Dancie Fluffy -Jackson (By Mikahorsie)

A Coninuation of the Previous Art

Jackson now grew up to be A rather popular dancer in FluffTV.

Growing up he was thought to be a simple Poopie Colored Fluffy until he was fully weened and started to developed a Patterned Fluff similar to that of a Cow.

Due to the rarity of being a Patterned Fluffy, Jackson became easily noticed and became a successful Entertainment Fluffy in Hollywood


It’s great to see a dancing fluffy (especially from being feral) get a good life . Most of all fluffies that dance had a high probability to get killed it look like.


People alway told me be carful what you do🎵

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He should get a special friend and name her billie jean

attempts to do Smooth Criminal lean with boot cleat
breaks leg


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I thought he was wearing a jacket at first. Cute.

I knew he had it in him! Glad to see a dancie babbeh all grown up and living life!


Would it be ok if I drew him as a guest star, dancing with cupid?

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