Cry Wolf Ch. 6 Part 3 [END] [By BFM101]


Jacob heard the telltale cry over the baby monitor he’d set up between the basement and his room, and was instantly on his feet, he was ready for this.

He marched downstairs, finding Alex struggling against her belt-straps as she was stuck between freeing herself and trying to push out her foals. She yelped when she saw Jacob approaching her.

“NU! Gu way, meanie mistah, wan take Awex babbehs.”

Jacob promptly slapped the self-righteous little cunt in the face. “You’re damn right I want to take them, I want to save them from YOU. Beside you don’t even want them, they’re ‘dummy poopie babies’, remember?”

“Hmmph, dummeh mistah wan dem, dat enuff fow Awex tu nu gib dem.”

“Yeah, too bad you don’t get a fucking choice.”

Jacob ignored Alex’s cries and screams and knelt down behind her, he placed a towel down and pushed away her fluff and her tail to get a better view of everything.

“NU WOOK AT SPECIAW-PWACE, DAT NY FOW HOOMINS!” Alex screeched, likely her internal programming working overdrive.

“Trust me, I don’t want to be looking at it, but I’m making sure you don’t try anything.”

Jacob didn’t know what Alex could do with no legs and with him supervising her, but he knew she was dumb enough to try.

With the grey mare fighting to keep the poor infant inside her as long as possible, eventually the first foal started to push its way out of its reluctant mother, Jacob saw a tiny little mouth appear first, followed shortly by an adorable, if slightly gunked up, blind face, then its outstretched legs, by the time the shoulders popped out the whole foal slid completely out, landing softly onto the towel, Jacob took a wet wipe that he’d warmed up by holding under his armpit and gently started wiping away the fluids and afterbirth.


The foal frantically peeped for help, its internal processing not recognising this touch as its mother’s tongue, but Jacob lovingly stroked the baby’s face and eventually he calmed down, gingerly taking Jacob’s fingers in the hopes of finding milk.

“Later little one, your brothers and sisters have to come first.”

HNNNNNGGGGHHHH!” Alex strained as she felt another foal trying to slip out of her. “Ugwy babbeh nu git miwkies, onwy git sowwy-hoofies and foweba sweep…”

Jacob smacked her in the back of the head. “You don’t have any hoofs you fucking dumbass, now shut up or I’ll take your tongue off next.”

Alex grumbled but at least was self-aware enough to stay mostly silent, save for the grunts of exertion from pushing her foals out. The second foal came out much the same as the first, landing just beside its sibling, Jacob repeated the wet-wipe trick, the poor thing chirped in a blind panic again but found comfort much sooner thanks to its sibling instinctively reaching over to give huggies.

Angel give birth to a litter of five before she finally released the afterbirth, she was so exhausted from the whole ordeal she didn’t even notice she could freely roll about now. Groggily she felt herself being lifted up, she smiled expecting a comforting hug from her daddeh.

Instead she was roughly placed upright on the table, one of Jacob’s hands held her in place while the other was clasped over her mouth.

“This is it Alex, just one feeding and then I’m done with you. I will not have you insult or berate or o any harm to those foals, physically or emotionally, you have one task to do as their mother and then you’ll never have to see them again.”

Alex’s muffled cried sent shockwaves through Jacob’s hand, he held her tighter as he felt the bitch-mare fight and shake, trying to save her body from the monstrous infants approaching her. She stared down at them, she had three fillies and two colts, most of as ugly as their father, shades of brown, ranging from dull wood to complete shit covered most of them, one of the colts had her grey fluff but his mane was the colour of wet poopies, an insult to her beauty.

Thankfully Alex didn’t see any monster foals in her litter, but she still wanted nothing to do with them, even stuck where she was she made things difficult for the foals as they tried to latch on, micro-movements prevented them from getting a good feed from her teats, Alex ignored Jacob’s tightening grip on her, determined to watched this ugly babies starve to death until…

She saw her.

One of the fillies inched closer to join her siblings, unlike the others, this filly was pure white, a recessive gene in Alex’s DNA, and upon seeing her, Alex felt everything change. The filly was the most beautiful babbeh Alex had ever seen, and it was hers, her wonderful, brilliant, beautiful babbeh… and Alex couldn’t be her mummah.

She had no legs to hug her, to run and play with her, no way to feed her and watch her grow big and strong with the help of her meanie daddeh who didn’t love her, no way to save her from her poopy brothers and sisters who were daring to touch her perfect white Fluff.

Alex sobbed as she watched her bestesh babbeh blindly feed from her teat, thinking of all the things she could never do with her now. For the first time in her life, Alex felt an ugly feeling in the put of her stomach and it refused to leave her.

Had she known what the word meant, she would know she was feeling regret.


Daniels cried out into the hallway as Kathy took him inside, the door intentionally left open. Daniels looked around the empty space, frightened that this was all a trick, that his daddy was no longer there.

But Kathy took him through to the living room as she had discussed with Jacob earlier, and found him sitting on the floor, watching over five sleeping foals in front of a warm lamp and coddled by cotton blankets.

Daniels looked down at the foals, seeing their brown and grey Fluffs he instantly clicked what they were and felt tears welling in his eyes at the sight of them.

“Awe dey… awe dey Daniew’s babbehs?”

“They are Daniel.”

“Am… Am Awex hewe tuu?” He asked, shivering more than a little with fear.

“No, she’s not here and she can’t hurt you. You want to come say hello?”

Kathy placed Daniels on the floor, carefully the young stallion approached the resting foals, he openly wept at the sight of them, softly nuzzling them with his nose.

“Daneiws hab biggesh heawt-happies tu be daddeh, wub aww babbehs, gib aww da huggies an wub Daniews can gib an den eben mowe. Daddeh wub babbehs, babbehs wub daddeh.”

One of the colts, the grey one, sleeping raised a hoof out towards the soft singing voice, he lightly tapped Daniels on the snout, causing the brown stallion to chuckle.

“Dat wight babbeh, am daddeh. Daddeh hewp babbeh gwow big an stwong.”

“No you won’t.”

Daniels felt something break inside his chest as he looked up at Jacob, not liking the cold look his daddeh was giving him.

“Wha… wha daddeh mean?”

“I mean you’re not going to see these foals grow up. They can stay here until they’re old enough to eat solid foods, and don’t worry, I’ll help you feed them until then, but after that, they’ll go to other families, every single one of them. This is your punishment Daniels, I told you not to have special-huggies with Alex and you disobeyed me, for that your punishment is to see your children, but know that you’ll never watch them grow up into big Fluffies. Do you understand why I’m doing this Daniels?”

Daniels sniffed back tears and solemnly nodded. “Yeh daddeh, huu, Daniels undastan.”

“Good, now rest up with the foals, I’ll wake you all when it’s dinnertime.”

Daniels silently nodded again before curling up beside his children, he gently licked the closest ones on their head and closed his eyes, falling to sleep quicker than he expected.

Jacob and Kathy moved back into the hallway, Jacob let out a deep breath and almost collapsed against the wall.

“I don’t know how you cna do this bad guy shtick, it’s exhausting.”

Kathy chuckled. “You get used to it, though I suspect you don’t want that.”

Jacob shook his head. “No, I’ll be happy once it’s just me and Daniels again and we can put all of this behind us.”

“It might take a while, especially once the last foals gone, he might ask you if you can visit them or if they can come back for a little while, just stay firm and it’ll pass. You’ve done good Jacob, it’s been a learning experience for you and Daniels but I think both of you will be alright.”

“Really? Cause I don’t feel alright. Right after the foals were born I made Alex feed them, and she naturally fought and argued, but then she saw one of the fillies, the white one, and she just instantly softened up. I think it finally hit her that out of all those ‘poopie babbehs’ she was expecting, there was one she could love and now she wouldn’t be able to. And it made me stop and think; ‘Am I really depriving a child of a loving mother, can Alex really be capable of love or am I mistaking programming for genuine emotions? I still don’t know if I made the right choice.”

“You did, trust me. You’re right, Alex would’ve genuinely loved that white filly, but her love would be toxic, that filly would’ve immediately gotten the bestesh babbeh treatment and you would’ve had another Alex on your hands. With Daniels, she’ll never get the chance to be poisoned like that, all she’ll feel is love.”

“Maybe, I still feel like shit.”

“Good, means you’re human, feeling shitty is better than feeling nothing.”

Jacob laughed, Kathy did have a point there.

“Y’know…” Kathy spoke softly, her eyes darting to the open living room door. “…If you don’t have any plans for that white filly, I might be able to take her off your hands.”

“Are you actually trying to make a business sale right now?”

“I’m just taking advantage of an opportunity Jacob, monochrome Fluff is rare, white even more so, I can promise her a good life and plenty of foals to keep her happy, I’ll even pay you for her.”

“Don’t bother, I took them all to get spayed and neutered before I called you.”

Kathy felt a genuine shock shoot through her. “That’s… ok that’s actually pretty responsible, but can I ask why?”

“I’m not letting Alex’s genes go any further, Daniels can have his own family once we’re both ready, but Alex does not get a lineage, whatever fucked up sickness is in her bloodstream stops here.”

“Jeez, she really fucked you up didn’t she?”

“I still don’t know what to think of her Kathy, even my occasional pity for her is blinded by anger. I figured this small thing would be enough to tide me over and keep me from throwing her against the fucking wall.”

“Where is she, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Jacob motioned towards the front door. “In the car, if you don’t mind watching Daniels for a moment while I…”

Kathy held up her hand to stop him. “Say no more, I understand.”

“Thank you, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with her, but I think a drive might help clear my head”

After a quick rundown of where all of Daniels necessities were kept and a blanket permission to raid the fridge, Jacob left Kathy in charge as he went to the car to deal with Alex.

He didn’t want to admit it, but he already had a destination in mind for her.

The drive was silent, except for the occasional whine from Alex as she was shook about in the carrier box.

“Huu, miss bestesh babbeh.”

Jacob tried to ignore her, tried to ignore the complete disregard for her other children, but that hate festered in him as he turned toward the forest.

“Pwease Mistah Nu-Daddeh, wet Awex hab pwetty bestesh babbeh, poopie Daniews can hab aww udda poopie babbehs, Awex jus wan pwetty babbeh.”

Jacob stayed silent, afraid of opening his mouth and letting loose on the mare.

Eventually he came to a stop on an empty stretch of road, nothing by trees for miles on end with a slight slope leading down from his position. Jacob took Alex out of the carrier and carried her pillowed body outside, feeling the first cool winds of Autumn start to creep in, The grey mare trembled at the sight of the trees, scared that after everything she’d went through, she was about to end up back where she started.

“Alex. I’ve been trying to tell myself that I don’t know what to do with you, the truth is I know exactly what to do with you, I need to kill you, break your neck and be done with it. But I don’t know if I can cross that line, I don’t know if I can kill a living creature, even when they deserve it as much as you do. So I brought you here because here I can leave you to your own devices and whatever happens, I can disconnect myself enough to not blame my actions on what happens to you. Semantics I know, but after the last few weeks I’ll take anything to help me sleep better.”

“Nu cawe bout meanie mistah sweepies, wan sabe bestesh babbeh fwom dummeh poopie babbhes.”

Jacob took a deep breath before staring into Alex’s eyes. “Do you honestly still not understand what’s going on here?”

“Undastan wha?”

Jacob took a moment to fully process what Alex had said, before he tossed her into the forest and got back into his car, enjoying the silence of the ride home.

Twigs and branches whipped at Alex’s body as she flew through the treeline, the bald patches on her body where Kathy had torn out her Fluff got the worst cuts and bruises. Eventually the pillowed mare landed roughly onto a pile of wet leaves, feeling a couple of her ribs fracture and her organs bruise, but she was alive.

Once the pain and the rolling had subsided, she looked around, she was covered in filth and muck and surrounded by puddles and grime, even the basement she was held captive was comparable to this place. Alex hated it, hated that she was being treated like common muck, hated that these stupid humans couldn’t see her brilliant, hated that her bestesh…

Alex froze, her bestesh babbeh was still trapped with the poopies, she had to find a way to get back and save her, she hadn’t even had the chance to tell the white filly she was the bestesh yet. Alex looked around, she couldn’t see any Fluffies about, but she knew there would be some around, all she would have to do is convince some dumb stallion that she was the bestesh Smarty, once she had one, she could find others, teaching them all to follow her rule, to help her find her bestesh babbeh and rescue her from the cruel humans.

Yes, Alex was ready, she would show them all , she would prove she was the bestesh mummah, she was the bestesh Smarty, she was…

She was sinking.

The wet mud that Alex had landed on was starting to give way, slowly pushing her rounded body towards the filthy puddle on the forest floor. Alex tried to get away, but without her legs her frantic movements only slid her closer and closer towards her watery demise.


The forest was filled with the sound of splashing and wailing, followed shortly by silence.


Ricky: “Wow, someone threw out a perfectly good pillowfluff. And in the middle of the woods! Littering is just the worst.”
Isaac: “Good thing we were hiking nearby, otherwise she’d have drowned.”
Ricky: “So what do you want to do with her?”
Isaac: "Want to shave her, cover her in tomato sauce, and feed her to the blind cannibal fluffies that live in the nearby caves? "
Ricky: “Or I could give her new legs and set her free.”
Alex: “Awex wan nyu weggies an be fwee!”
Ricky: I Don't Remember Asking You a Goddamn Thing - YouTube
Isaac: “So…?”
Ricky: “Meh, I don’t feel like doing surgery today. Hope you like being eaten alive while getting fucked to death, Alex!”

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Its so funny and frustrating to see this bitch still think she was entitled on anything, sheez!

And thinking to “save and tell” her bestesh babbeh wowww thats mind blowing shitrat!

Ending her deep and forgotten , Jacob didnt know he did end her own bloodline added Josep did his part on the side of her family too.

Rare to see a mare being a bad, bitch one and Alex was the worst even all she gotten she determined she was a smarty.


Daniels punishment is fair and Alex punishment is justified.

I swear She promised herself to kill all Daniels foals but She never thought that one of Daniels foals is prettier, Well it would be funny if she was forced to kill that one white foal to humiliate her further.


I’m so glad this saved, my own copy didn’t save properly and if I had to rewrite this story again I’d just call the whole thing cursed and not bother