Cowd Times, Part 2. [By Biorb_McBiorb] {End}

Gem awoke to the sound of Birdie friends chirping. Salt was still asleep, his four foals all huddled together, snug as a bug in a rug. Taking the first few steps near the edge of the burrow, he lit his horn as he left the safety of his home.

Upon reaching the exit of the Nest, Gem realized the snow had melted! turning off his horn, he emerged from the hole, looked and saw that it had came, the Wawm-Time had finally came! Excitedly he ran out of the nest, getting a clear line of sight of the surrounding land. All clear. “Sawt! Speshuw Fwend! Time to wakies! Time to take babbehs ou’side!” he beamed and cheered at the half asleep Salt. “Wha’? Nu id stiww Cowd-Time, nu can weabe yet…” Salt said, still clearly groggy from the deep sleep of last night.

“Nu! Gem Check! Most of dah white stuff am gone! Nu mowe Cowd-Time!” With the Mare slowly realizing the situation, she rounded up her four foals, and slowly made her way behind Gem, to the surface. When she popped her head out of the burrow, she was greeted by a beautiful sight. She gazed in awe as the sun had began to rise, shining beams of light that reflected on the still snow covered Sequoias, The vast size alone made the Fluffies feel so small, a reminder that the Couple were small things, in a very big world.

With Gem on lookout, Salt began to let her babbehs down, they have waited and slept, and begged just for this moment. “S-scawy!” “Peep!” “Pweety!” “Smeww Pweety tu!” Were all heard around the vicinity of the foals, some birds took notice, but all were too small to try and make a attempt at the Fluffy Foals. “Dis am Gem and Sawt’s homsie! Whewe we Meet and pway and num nummies!” Salt explained. She had been waiting for this moment, for so long, the entire Cowd time she was begging to do this, for things to get better! And they had. “Time fow pway!” Salt yelled. And play they did.

Using the forest as a playbox they used acorns as balls, stacked twigs on top of each other trying to make the biggest pile. They had fun, played, and enjoyed life. “Babbehs! Sawt! Time tu weawn!” Gem was young, but still had a lot of knowledge compared to his Special Friend. Salt was three years old, while Gem was only a month shy of a year, still, even though he was young, he knew much. Experience was his teacher. For he had a family before his own, and had lost all of them to Munstas.

“Time tu weawn abou’ Hoomins!” Gem announced, Salt was the only one not as excited as the rest, Salt had run ins with Hoomins before, She and Gem had tried to beg for nummies once. A big mistake, they tried to attack her, tried to kidnap Gem, and kill her before she had your babbehs. Most Hoomins were bad, not all were, but too many wanted to hurt fluffies.

As Gem told them the tales of meanie hoomins, and gud ones, he heard Salt’s tummy growl. “Oop! Heheh! Sowwy Speshuw Fwend! Just gettin hungwy is aww!” And to be fair, Gem was too. “It otay Sawt famiwy take bweak and get nummies and wawa, den gu back tu pway, otay?” The foals were overjoyed at the idea of more play time, ans so they agreed. Collecting nuts and berries, and taking there fill from a small stream.

As day turned to evening, the family decided to head to bed early, not wanting to attract munstas in the dawk. Turning his horn on, Gem led his family back down into the burrow. Getting comfy, Gem remembered that the foals still had no names! “Oh! Speshuw Fwend! Nu gibe names tu babbehs yet!”

“Oh! Ou’ wite! Weww… Wan name babbehs nao?” Salt asked, she had been thinking of names all day, and now she could read off her little mental list to Gem. “Otay! Hmm… Wets stawt wid… dis one!” Gem picked up the first foal, the only thing telling them apart now was there manes and eyes. THe first had a Violet mane and Red eyes, “Habe Gem think abou’ any gud namsies?”

“Yus! See, Gem wemembah sum things fwom when was in bad hoomin pwace wiff da shawp stabby tings, dey wed tu us, ow towd us stowies. Gem wememba sum namsies and wan name babbehs aftew em… Am dat otay?”

“Hmm… Otay, Gem am smawt, nu if bad ow gud name su, what dis one’s name?”

“Dis one am name… W-Wancewot!” Gem beamed holding the now ecstatic baby in his arms. “GASP, Dat such a pwetty namsies!” Salt cheered out. After Lancelot, came Arthur, Diablo, and finally Winston.

“Babbehs hab such pwetty namsies! su su happy! Wuv ou’ Gem!” Salt exlaimed, tears in her mane, she looked as beautiful as the day Gem met her, even in the dim light made by his horn. “Wuv ou too Sawt. Wuv Babbehs, Wuv Famiwy… Wuv ou’ aww!” Gem said, hugging his foals, and his Special Friend.

“Gud Dawk Time, Speshuw Fwend.” Gem said to Salt, “Gud Dawk Time, Speshuw Fwend.”

“Wuv! Daddeh! Mummah! Peep!” all came from the foals, a happy family, going to sleep for the night.

Under the shade of the Sequoias rest a happy family, now blessed with four beautiful children, a loving mother, and a proud father. Life was good. Life was going to BE good.

~ Le End ~

“FIRE IN THE HOLE” came from the exit to the burrow. Gem, now half asleep and scared, stanfing in front, took guard, Salt, Kept the boys in line behind her, the last defense.





sitting before Gem was a sparkling stick, on the side written in bold letters was ’ T. N. T. ’ To Salt, it was a pretty stick thing. To Gem? It was horror a thing that was going to hurt his family. Turning back to Salt, he did the only thing he could think of. “Gem wuv Swate, Wuv Babbehs.” And with that, Gem grabbed the stick of Dynamite in his mouth and ran out of the whole. The sparkles were half way down to the base of the stick. ‘Would Gem make it?’ The Fluffy thought.

“SPESHUW fwend…” He could hear Salt yell out as he trudged thru the hole, Burning stick in mouth.

Finally reaching the end of the hole, he dashed out, only to be met by two Hoomins. “HOLY SHIT IT TOOK IT OUT!” “FUCKING RUN GO-GO-GO-GO!” The two hoodlums ran in opposite directions. The wick now nearing the base of the candle. In a last ditch effort, Gem threw the stick form his mouth, and made a mad dash away from the stick, trying to get back into the safety of his family nest.



As the explosion went off, Gem was knocked straight into the whole of his den, like a beaten and bruised golfball, he went down, slowly sliding down till he reached the base of the nest.

“NUUUUUUUU-SPESHUW FWEND! NU GU FOWEVEW SWEEPIES! NUUUU NEE’ BE HEWE FOW BABBEHS!” cried Salt, trying to hold back tears as her children cried out for there father.

"Ugh… Am… Otay, Speshuw… Fwend. Just hab… wots… ob huwties…"winced Gem as he tried to stand, trying to comfort his family. Fluffies were naturally able to heal most things off, and besides the burns on his flank and the singeing to his fur, he would be ok, for the most part.

Back up above the two hoodlums stared back at each other from a distance. “Dude… Fuck. That.”

“Yeah hell no, Shitrats are supposed to be stupid as shit… Fuck that. One HUNDRED percent, fuck that!”

“Well I’m glad you two boys agree to not do that dumb shit anymore.” The two looked to see three of the park rangers all aimed at them. “Just bugs the living hell outta the wildlife huh?”

“Wildlife? Dude there Fucking Fluffies, who cares?” One said, “Oh sure, we dont tend to take kindly to many of the bad ones round here, Y’know, Smarties, Cannibles n’ the like, but the few who respect the grouds get to stay! Shit they make great tree fertalzer!”

“Also i know damn well y’all go that TNT illegally soooooooooo-”

As the two were arrested and taken into custody, the head ranger walked over to the edge of the nest. “You all ok down there? We got rid of the Monster People up here!”

“F-Fwuffies am otay! Buh, b-buh Gem nee’ hewp! He got Buwnies and owwies!”

“Okay okay, come on up, i wont hurt ya, ill get him patche dup, and you can all get back to sleep, okay?”


The ranger chuckled to himslef. “I promise, now get up here so i can help the poor fella!”

With that the Mare and her foals cam up first, setting them down Salt went back into the hole, and assisted Gem in getting out. “Whistle noise, Shit, they got you good. Okay, come on, ill help you into the cart, ill take you to the Station, there ill get ya patched up and something to eat, sounds good?”

“Otay Mistah, fank ou’”

“No prob, chilidog” the rhyme caused the foals to giggle and laugh. “Peep! Siwwy! Chiwp! Funny!”

As the Cart began to move, Gem stared out the back of the holding compartment, staring out, the start were out, the moon was high, his special friend was safe… His foals were safe… He… He was safe.

And so he dozed off, still being help by Salt’s arms. Today was a whirlwind of events.

It was exciting!

What would tomorrow bring?


Is these rangers ok? I remember they fired those feral smarty.

Damn who would be an idiot lightning up dynamite of forest park??? Glad they got arrested.


That was a nice story, a place where only good fluffiest are allowed to stay while under the protection of the forest rangers.


Wait so was it actual TNT or was it just fireworks that said TNT. Because one has a much larger blast radius then the other.


I… am not sure about the ending.

Besides the fluffy version of Die Hard, it was a good read.

The last part was a bit too out of place for me.


yeah to be fair i had a bit too much fun thinking about it and decided to add that on, i just thought it would be funny. lol


i figure that a lot of national parks would do that irl, fluffies giving off as much free fertilizer is a massive benefit, although the drawbacks of having fluffies all over is a bit of a turn off to the idea


THe rangers are fine, Yes the Head Ranger was the one who shot the Smarty.

And yes, Teenagers are very dumb.


Well best as a regulated thing, if bears and wolf are in the area would curb a bit of the feral fluffy population.

Or as this fine ranger did , patrol and wipe out potential herd assholes like the smarty.

Let alone single families than herd would he a good short story how rangers control the feral population. :blush: