Crying in pain by Mikahorsie

PufFluff Facts: When in distress or hurt, a PufFluff would roll itself into it’s “Ball Form” and shield away it’s face and bottom side away from the source of distress. the PUFFLUFFS would try to muffle any sound by putting their muzzle into it’s thick Fluffy and would essentially Ignore any stimuli aside from pain.

If the PufFluff is hurt during the Ball mode, it would release a Pungent and Noxious Fart to ward off anyone nearby.


Its so pathetic. I love it.


Farting during punishment is a good way to acquire more punishment


You mean death


Skunk/armadillo defense behavior


did your “hugpal” hurt you? because i can still hurt him!

Time to throw it in a toilet. Or into traffic. Or at hungry animals.

Omgggg….I want to throw it like a baseball. The cute aggression is unreal :sob:


Looks like a fuzzy golf ball… FOOORE!!!


Fluffpuff Dodge ball.

And after seeing this behaviour i imagine a failed early prototyp series that had hard overlapping scales like a pangolin instead of soft fluff.

(attaches flyswatter to power drill.) Lets test the limits of that fart reflex.

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Can someone draw these little cunts in ski-ball?

Im curious how people are trained to assist them with mating and what the process is. That is something id like drawn and maybe even funnier, micro smarties and toughies attempting to harm puffs but get too exhausted and fail cuz of how chunky and puffy they are.

PufFluffs Mating is usually assisted by

  1. Grooming both stallion and Mare PufFluffs. Special Gel is applied to the Mare’s Lower half to slow down Fluffy growth.

  2. The Crying Mare is put down on their backs to prevent it from going Ball mode. The Crying Stallion is then coaxed (Via a micro dose of fluffy Viagra) to mate by placing said Stallion on top of the Mare. ( Missionary style essentially)

  3. Staff will requires to balance the Stallion and occasionally flick on its backside for motivation. Once done, the mare is placed rightside up again and fed with sedative laced micro fluffy treat.

After the whole mating, the PufFluff Mare would require a weekly check up and reapplication of the Fluff Growth Retardation Gel on its lower half. (specifically on its pelvic and back area)

The main reason why is due to the average PufFluff fluff can be so thick that the Babbeh can and will get tangled and stuck if you left a pregnant dam with it’s regular Fluffy Poofines and grooming a Soon Mummah PufFluff can result to too much stress and a miscarriage…


That sounds like a good premise for a puffluff comic imo like a info tutorial vid for owners or trainees ngl XD

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I want to smush it

well i’ve got an electric shaver

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Aw, poor thing. I like that it has a comfort system that is specific to its breed. That is really cool. I wonder how sought after would Puff-Fluffs be on the pet market…

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The only problem I see with the fart defense is the fact that if it’s tail is tucked in like that then its essentially directing the fart into its own face.

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