Cruel Reality 8: Cruel Realizations (By: GreaverBlade)



I wondered if the ‘roof’ would collapse on her.


I had to revise the art several times to make sure it looked stable enough that it wasn’t going to just fall and crush them.


woot the yellow baby still alive with no damage ?

Definitely not no damage. But still alive. His back legs aren’t working so great. Same with his bowel control. But he’s got two things going for him. His mummah and her love for him, even though he’s broken.


So are there any long lasting effects for orange babbeh? And it sounds like mummah used to be a pet. Probably ran off to get knocked up

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Four parts left! We’ll find out soon.


You can’t go home again.

And considering your situation, I definitely wouldn’t

Oh she’s a runaway? Ramp up the abuse please

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Three. No more dancie or `splowing babbeh. Sad, for him, but good for his survival.

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I’m in the same spot mummah, life is hard hu huu…

Awww I feel so bad for her, she looks so cute when she sits
Even though I’m an abuseboxer, I almost want her to get a daddeh

Well shit happens.