Daisy's tale! -Interlude- (A littlepog series)



Tip-Tap! Tippy-Tappy!

“Wut’ am noisy-”


Thunder echoed overhead like a bomb, shaking people and fluffies alike. Rain seemed to fall by the gallon, raindrops the size of nickels. With the 3rd week of the stormy season hitting the Ruten Coast in full force, with no sign of stopping, the coastal nations’ inhabitants bunkered deeper into their homes than ever before. With no one walking the streets for anything but life or death emergencies, the local fluffly population began a small bloom.

It started small. Isolated patches out in the more underpopulated wooded areas. A few of the wiser inhabitants, seeing the potential risk of having to take care of a fluffy during a possible life or death situation, tried to do the humane thing and release their pets into the wild. “Ruten Bactual”, the smallest coastal nation, was a vegan colony. This being a result of generations living on the only coast on the planet that did not host any form of wildlife or game. The first fluffies were introduced when a HASBIO transport ship was raided by pirates, sending the crates of fluffy product adrift until they came to rest upon the aisle.

From there, they seemed to pop up just about anywhere you could find people, foliage, or food.

Soon after; Farms, crops, gardens, and family owned food stalls were being overrun by techni-color waves of dirty fluff. Flooded by endless waves of huggies, nu daddehs, soon mummahs, and babbehs, the Ruten people were left with no other choice. With the stormy season soon approaching, and with nearly 91% of their food sources decimated, the Chieftain spoke.

2 months before the first expected typhoon marking the beginning of the stormy season, A new law was passed and spread throughout the coastal nation.

“Lentuh’ Nuh’ Fluhph” (Len-Too, nYOU, Fluff)

Roughly translates “To Life, No Fluff”

A hunting bill that would give the once plant based people an unlimited hunting pass for the first, and only, wildlife to ever set foot onto their once beautiful land. This law would go into effect 2 months prior, and end 2 months following, the passing of the stormy season. It would serve as both pest control, and food gathering during a time of dire need. Fluffy meat, as a few of the nations braver souls first discovered, could be eaten if cooked over an open flame. Their fluff and hide could also be burned and tanned into waterproof clothing that also worked as impressive insulation.

With a nearly endless amount of fluffies to be hunted and a starving nation’s belly to fill, it wasn’t long before the islanders were ready to take on even the longest storm the sea could throw at them.

Except, this isn’t a story about any of those people. This story doesn’t even take place at the time of the Creation of the hunting bill. This story takes place 40 years later, and it’s fluffier.


This isn’t the actual story just yet. It’s more backstory for context. Stay tuned for the tale of Daisy!