Crazy Dream (by TistyJoe)

“So fucking stupid”

John drew a sharp breath as he tried to pull himself up. His leg buckled under him and he collapsed with a scream.
While he wasn’t a doctor, John knew his leg was royally fucked up. Standing didn’t seem to be an option, so he knew walking was right out.

It had started as such a less terrible day.

Perfect weather. Perfect trail. Perfect day.

Well, it was a perfect trail, until the heavy rain had weakened some of the ridges and paths and made them practically mush. Then one misstep sent John sliding and tumbling down the hill. At first, it was fun sliding down the hill like it was a crisp snowy day. Then his leg hit a rock and folded under itself. Now, John tried his best to control his breathing and not panic.

Easier said than done. He knew he was miles from a town, alone, and completely helpless. He hadn’t seen anyone else on the trail, he hadn’t seen anyone at their cars at the parking lot, and he didn’t have any way of calling anyone. As the weight of his situation was settling in and panic was becoming the most likely next step, all John could do was close his eyes and cry. He thought about his parents, always wondering what happened to him. Hewwo? He thought about his fiancee, always wondering where he went. Hewwo? He thought about his-


John’s eyes shot open and his brain had trouble keeping up. A bright blue…horse? Guinea Pig? Potato? was looking at him with a curious expression. “Am hooman otay? Fwuffie heaw cwyin!”

“Uh…” He swallowed, trying not to blackout from his shattered leg. “H-hello?”

“Hewwo!” The thing smiled and plopped towards him. “Name am Fwuffy!”

“Um…Hi…” Pain had been replaced by fear. What in God’s name was this thing? “Can…can you help me?”


“I…I can’t walk. I need help to get out of here.”


“I’ll die.”

“Wat am die?”

“It’s…it’s…um…when you stop…?”


“I…guess I can’t explain it…I haven’t died…I’d like to not to” John smiled sadly

The small creature stood up and puffed up its chest “FWUFFY HEWP!” It pranced around a bit and then stopped abruptly, “How?”

John laughed a bit “Can you find people like me and lead them here?”

The creature thought and then got a very determined look on its face “Fwuffy wiww fin pepow and hewp!”

As the blue blob barreled away as fast as it could, the pain caught up with John. He chuckled, “Last thing I ever did was talk to an imaginary horse…” and he felt himself slip away…

…only to wake up with paramedics over him. Blinking his eyes as clear as he could, John looked around. He wasn’t in the wilderness anymore, he was on a gurney and there were flashing lights everywhere. He saw to the side, away from the ambulances and police, another set of vehicles. Unmarked and unremarked. As he was being loaded into the ambulance, John saw a bag being loaded into one of the unmarked cars. It was a large clear bag with a blue horse like creature sealed into a permanent expression of terror.

Settling back onto the gurney, John smiled. “Crazy fucking dream…” And sleep took him once more.


This is what happens when I find out a writing contest ends in two hours