Cruel Reality 6: Intentional Cruelty (By: GreaverBlade)



@Tia’s gonna be mad at me.


That crunch was her recentIy heaIed psyche fracturing again.

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Getting drunk and pelting fluffies with the bottles is a whole ass vibe.


Welp, another babbeh downed.

Look on the bright side, mummah. There might still be beer in that bottle you can use to drown your sorrows.

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See, this is why drinking beer is bad.

With liquor, you can get fucked up too fast to waste time littering!


Hell yeah.

But nobody downs hard liquor fast enough to multi-bottle pelt a fluffy. If they do… jesus, we should hang out.


All I can think is that song from Queen “another bites the dust”
I know a little on the nose but I’m weird like that

Add another to the dead babbeh count fellas, we got one more to go!

Maybe some divine intervention will occur and it’ll be spared from a needless death

Life just hates Fluffies.

But it hates this one most of all

Beastly behaviour towards the mummah, but still, fine throw with that last bottle.


Why is her “milkie placie” injured? The obvious culprit is the broken bottle, as the wound looks like a cut, but in panel 3 they’re not injured.

Did she fall and injure herself?

I wasn’t sure how to portray it, but when the bottle hits her, she skids forward.

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Maybe more like a bruise (brown/purple blob) than a cut (red lines).

Might change it. The idea is that she skids and scrapes up her teats.

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Haha and the pain train never stops.

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Ain’t got no breaks

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