Cramped cages. (by: AK)


This is so good.


Unlike chickens Fluffies spray shit, so this kind of storage is a terrible idea for pets, pelts, or food.

The only logic here is industrial abuse with no financial profit.


Poor fluffies. If they can’t run and play, how will they develop muscle for meat?


Questen here :use their shit as free fertiliser becuase fluffies take so much shit the amount of shit they make will leave you with bags full paying a okay price at the market for their shit as fertiliser

Except most of it is caked on them and the cages.

Plus, just like everything else, stressed animals results in low quality product. Even feces are worse.

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Seems like the only reason to have these shitrats in confined spaces is to basically turn them all into fertilizer. Which may have some reason behind it.

Overproduction? Diseased populations?

Fertilizer or Disposal

Looks ominously like a certain bunk room of a polish campus for labor… Great work!

Fuck them. Shove as many as possible in such containment places!