Crypto-Ready by Chikahiro (Inspired by Gardel)

Literally not possible without @Gardel’s story Headaches. So, this is FOR Gardel.

No hex version:



I love this style!

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That style you did has horror vibe and shock.

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Excellent, even more horrible than I imagined it

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Thank you. You gave a good description, so I added ideas from other places as well (can’t recall the authors names ATM). The idea of a mounted/rack mounted fluffy is nothing new and is coldly practical.

Truthfully, if you wanted to be absolutely horrible, you’d take the same idea and apply it to seniors who can’t afford to pay for nursing homes or retirement homes.

“If I I this you’ll take care of Maybell the rest of her life?”

“Depends on how much money you make us. Sign here to waive your rights to independent sentience, please.”

Nightmare fuel, anyway I pictured more wires coming out but that box plug its more similar to the ones on lab rats I seen

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extracting your NFTs

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Its a generic interface allowing for network cabling, mini DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, USBC, and a few others plus has wifi as backup. This fellow is ready to install in your network hence the lack of stuff wired to his noggin.

Optimized? Hardly. But that’s what you get for searching on Amazon and Wish for your “good enough” interface versus a real tech site. On the flip side, it’s versatile.

One of our work printers (16 feet long) used DisplayPort to communicate between the workstation controller and the actual print engine.