COMMISSIONS :D - LostDauphin

Finally I opened commissions, I hope you like them, as an initial note, the price does not indicate which is better or worse, simply according to the time it takes me to do each one :wink:

TINY MOU: I recommend it for cute hugbox filled stories or for simple character files that are nice to watch.

GRANDMA’S FOOD: Highly recommended for weirdbox situations, although the style fits perfectly in any other, such as sadbox or abuse.

CLASSIC LOSTDAUPHIN: My usual style close to manga, adapts perfectly to any request, especially if you want a more serious but at the same time aesthetic touch, it is the one that takes the most effort, but the most satisfactory to see for most.


Depending on the order, I will probably ask for a small advance to secure everything, but I doubt that it is necessary in most cases.
Commissions will not be published unless whoever requests them so wishes.
Thanks for watching :heart:

For more information, messages to the private :wink:


GREAT work on your rate-sheet! :slight_smile:


Thank you :heart:, I hope I was fair with prices, putting a monetary value on your own work is difficult :grimacing:


One of the reasons I don’t freelance graphic design.


Understandable, I hope you get a good advisor in that case, but you can always try it on your own at least once, after all, you don’t force anyone to buy your prices.

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HOPE YOU GET TONS OF ORDERS! You deserve it, buddy :smiley: