Daisy's herd part 3 (Vee_and_mochi)

Today was weird. Daisy woke up to her alarm after pressing snooze twice. She checked on henry and he was still alseep. She ran out of henrys favorite fruit even though she just went to the store. She even burnt her own breakfast. Today was going to be a bad day, she could feel it in her gut. Luckily though, her foals were still asleep so she could look over the herd first.

Roly poly was now immobile, just as daisy thought would happen. Although it looks as if none of the males claim her as a special freind, thats weird. She gave all the fluffies breakfast and made sure that no one ate roly polys due to her not being able to move. What she didnt realize is her door was left open and david snuck inside her house, and her safe room.

“Alright fluffies. I will allow you guys into the yard when i get back. Dont break and rules or you will be punished.”

She went inside and grabbed a bottle of the cannibal fluffy formula, when she heard it.


Daisy got to the safe room to see poppy with a hurt leg behind jasper and david. Jasper was hitting and biting david in an attempt to stop him.

“What the fuck is going on here!”

Daisy grabbed poppy to check her leg while david complained about “bad wowdies” and Jasper explained what happened from his point of view. Luckily because david is weak poppy only had a light bruise. Jasper stayed in between david and daisy, trying to continue to protect his sister.

“Jasper come over here with your sister. Ill deal with david.”

Jasper looked up at her for a second then ran to do as daisy said, meanwhile daisy set poppy down and started to walk towards david. She grabbed him by his neck flab and carried him to her kitchen sink, dropping him into it unceremoniously. She went back into the safe room to finally get poppy her food and sent jasper outside to get some milk from Deedee. Daisy followed him while feeding poppy.

“Whewe bestesh babbeh dav-id?”

Almost robotic like daisy replied with "In a punishment. She instantly got backlash from karen.

“Bestesh babbeh dav-id nu do anythig bad! Onwy widdwe babbeh and nu need pun-is-ment! Wet bestesh babbeh dav-id gu and nu twy tu pun-is bestesh babbeh dav-id evew!”

‘Fuck. No.’ Daisy grabbed Karen and took her into the house…and placed her in the sink beside David. Remembering Karen had to other foals to feed, Daisy realized she couldn’t kill her. At least not yet. Maybe make her into a milk bag? No, that could scare the foals. Cloudy qnd lilac dont cause problems so best not to give them a reason to. Daisy decided to leave them both in a dark room with a radio playing noises that could sound creepy. She decided to leave them in there until it time to geed the foals again. For now she needs to work on making a farm and building that playset she started yesterday. She’ll come back inside around 1 pm