Conjoined Cannibal Kitsune Commission (federalchemical1728)

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the polished, watermarked version of a sketch commission for @watcher of their Conjoined Cannibal Kitsune boys

((Dear Dumb Diary))
((this is literally my biggest shame pls be gentle))

((this is the only time in recent memory when i got a commission done so fast. i dug around in my files and found a whole bunch of unfinished commissions from like before 2021 and on websites i dont even visit anymore. ideally, i’d like to finish them and get them back to the people who bought them, but i worry that it will be too little too late.

i had plans to start a patreon/youtube/whatever series where i go through my boxes and boxes and boxes of old art and release it all unedited (saves me time & spoons on editing. but eventually i’d do the same with the files on my computer where all the edited & semi-edited versions are).

for every piece ive ended up posting, there are dozens that never made it further than the “edit this later” folder, so this is a really significant amount of art. and as i came across old fanart & gift art, i could try and get it to whoever it was for. if i was motivated, i could finish old WIPs or use them as inspiration for new art. and as i came across unfinished commissions, i could finish them too. tying up old loose ends and potentially re-connecting with people.

i’m just, scared and unsure of myself. i feel like refunding them would be the right thing to do, but ive also already done significant work on these pieces. so like a half-refund?

im terrified to start this ball rolling, terrified to reach out, terrified that my “sorry” won’t be enough, terrified that i’ll just end up breaking even more promises. terrified to take that first step and re-start my life again.

and patreon is scary bc ive never done something on that scale before, i dont know if i would be able to stick with it. also im sure my old art will make me shrivel with embarassment, but i want to put myself out there, be unapologetically myself and have all of my disparate old cringe art on display in one place.

still fuckin waiting on those ADHD meds :weary:))


This is fantastic.


It’s okay and very natural to be anxious about a big project. Just remember to breathe and take things one step at a time and pace yourself. You are a talented artist, and you can do it.


They do not have a great time.
Imagine sharing a body with someone :skull:


If it means anything, I believe in you.
Please do reach out to the people you owe.
A half refund sounds like a good compromise but it’s probably better to talk these kinds of things out.


Since they’ve already paid you, you should definitely either refund them or draw the commissions. Maybe you can send them the commissions and still refund some of the price because it’s been so long before you got back to them.

On this drawing specifically, I love Fluffies with birth defects.

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I love the idea of a conjoined fluffy!! its soo cool!


ohhhhh i would love to see old art!! its always wonderful to see how people started out! And, as someone who bought a commission from someone and never got it, am i a lil upset, yes. But if they finished it and threw it at me suddenly I’d be ecstatic!!

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Mine's full of unfinished porn
I too, have a massive file/pile of unfinished work, I think as artists, we all do

Also, fuckin love this (⁠☞゚⁠ヮ゚⁠)⁠☞ I hope you got the tip, I literally have no idea if I sent it to the right person lol