Commercial Reel [by ChungusMyBungus]

(This is something super quick I threw together after getting the idea, it’s not much, I just wanted to try out this concept)

The screen was black, then it crackled into white noise, and with a quiet humming buzz, a picture slowly faded in.
A pale blue fluffy pony with a dark blue mane was standing on a table in front of a camera, looking confused. For a moment, nothing happened, then a voice spoke from behind the camera.
…but nothing happened. The fluffy continued to look around, confused, until the voice spoke again.
“Go on, say the line!”
“Uhm… wha ‘wine’?” The fluffy asked, confused.
“The line! The line we told you to say before we started filming!”
“Oh! Uhm…” The fluffy looked around, stepping nervously from foot to foot. “Uh, uhm… uh… Fwuffy… nu 'membeh…”
“For fuck’s sake! It was ten seconds ago! Just say the fucking line!”
The fluffy, stressed from the shouting, began to cry.
“Hu-hu-hu… am sowwy daddeh, nu 'membeh wine… hu-hu-hu…”
“Fuck’s sake!”
The screen buzzed into static again.
The picture faded in again, but this time the fluffy looked noticably worse. It was trembling on the spot, breathing heavily, and a small droplet of blood had formed in it’s nose.
“Alright. This time, just say the fucking line. ACTION!”
The fluffy screwed up it’s face in concentration, and began to speak slowly.
“Fwu… fwuffeh… when fwuffeh get hungwy… uh… fwu… uh… fwuffy… get hungwy?”
“Fucking hell…”
“Fwuffy say wine? Get nummies nao?”
“No! Fucking worthless shitrats… that was wrong! Do it again PROPERLY!”
“Buh… but fwuffy nu 'membeh wine…”
“Again?! Jesus Christ!”
The screen faded into static again, but quickly returned.
The fluffy looked like hell. It’s fur was scruffed up in various places, one of it’s front legs was twisted and mangled, the blood from it’s nose had run completely down it’s lips and chin, one of it’s eyes was swollen shut and it was wheezing with every breath.
“Alright. I’ve written it down for you, all you have to do is fucking read it out loud. Got it? Good, ACTION!”
The fluffy peered forwards with it’s one working eye, looking at something beyond the camera.
“Uhm… fwuffy nu can wead…”
“Huhuhu, pwease no mowe huwties daddeh…”
“For fuck’s SAKE! I paid top dollar for you! They said you were a premium ‘acting’ fluffy! What the fuck kind of game are you playing with me, you worthless piece of shit?!”
“Pwease no mowe shouties daddeh… fwuffy sowwy…”
“If you’re really sorry, then just read the fucking line! We’ve been here for an hour already! Just read the fucking line and we can all go home!”
“Huhuhu… when fwuffy gib hunwgy… nu, uhm… when hungwy get fwuffy… uh…”
“FUCKING FUCKING FUCK! Come here, you ugly little fucker!”
Static. Nothing but static for a long time.
Finally the image came back.
The fluffy looked awful. It’s fur had been torn out in great clumps, it’s legs had been amputated and sewn up, it’s face was lumpy and misshapen with bruises, swelling and dried bloodstains. It wasn’t even sitting upright anymore, it had been dumped on it’s side and had been unable to move itself to a correct position. It was barely even breathing anymore, but every exhale carried a quiet sob with it.
“Alright, for the last fucking time.”
“Nu mowe owies… if fwuffy say wine, den nu mowe owies… wight…?” The fluffy whimpered.
“Yes. I won’t give you anymore owies. Just say the fucking line already. ACTION!”
“When fwuffy… get hungwy… fwuffy get… Fwuffy-Kibbowl. I’s… yummy nummies fow… fow fwuffy tummies.”
“CUT! Fucking finally, it only took three hours and an entire set of power-tools.”
“Fwuffy say wine? Fwuffy go home nao?”
“What? After all the trouble you put me through? Fuck off, I’m leaving you in the dumpster where you belong.”
“Yeah, I promised I wouldn’t give you any. Doesn’t mean I’m going to help you.”
The man walked in front of the camera, scooped up the fluffy with one arm and carried it away. It’s wailing cries could be heard for several minutes, echoing distantly until it finally faded away completely.
The camera shut off, and the screen went black again.

Ten weeks later the Fluffy-Kibbowl advert premiered. Sales of the only mildly popular product plummeted after the commercial used a heavily abused fluffy pony as it’s mascot.
Eventually the full set of outtakes were leaked online, but it was the first and last time a fluffy pony was used as an advertising mascot for a product (at least, one with a speaking role).


THEY AIRED THAT??? This is what CGI IS FOR! At least put his legs back on!


I figured, they use cats and dogs in commercials sometimes, why not fluffies? Honestly I’m kinda taken with the idea of ‘workplace fluffies’, might do a few more stories like this.