Daddeh Said No Babbehs (Federalchemical1728)


one thing i hate most about fluffies is their obsession with making & having babies. especially babies that they dont even care about once theyre born & things inevitably get tough. babies that eventually get neglected & abused & abandoned like me. you dont want babies you stupid bitch, babies are WORK. babies are RESPONSIBILITIES that you are INCAPABLE of fulfilling. christ, i am projecting hard rn

i find myself equally disgusted by stallions who nut & run (or worse: rape & run) AND mares who run away to get knocked up. especially if they return home assuming their owner will be happy & lavish love and attention on them for their blatant disobedience. it’s not even the disobedience that makes me angry, it’s the infuriating shortsighted selfishness.

but even a happy, loving fluffy family doesn’t make me happy either. it just makes me jealous of the foals who will grow up safe & fulfilled & unconditionally loved. im cranky & angry & bitter & not having a good time in my own brain

pregnancy squicks me out & my own familial trauma with my mother means im sterilizing myself as soon as humanly possible. this awful bloodline of awful people dies with me.

((frankly im just in a bad mood. drawing is so fucking hard & everything is pissing me off. i wish things were different. i want weed, but i don’t want to have to reset my timer towards ADHD medication))


I believe in you man, you can do this!


Oh come on fluffy you made a mess , all over the floor


Bruh, same. Ace’s rental fluffies made me sob like a big weiner bitch bsby. Shit is hard today; it’s in the air.


The withdrawals / absence are definitely rough (been there for the last six weeks myself :confused: ), but I think those of us who know a little of what you’ve been going through are really glad to hear you’re working hard to get yourself to a better place mentally ~

Vent all you want, let us know if you need help, we’ll be around ~


Can totally relate. People suck and I think its important to vent all the negative emotion instead of bottleing that shit up.
Being ADHDler myself(unmedicated) it most of the time feels like I (and other neurodivergent people) are not made for this fucking world.
However I like your art! Great artstyle.


In the context of fluffies and animals, I’m more disgusted by humans who don’t neuter. You’re supposed to be the responsible party and you KNOW fluffies are programmed to fuck and incapable of understanding consequences, do your damn pet-parent job.


Needs to be put in a story where a human tells their fluffy this lol




I have a shitty history with my own mom. It makes me kinda happy that I’m childless because I won’t be part of the generational trauma anymore. Love your art as always


YES!! YES!! You’ve taken everything that I feel about fluffies and laid it out very plainly. I love stories with runaways for this exact reason, I love seeing someone so shortsighted walk into hell.

I also decided not to pass on my misery, but we won’t be miserable forever because we try every day.


This touches on a reason I find fluffy content compelling. It IS projection in a sense. They’re satirising a whole lot of evil human behaviour.

On a related note, someone here once told me that I was projecting, and must hate my own parents, when I compared bad mummah syndrome to real-world abusive parents. Nope, my mother isn’t a narcissist, but I DO know what the classic golden-child/scapegoat narcissist pattern is, and it’s a dead ringer for bestest/poopie babbehs.

And that kind of satire is my fucking jam. Somehow it’s even better than reading realistic human dramas, which are just too damn real to be fun.

Anyway, this ramble got away from me, but OP, hang in there. Sometimes making sure the cycle ends with you is the most someone can do, and it’s damn respectable. Just remember you’re not tainted forever; it sounds like you’ve had painful lessons in how NOT to treat others, and you’ll make that bitter past serve you as you gather your real (found) family in life.


I’ve mentioned before that actual poopie babbeh syndrome isn’t uncommon with the browner-looking kids in mixed-race families. You’d think people who were racist wouldn’t fuck brown people to produce brown kids in the first place, but alas, humanity is more complicated than that. At least actually making the human kids in question consume poop is rare, as far as I know.


Crappy family members suck, nobody deserves to have to deal with them. Wouldn’t wish that sort of bullshit on my worst enemy.
Hope you someday experience having a happy, loving family if that’s something you want. (If that’s not something you want, that’s ok too!)
That being said, while it may not be okay right now, it will get better. Someday you’re going to feel loved and cared for in some way. Whether that’s through good friends, someone you see as family or something else.
Keep going. It’s going to be okay.


Loved the rant about fluffiest, can agree, good luck with your personal problems tho, hope things get better :slight_smile:

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