Commission: Kabar the War Fluffy (Star-The-Alicorn)

This was a commission from @ChefFoe of their unicorn character, Kabar. She was a lot of fun to draw!

Alt without her pack:

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You know, fluffies, since they can talk and understand language, would probably be rediculously easy to train and give orders to. Plus in times of hardship they could give company and companionship to soldiers in a war zone. So I can actually see the military adopting a bunch of brown, green, and tan fluffies for those reasons, plus their natural camouflage in specific environments. Then give them some actual stealth training? They’d be great!

That said, they’d almost certainly have deals and top secret contracts with Hasbio to produce fluffies specially made for the roles they would fulfill on the front lines. So expect “super fluffies” that are about as strong and durable as actual animals of their size with a modicum more memory so they can remember specific words and maybe pass on coded messages.

Crap this sounds like it’d actually make a great story. Might start up a new series about this later.


That actually sounds SUPER cool. Glad this helped inspire you!

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emergency rations

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