Daisy's herd part 5 (Vee_and_mochi)

Daisy already knew what to do. Hell she knew the second she named him. She was going to make him eat the fluffies shit untill she figured out if fluffy shit was a good compost for plants. If it is a good compose then she will make him move all the shit to the compose pile. But she needs to get her fields planted and protected. She decided to tell him is role later, for now she wants to build a fluffy proof wall for her crops. She grabbed the materials and got to work.

Poppy’s pov

You “wake up”

Its still dark, but its okay because brother Jasper talks to you a lot! He talks about nice lady and how she takes good care of you and him. This bright time he is talking about other foals. A filly like you named lilac, and a colt like him named Cloudy. Whos touching me?

“Hewwo poppeh! Am wiwac! Wan be fwiends?”

This is lilac? She seems nice but i cant talk yet.


Well worth a shot. Theres footsteps now. Sounds like brother! Maybe he came to cuddle again?

“Wiwac! Jaspew towd ou tu wet sissie sweep! Wai wake poppeh.”


“Wiwac nu wake ou sisse?”

"Chirp chirp!

“Oh…otay den! Wan cuddwes?”

“Peep chirp!”

Your glad jasper always understands you. Now you can feel him cuddling you and giving you huggies! Japser is the bestest brother ever! Although you do kind of wonder what happened to mummah. Milkies taste different, yummyer but different. And you dont hear her anymore. You qlso dont hear smarty daddeh. Hes a meanie and tried to make you eat poopies! Luckly bestest brother Jasper made him stop. You hear jasper qnd lilac talking.

“How ou un-dew-stand poppeh? Poppeh nu tawkies!”

“Jaspew withh sissie poppeh aww da bwight times and dawkie times! Su jaspew nu wat poppeh sayies.”

“Dat makes sense”

Thats the last thing you hear because you fell asleep on jasper.

jaspers pov

Poppy fell asleep, i think im trapped. Oh well, i love my little sissy! She is perfect in every way. She should be a walkie talkie baby soon! Then we can play with blockies qnd all the toyies that nice lady got us! Lilac is very friendly but she doesnt know to leave poppy alone when she is sleeping. I know sissy is adorable but she is still a chirpy yet! Cloudy doesnt bother poppy but he clearly doesn’t like poppy. He hasnt tried to hurt her though. Im going to take a nap with poppy, might qs well if i cant play. Plus she looks so comfy!

5 pm

No pov

Daisy finally finshed the fluffy proofed farm area. But now she had to check on her foals. When she got there she saw the newbies playing with each other as well as japser and poppy napping with each other. They all seem content right now so might as well tell shit eater his new role. She walked up behind him while he was stuffing his face, pulling him up roughly.


“Shut the fuck up asshole. You arent to eat the normal food anymore. You are going to eat all the ‘poopies’ that your herd makes until I say you can eat normal food again.”

“Huu-huu, bad wordies. Nu wan eat poopies. Hab poopie fwuffy tu du dat. Am smawty! Wan sketties. Dummeh wady ned tu be bettew tu smawty.”

She didnt want to deql with this so she threw him into the pile of shit and started to address the other fluffies.

“Listen up. Your " smarty” is named shit eater. He will be eating your “poopies” until i say he can stop. You guys will make sure he doesn’t eat anything else and you guys are NOT to give him “lickly cleanies” understand?"

All the other fluffies nodded hesitantly. Fearing the smarty, but more fearful of the deadly tone in Daisy’s voice. She went inside to order security cameras and to research weither or not fluffy droppinga are a good compost. The security cameras would be at her house Saturday, and she found that feral fluffy droppings are like chicken droppings. But if she started feeding her herd a certain diet she can apply it raw sense fluffy droppings are pretty nutritional. It would take a few weeks to make sure the newly found compost is 100% sqfe for plants. She would start feeding the new diet tomorrow and would give the fluffies two months before using the droppings as compost. She qlso realized her herd is kind of small, she was going to get new fluffies for her herd. She researched nurse mares and places with fluffy herds before making dinner, feeding her foals, feeding Henry, and feeding the herd. After dinner she went to bed.


You should probably delegged the Smarty to prevent him from killing off the foals. Either that or if you are a hugboxer, binding his legs with cloth wrapped to wrap around his body… Have the clothbinding in the color similar to his fluff to fool the Smarty into thinking it’s Pillowed