Da twogodwite by (sullieduser611)

A story that was inspred by @SpookyGoopy, his idea of hasbio devleoping new life to hunt ferals is a breath of fresh air, cause let’s be honest. New ideas open new kinds of ways to kill a fluffy.

[A colt’s point of view ]

It had been many forevers since daddeh been gone yet it only been a day but to you it felt longer, your sissies and buhbuhs miss him and mumah have been telling everything be all right. You had no doubt, for it was when the sky wawa fell and last night and the smelly den was safe aslong you and the rest of the group don’t slip into the smelly wawa. Unware that your family chose a sewer as a optimal home since it was warm during the early days of spring when winter and it’s cold grasp of death had it’s claws on the surface, but today felt differnt but you don’t know why?

Mummah looked at at you and spoke “com on babbehs wets go to da hub and get nummies, Daddeh be bwak soon wif shinies and nummies to twade wif oda fwuffies at da hub but dey migh haf yummy nummie dis bwite timise!” She said with a smile on her face as she layed flat and you and the others climbed on to her back fluff and waited for her to stand up before begning with a slow trot down the tunel from your nestie and going down pass the alcove that belong to a old smarty named ‘Barnabas’, who for a smarty was really nice.

" hewwo waisy how fings gowin wif chu?" Old Barnabas spoke this greyish blue fluffy and dull lazy eye looked at you and and your family and smiled a gummy toothless grin, “scawy!!” Chirped one of your siblings before being hushed by your mummah " sssh babbeh it jus ol bawnabas." She said with a joyful tune. " hewwo bawny, me and babbehs gofin to da hub for gummy nummies!" She said happily.

Barnabas smiled and nod his head as if he knew what they tasted like, oh how he missed the days of being young and having teeth. Now these days he nums mushie food the others at the hub make from grassies and flowwers dat others trade for he is old fluffy. And most fluffies don’t get old from what the grownups say what ever that means. A slight noise in the distance, it was a warble-ling sound like a ‘tekilie-lee’. It was your tiny brain could not fathom, for the instinct to be aware of danger has not developed yet. But for some reason the the others didnt hear it.

But soon you drew your attention back seeing your wingie brudah and munstah sisssie and your poopy bruddah even tho mummah loves him da most all cooing happily as she kept moving along the the path as the lights guide the way with their florecnt hues of yellow and orange, till you heard it again that noise, ‘Tikillie-lee’. But your mumah didn’t hear it, why did she not hear the noise, what is making that noise? From what stories you heard from a group of micros that passed through a week ago use to be part of a nest that was attacked by a jumpy munstah, they called it a “twog twog” it sounded silly but you never seen a micro before but then again they too looked silly.

Soon a bright light shown ahead as you and the rest of the family looked in awe well except your mumah she just hummed the “mummah song” as the hub had two toughies at the entrence named, flat snout and bigs . They go their names due too one being tan brown with a curly tail. And a flat snout deformity, and the other a slate grey who was more muscle then fat with the broad chest who gave him a intimidating stance.

They eyed you and the rest of your family as, your mummah walked on by still humming her tune. One of theme smirked at you, making you laugh slightly as mummah made it into the market area, so many new fluffies were there selling and tradding goods they found above ground, some had shinie stones, some had bits of nestie materials, some had dry nummies and others had toysies!!

But as you finally made it to the stand that had the gummie nummies the cheering and laughter of the hub was silnced when a scream that gave out louder then anyone could make was heard. It came back from the entrance you came for it was old barnabus who made it. “SCRRRREEEEEEEEE!!!” as the sound came form the dark tunnel. As the patting of hoofs and splashing of wawas as another sound was heard “tekilie-lee!!!” It was the sound earlier you had, heard but now everyone could as well.

As Barnabas ran into flat snout and bigs at the entrence they refused to let him pass with out knowing what terror was comming their way but, with slight pitty they escort him to the center, the old earthtie was missing an eye and and also his left ear, and the sides of his right flank were torn open. " Huwties so wany huwrties!!" He cryed.

But before any one could react you saw it, a greyish long claw with skinny like claws moved silently behind the trio as it wormed along the ground, fwuff how it streached across the ground. Before you or anyone yelled look out, it had old barnabus by the hind leg and soon dragged him back. Again to old earthie screamed in painas he grabed on to bigs back leggies, for dear life.

Bigs leg was about to go taught if he did not kick the old earthie off his back leg, he too would lose his footing and get pulled into the darnkess where the grey witherd arm came from. He sneered as he shouted " Wet go of weggie bwarny wet weggie go NAO!!!" As bigs pulled forward shacking his leg trying to get out of the grip, shouting. " PWEAS BWIGS SABE BWARNYBUS, PWEASE !!!" He cried out, once more.

Till he felt a sharp push against his rear for one of the diggits had pressed and squirmed into his unsuspecting anus in a hook like motion he felt it’s rupture as he groaned in pain, as two other fingers had wrapped wround his no no stick and wumps in a twist like motion and began to yank.
The old earthtie cried out from the pain and soon let go of bigs’s leggie and was pulled backwards into the dark tunnel before he could scream again. All could be heard were his begging before a sharp wail of pain “SCREEEAAAAUUUGH!!!” And then splashing and slurping noise came from the dark tunnel.

Till you heard the worbboling again “Tikillie-lee…”.
Then there was nothing but silnce the rest of the hub stood there in silnce since that was the only way in and out for the grown ups. And they soon started to panic “Wat da Fwuff!!” Shouted one, soon another “Munstah am weal!!.” and another spoke up " dem dummeh micwos am wigth!"
Soon a blue mare shouted " Dis waisy fawult she hab munstah babbeh she neba kwill it noa munstah am here for munstah babbeh!!" The entire group looked at your mummah and sissy now with eyes of hate and malice.

“Shaddup.” Your mummah said to the blue mare.
“Aww babbehs am good babbehs!” She torted back as she stamped her hoof down, standing between you and your siblings and the rest of the grown ups. As they glared at each other the sound came again… " Tikillie-lee" as everyone turns and faced the entrance once more they quvired. As a flat face peered from the whole it looked like hoomin but same time shared face of a barkie munstah and had hiss munstah see places.

Every single fluffy there pushed back and made bad poopie as they shoved each other against the walls some of the chirpies of another family were stompped to death in the panic, luckily your mummah had fixed her self in a postion where you and the other wouldn’t get crushed. As she breath heavily due to the weight on her back.
She soon saw a chance for escape for you and the others it was a micro fwuffy gate, usually she warned u never go into em cause micros were never to be trusted.

But now wasn’t the time she knew if her babbehs were to live she would have to let them go since she heard flat snout screaming " NUUU NO HURT FWUFFY , MUNSTAH TAKE BIGS NU ME !!!" As she turned around to see what was happening she saw it the upper half was now inside the hub it’s greysish upper half was hoomin like but had the skin snappy back wawa munstah. She heard her babies chirps of fear. And looked back down saw some suckled on teets knowing they eat nummies now she knew this be the last time they will have milkies.

“Babbehs neef to wun nao go in micwo tunnel and find daddeh, mummah wuv chu all so muchies, wembwer mummah foweva okaies.” She said as she shoved ur bruddah away and saw as splash of crimson landed on the ground around her, as she knew that was flat snout who probably was torn open. As your sibblings ran past you into the tunnel you saw more of the red wawa pool around her leggies and the screams of bigs being heard in the back ground you wanted to give her a huggie but she pushed you away.

The sadness you saw in her eyes was enough to say it all this was the last time you will ever see your mummah again. Aa you backed away into the tunnel you waved goodbye as she smiled back, you saw next.

Left you disgusted with everything you belived in the joy in the world died with you on this day, for her head was punctured from behind with the sharp fingers of the the munstah. And what you saw were her eyes looking at you as she gurgled out in pain, one last scream “WUUUUNNAAGH!!” As it dragged her back to its enclosing jaws. And so you fled deep into the tunnels as in th distance you heard it’s unnatural call. “Tikillie-lee…”

[Exterminators pov]

" i gotta say jim dat troglodyte you bought with our last payout from the Ronald Regan library really payed off, ay first i did not like the idea using the damn thing cause ya know it being a hasbio product but. I got say mister brown Jenkins. Is a great add on to the team especially now with these tight spaces." Said the old man with salt and pepper flaked hair.

" yeah no problem Bob, yeah i was hesitant at first due to how fucking ugly it was, but same time i gotta say the price for like five hundred bucks was worth the investment i mean the way it killed those foals in the display case made it worth every penny. And since these lil feral fucks have been causing probablems in the sewage system here in ricky rat land, i figgured let’s him test it out." A young irish boy with hair like fire and skin pale as snow spoke as he put the remains of Barnabas in a containment bag.

" now let’s call it back we killed enough adult fluffies to make the system run for the next two months let’s get mister jenkins and go have lunch." Said bob as he skooped the remaing parts of daisy into bag. And soon hauled it off

“Sure thing bob, mister jenkins let’s go boy!!” Jim shouted as the hybrid creature clambered out of man size pipe covered in blood and exciment.
“Oh damn do tou stink boy, but oh well all part of our job!” Jim said as jenkins climbed up the mans hazmat suit and onto his shoulders. As they called it a day.

[ this maybe a one shot i might make a continuous story but don’t know yet. Shout out to @SpookyGoopy for the wonderful creatures he has come up with i might hopefully pay arist to take a commsion for his creatures when i make some over time this april.]


Some constructive criticism: Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation all need serious improvement. Try using this to check your work before you post, it’s free. https://hemingwayapp.com/


Thanks just i have not typed in a month and sadly i get sloppy when i come back especially since it’s from the pov of a fluffy.

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Dude, this was freaking awesome!

I would love to see more stories involving the predators fucking up Fluffies from you!


I will try when the practice on my grammer is fixed tbh kinda haed due to my high fuction aspergers. But can’t wait to do the false mare.

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