Cream's adventures: The bully (By: NekuChan)

Unfortunatly I don’t think so, this was a commissioned comic so neither the characters or the story itself belongs to me, therefore I can’t touch it because I don’t know myself how it ends :c


Bullies and their damn owner :grimacing::triumph: same idiots.

Man even like this Creamy still have her tantrum :laughing:

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I mean that was the point, fluffies crying are somehow really cute.


Yup that cute chripin when they dont get what they want.

As long as not a fat slob and cries like crazy :joy:


Anymore of Cream’s adventures?

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I doubt, Ain’t being contacted by the owner of Cream, he was VERY perfectionist with his commissions… so I’m afraid to do anything with his story or characters…

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this is essentially the fandom

“aww pwetty babbeh hav biggest happies!
nu wan mou happi babbeh”


I agree the Pink Skinned No Fluffy must die

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I was going to say bully the bullies, but remembered Cream may or immature not be a meanie who pushed her sibling to get an extra special treat, so fuck them all.

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Destroy the child.

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LMAO indeed!

No time to give that kid a sex ed on fluffys

He will become one of the very best, among the strong & brave!

Whoever this commissioner is, he/she has awesome taste in fluffy art. They’ve been my absolute favorites from you. Your art style fits so perfectly for it also.

Aww thank you ;w; <3 Sadly never heard word of the commissioner again, just hope he/she is safe <.<U

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… kid you no know what you are doing you just have fuck up