Commissions [by ChungusMyBungus]

Still not sure if I need my name in the title of a community post, but anyway.

Howdy all. I’ve seen a few people around here doing commissions and figured I’d throw my Stetson into the ring. By now most if not all of you have seen my library of works, with content ranging from happy to sad to funny to gruesome, all delivered in my usual style and at a rapid pace.

To that end, I’m opening commissions if anyone would like to pay me to write for them, because I have a very expensive hobby of injecting heroin into my veins and goddam it I need some financial support for it.
(This is a joke, calm down.)

My base rate is £10 per story, that nets you 4,000 characters / 500 words total (approx 1 A4 page via MS Word, with minimal spacing between lines), with £5 for every additional 4,000 characters / 500 words (or 1 additional page).
Multi-chapter stories are accepted but keep in mind that every additional chapter will require another £10 starting rate, plus £5 for every additional page. Stories can go for as long as you want provided you have enough fodder for them and you’re happy to keep paying my dealer for me.
(Again, this is a joke.)

I’m open to writing any kind of -box, from hug to abuse to weird to sad, although certain elements will be counted as ‘extras’ that will each cost more per inclusion, simply because I’m not huge on writing them in the first place. I’ll still write them, but it’ll cost extra.

The extra features include (but are not limited to):

  • Fluffies as food (£5)
  • Foal rape (£5)
  • Cannibalism (£5)
  • Human-on-fluffy sex (£10)
  • Graphic sex scenes in general, fluffy or otherwise (£10)
  • Asshole fluffies getting away with their bullshit instead of getting what they deserve (£10)

It’s not exactly easy to think of things you don’t enjoy so if I come across any others I’ll add them to the list further down the line.

Payments will be handled via Paypal, if interested DM me and we’ll discuss the specifics of what you’re looking for. As said, I write quickly so expect a relatively fast turn-around on your idea.

To keep it simple, let’s start with 5 slots. These boxes will be checked off as they’re filled, so if you’re interested in paying for one, watch this space.

One last note: in the past (even just recently) I’ve had people DM me for writing advice. Feel free to continue doing this, I’ve been a hobbyist writer for over a decade now, I’m more than happy to share what I know and offer help and advice. But if you’re specifically looking for me to write something for you, then bust open your wallets because I’m a classy whore.

The lovely and talented @Carniviousduck has reached out to me and mentioned they’ll throw their hat into the ring too. For any stories I’m commissioned to write, they’ll provide an accompanying illustration, all for the same price as before.
You can’t say fairer than that, now can you?


C’mon, nobody wants a taste of Chungus?

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Trust me, I definitely do, I just can’t pay you what you deserve for your work :cry: will definitely be in your DMs when I have the means to pay for my wack-ass ideas


Fluffies not getting punished should be £20.

Translating Richard III into fluffyspeak should be £100.

And by God, if I had the money and time, your prolific pen and my rapid fire art? Great evil could be wrought.

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Edited with an update announcement: Carniviousduck is willing to provide an illustration for every story commission received.

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