Dancing for rewards (InfraredTurbine)

It looked funnier in my mind…

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Yup hate “dancin babbeh’s” they male me want to take a drill or corkscrew to their nether regions.
Should have given him uncooked sketties.


I would love to see this concept with an ode to the classic Wild West/Gangster film trope of shooting (probably a BB gun for a fluffy) at the feet of someone and telling them to “dance” before you start.

I’m not sure I would go so far as to hurt or kill a dancie babbeh but I would politely ask that they just stop dancing, please. It’s not cute, it’s not good, and it’s really not helping anyone.


Dancie babbehs is one of those thing where the first time you saw it you would be like “okay thats actually really cute” then by the like 5th time you saw it and once they start using it like its a bartering tool it would get really irritating.

i already own you,yet you only dance for me when you want something? :thinking_jellen:


Yes it would be a novelty the first several times but after that? Or with multiple fluffies (either parallel or serially) doing it over time for rewards…no. Constant “Wook daddeh/mummah am dancie babbeh” would drive me quite insane.

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Thats probably one of the reasons it irritates me so much.
It’s a manipulative tactic.
Even though according to Dr Spoosh its involuntary.


Now I’m just remembering a D&D anecdote where the bard’s player demanded and got extra XP for not singing in real life.


I looooove dancing babbehs! Not only are they cute, it opens up so many possibilities for abuse!

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I likewise thought it was funny.


Maybe if danceh babbeh had some moves other than move it’s arms back and forth it could get sketti for dancing. Break it down ya little shit!

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I cant believe i missed the opportunity for a dancing babbeh foal in my story. Ah well, next time


There’s always room for a dancin’ babbeh


That’s savage.

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Mission failed successfully.

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Hahaha, dance you fat bitch.