genewaw.”
“As the last one living of her family she will also get a name now, from now on we will call her Nurse.”
“Nuws am pwetty namsie for bwon babbeh, bu Genwaw nu am Miwkbag awive and wa do Genewaw do wif Miwkbag.”
“Yes and no Private, her body is still working to make milk for you and Nurse but I destroyed her thinkie place, so she
doesn’t really count as alive anymore. She can’t do anything anymore although she is moving a little bit.”
“Miwkbag nu can give Pwivat foweva sweepies or be mean to Nuws anymowe?”
“No you are safe now from her.”
“Thank you Genewaw fow saving Privat and Nuws.”
“You don’t need to thank me Private, Milkbag broke the rules and got what I said she would get if she does so. I will
feed milkbag now and then you will guide Nurse to the milkie place and you both will eat and after that you will bring
her to the litterbox, let her poop and then you can bring her back to your bed.”
“Ok Genewaw.”
I go into the kitchen throw some kibble into the blender, add some water and turn it on. I pour the mix in the feeding
tube filler and some water afterwards. Then I make myself breakfast as I watch Private guide Nurse to her mother by
saying her name and milk. They drink while I eat.
“Private report.”
“Miwkie nu am cweamy as befowe.”
“That is normal after what I have done to her, only happy and good mothers make creamy milk and she isn’t that
Private accepts this answer and now I know that she really still makes milk but as expected the quality went down.
After they are finished Private needs a moment to think about a way to bring Nurse to the litterbox, after some tries,
Nurse was chirping real loud as Private tried to just pull her, he ended ab crawling under her and carrying her on his
back with some protest of Nurse. In the litterbox Private hugs Nurse until she poops and then uses it himself before
crawling under her again, bringing her into the bed, again with some protest and then cuddling with her.
“Private don’t forget your training!”
Private hesitates to leave nurse at first and she starts to chirp as soon as he doesn’t touch her anymore.
“Nurse has to get used to it now after her mother decided to break the rules. You can go to her in your breaks but
only do those when needed.”
It is quite calm now except Nurse chirping, that calms down every time Private makes a break.
To lunch and dinner I blend some kibble and water to pour it in Milkbags filler and the feeding and pooping process
When I go to bed I’m quite sure, there is nothing to worry about this night as is I see Private and Nurse cuddling into

The next days are very calm, Nurse gets more and more used to the routine and with every day Private struggles less to
carry her also I can easily go out again with the fluffys having their companion and a reliable and safe milk source,
though Milkbags view slowly gets glassy, she moves less and less and her face begins to drop. Private notices that and
slowly gets scared of Milkbag and I need to tell him that he can and should drink the milk and that this is normal.
So far everything worked just as I have read it a long time ago though this rarely have been really done and most just
speak theoretically but i prepared this surgery for future use anyway.
When I go out there are no fluffys to bring home cause like most of the times no fluffy survives my obedience
challenge but sometimes I bring home some failed candidates and throw them in the blender for milkbag, making sure
every time for Private to see this as reminder that those fluffys didn’t do what I said.
9 days after the Operation it suddenly gets loud in the evening.
“SCREEEEEE NUU mummah mummah tawk to babbeh huuu mummah scawy pwease move mummah huuu.”
Nurse finally opened her eyes and at this point milkbag was even more dead than alive with no more movement slow
breathing and nearly no heartbeat, glassy swollen eyes and a completely droopy face.
Private does his best to calm Nurse down but she keeps crying to her mother, that didn’t love her, ignoring Privat who
cared for her and kept her alive.
I walk over to the foals and as I bend down to the two Private takes a few steps back in fear. Nurse doesn’t notice me
and wants to walk to her mother.
“I did this to your mother.”
Nurse turns around and looks at me with a mix of pure fear and anger.
“Meany munstah give wowstes owies to mummah, hatchu huuu.”
“She didn’t do what I said but I needed her for milk, so I had to give her the worst forever sleepies.”
Nurse is shocked about that and gets more angry instead of thinking about the position she is in.
“Huu meanie munstah shou hav wowest sweepies, huuu give mummah back huuu make mummah goo again.”
Private still tries to talk to her but she was before focused on her mother and now on me never stopping crying,
sobbing, pleding or swearing to me.
“Be quiet now Nurse and calm down or you will get forever sleepies.”
“Huuu nu wan foweve sweepies, huuu nu wan meanie munstah, huuu wun mummah, huuu mummah hewp babbeh, huuu hewp babbeh.”
I lift my fist. As Private starts to move towards Nurse I stare at him and he steps back again and looks at me with sad
eyes. Nurse keeps crying and shouting. I slam my fist down while focussing Privat.
I hit Nurse and she is instantly dead. Private looks at her shocked and shaking but he doesn’t dare to cry.
“Privat, do you still need milk?”
Privat takes a moment to answer. “Nu Genewaw, Pwivat nu nee miwkies anymowe can num nummies noaw.”
“Then we don’t need Milkbag anymore.”
I go over to Milkbag, unstrap her and then i go out to throw her away.
If i had done a better job i would have been able to keep her more lively a lot longer but i don’t need her anymore,
so it doesn’t matter.
Before throwing her in the trash i snap Milkbags neck to finally totally end her life, one last weak breath and it is
over, the body already had waited for the end.
I go back inside, Privat is sobbing over Nurse corpse.
“Privat have you already drank milk this evening?”
“Nu Genewaw, wast time Pwivat dwinked miwk was mowning, nu taste pwetty anymowe.”
“Then you must be hungry, as your first real meal you will eat what is left from Nurse.”
Private shivers and looks shocked at the remainings from Nurse.
“You won’t get anything else today as food, so you should eat it and if not most of Nurse has been eaten in the
morning, you will get forever sleepies.”
As i go to my room Private silently sobs and i stop at the door.
“There will probably be other fluffys in the future Private, do better next time and the fluffy probably won’t get
forever sleepies.”
Private doesn’t answer just sobs a bit less.
Before i close the door i look one last time at Privat, he chews.


So far, i just made two chapters… maybe it is slowely time for another one … though the times are quite busy for me lately.

… and though i think this chapter is way better then the previous one, i am still note totally satisfied with my wrtiting.


While I may not support how quick all deaths have been, this is still very good. I only ask that you work on the formatting, because it’s kinda difficult to read


Was kind of rooting for nurse.
Unconditional familial love even for something that had neglected and tried to kill her. :frowning:

Enjoying the story so far regardless.


I do feel kinda bad for Nurse, as annoying as her first reaction to all that was, she was still too young to understand.

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I like the concept a lot, i hope we can see more of this story, the deaths are quick yes, but i think they show private the point, they are worthless and meaningless and any disobidience will be punished inmidiatly