Crystal/Geode Fluffy adopts! [JaqlintheJester]

I’m going to give a try at Fluffy breeding lol With two of my original sub-species, crystal fluffies! (Also known as Geode Fluffies)

Let me know when you draw them!
Do not claim that you made the design!
I request that you don’t use them for abuse? But at the end of the day I’m not your mom haha

Unakite: 5$ CAD

  • “poopy” colors, sweet heart
  • Likes the outdoors and bugs
  • Larger then the average fluffy

Rainbow Moonstone: 8$ CAD

  • Fur has Holo effect
  • Fur is also super full?
  • Bit bratty, but means well

Can’t wait to hear from you all!


Put your name in the title


Uhh… hugboxer hopes they aren’t like real geodes where ya gotta crack them up open with a hammer … LoL ~ They’re pretty cute!

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Thanks for reminding me!