Daddeh su Happy (by Newb_ronswek)

You are a baby fluffy. You haven’t opened your see places yet, as they’re too sticky, but you can still smell and hear your family around you. You smell your brother and sister and hear their chirps nearby. Why aren’t they in a fluffpile with you? Little babies should be together! You smell your fluffy daddy nearby as always, and hear him say, “Specha fwend gon gib Chawwotte an’ Fwedwick miwkies? Maybeh gib Hawifax miwkies tu dis tiem?” the voice that daddy tells you is your mumma replies, “Sowwy specha fwend, mummah nu am weady tu gib mu- Hawifax miwkies, stiww tu scawed…” you don’t understand. If that mare really is your mumma, why isn’t she the one who gives you milkies?

You feel daddy lift you up, and place you gently on his back, “Otay Hawifax wet’s git 'ou sum miwkies.” you crawl around in daddy’s fluff, chirping happily. At this point you’re pretty sure Halifax is your name. You wish you could say that you love your new name, but you can’t talk yet. You’re not sure why.

After a short forever, daddy takes you off his back and puts you on the milkie place of the bad mare, and you suckle. Daddy told you once that the bad mare made his mumma and daddy go forever sleepies, so ranch mumma took her leggies and made her give milkies to any babies that needed them. You can tell that the bad mare doesn’t like you, she growls and shakes whenever you nurse.

Once you’re full, you push yourself off the milkie place and peep a few times to let daddy know you’re done. He puts you back on his back, and after another short forever, he sets you into a fluffpile with your brother and sister. “Daddeh wub babbehs…” you hear daddy yawn. You feel sleepy too, so you curl up and drift off.

When you wake up, your brother and sister aren’t in the fluffpile with you and daddy. You hear them chirping nearby, so you try to crawl to them. “Siwwy Hawifax, nu wun away fwom daddeh.” daddy says as he picks you up in his hooves. Then you notice something… your see places don’t feel as sticky as they did before. In fact they feel a bit… loose. So you try to open them.

At first it’s too bright for you to make anything out, but then the light dies down and you see a blue stallion with a purple mane. “Hawifax open see pwaces!” between the voice and the smell you can realize that the stallion you are seeing is daddy. You open your mouth to let out a series of happy chirps, but instead out comes, “Daddeh!” You talked! You try to say another word, “Wub!” you chirp and peep a little between words, but you still said them! Daddy gasps, and says, “Hawifax am tawkie babbeh naow! Daddeh su happy!”


Good Fluffy Fathers was not content I realized I creaved but damn do I now. Good work!