Danny, Eliza And Bubbly (By realvinie)

Danny, Eliza And Bubbly (By realvinie)

In the suburb of the town of Harpershade lived a happy family, something extremely rare in that neighborhood.

There lived Danny, a lonely kid who loved his family and, most of all, his fluffy Bubbly, an earth pony mare that was trained from foalhood to be the best pet any kid could have.

She was kind, educated, and always did what she could to help her owner to feel better, not only with her “hugs”, but with her company in general, staying there for him when no one was there.

The only other who regularly interacted with Danny was Eliza, the blond girl next door. She was the same as Danny, staying at home all day while her parents worked, but she had a great difference, her parents didn’t let her have a fluffy, or any pet for the matter, because of her “impulses”.

It was a hot summer day and Danny could not think of much to do. Besides, of course, play a little ball catch with Bubbly and relax; it was a weekend, after all.

Then, the house bell rang, calling his attention. He would stay on the sofa and ignore the calling, but Bubbly was taught by her daddy’s mommy that he needed to do things. And so, she nudged in with the muzzle, smiling at him.

“siwwy daddeh, ‘ou nee’ to open dah doow”

“Really Bubbly, but we are so comfortable here…”

At her daddy’s words, Bubbly started to think about how comfy she was lying on his belly, and after some seconds of hard thought about what to do; she remembered her daddy’s mummah word.

Bubbly, you need to help your daddy to do things, even if he doesn’t want to, okey.

That was all that Bubbly needed to act and, acting completely uncharacteristic, she stood up and looked in her daddy’s eyes; her cheeks and chest puffing – if anyone saw the scene, they would believe that she was one of those terrible smarties, but she needed to show dominance to her daddy, so he could do what was better for him.

"dumb daddeh!" - Bubbly shouted - “daddy nee’ to open dah doow NAO!”

“wow!” - Danny raised his arms in defence - “Calm Down, Bubbly!”

“dummy daddeh nee’ to go nao ow mummah wiww gib daddeh owwies!”

After the last part, Danny finally understood why she was being so bratty—it was for his own good—as always, she was being a good girl.

And she was almost right, if he just let the emotions take over him, he wouldn’t leave the sofa for anything – and for anyone – and he would get another sermon from his mom.

So, he sighed and slowly stood in a sitting position – even if he chose to attend the door, this didn’t mean it would be fast – and scratched Bubbly ear, in which she cooed in contentment.

“Thanks” - Danny whispered as he walked in the direction of the door, leaving the proud fluff with the sensation of a job well done.

When Danny opened the door, there stood Eliza; the beautiful girl next door.

They never had a proper conversation where both sides talked and smiled. No, there was always a one-side conversation where Eliza spoke, and he listened – and this made her assume that they were the best friends in the world, when Danny always felt as if she was an unbearable jackdaw.

What made things worse for him was the fact that some days ago she had moved next to his house; but he would never in his wildest dreams believe that a girl would come to his house alone and without a reason.

“Ah… Hi, Eliza, can I help you?”

“Danny!” - she almost screamed, barging the door and entering his home, his sacred place - “I come to see you and have some fun. So, do you have any game?”

She was entering his home without waiting for him. She walked around, looking at everything, every photo hanging on the walls, every picture and furniture. - And as she walked through the hall of the house, her face contorted in expressions that let her true opinions go through, and they were very negative.

“Wow, little Danny, you have a good shack here, hum…”—she stooped a little, looking back at the exasperated owner of the house—“I just have one question.”

The way she said her last sentence sent a chill through Danny’s body, but she knew her – any sign of weakness was a poking point.


“I saw a picture of a fluffy here; is it your pet?”

“Hum… yes?” - sweat ran down his forehead, but the crisis seemed averted - “why?”

“I LOVE fluffies, you know?” - Eliza pointed a finger at him - “can you tell me about her and introduce us?”

“Oh…yes…” - Danny moved to the front of Eliza, showing the way to the living room “Her name is bubbly, and she has been with us for a year now.”

“A Fluffy living a year, this is interesting”

This comment was strange, but Danny didn’t give it a though.

“Yeah, she is a fantastic fluffy and is always trying to please us.” - a small smile formed at his lips - “Never asking for anything, always polite, always loving.”

“Funny, you know” - interjected Eliza - "When you speak like this, it almost seemed you were one of THOSE people.’


“Yes, the Fluffy-fuckers”


“Oh, there are the star of the show!”

When they entered the living room, they found the blue fur and purple maned fluffy quietly watching TV, in the Alenix channel for fluffies, in a show about being a good and clean fluffy.

Danny was going to call Bubbly, but Eliza was faster.

“” Hey, fluffy, we here!"

“Daddy?” Bubbly didn’t react as Eliza expected, just turning her face to watch Danny with a smile and her with confusion – “New friend?”

“Yes little fluffy, I am your new friend.” She approached the fluffy who sat down, giving her the full attention. “You can call me Eli.”


“Yes. Now I’m going to watch a little TV with you while your daddy goes to change clothes” - Eliza looked at Danny, who didn’t know how to react - “Because we would leave for a bit.”

“Wait Eliza I never accepted this!”

“No, you will get out with me” - Eliza spoke firmly - “I have something important to show you, it won’t take long.”

“Something important? What?”

“I need to show you.”

Danny just sighed, he didn’t feel as if going out, but he had no choice – Eliza wouldn’t give up on him – and, with a resigned look, he just walked out of the room to his bedroom to change, leaving the fluffy and the girl alone in the room.


As Danny left the room, a sly smile formed on Eliza’s lips, the plan she developed when she saw that the house had a fluff was almost in fruition.

She then checked her wristwatch, it was almost time for the show, and this means that it was time for her to work.

“Hey, Bubbly, right?”

Hewwo, nice wady, am bubbwy"- said Bubbly in a happy tone.

“Good, Good” - Eliza petted Bubbly scruff - “I’ve heard many good things about you. Your daddy told me you are a good fluffy…”

“yes, bubbwy am gud fwuffy!”

“But… maybe you could be better?”

“what nice wady mean?”

“Do you know what makes a good fluffy a really good fluffy?”


“No, babies!”

“Babies?”- asked Bubbly in confusion, she knew what it was, but never once thought about it - “daddy wike babbehs?”

“Oh, Bubbly, of course he would, but he would never tell you. It’s like a secret!”

“and mummah?”

“EVERYONE loves babies!” - Eliza then put her finger on her lip, in a secret pose - “But no one would tell you because it is a secret!”

'and bubbwy can hab babbehs?"

“Of course. Let me help you first.”- And as Eliza spoke, she took the remote that was lying on the sofa and changed the channel to Fluff TV, in a show all about babies - “Here, this will tell you all about babies.”

“thank 'ou, nice wady!”- Spoke Bubbly, in utter happiness.

“And…after this, all you have to do is ask your daddy to let you have some!”- Eliza started rising up, giggling in the process - “Just ask many times, and one day he will let you.”

“Yus. Thank 'ou, nice wady!”- And as the show was starting, Bubbly started to dance a terrible dance and sang in a horrible tone - “babies fo’ daddeh; daddeh wiww wub; daddeh wub bubbwy…”

Eliza felt as if her job was done, but as she was admiring her work, Danny reappeared in the room; she couldn’t let him screw up everything.

And as he was putting his feet in the ground, Eliza ran as fast as she could, grabbing Danny’s hand and dragging him out of the house.

In her mind she knew it would be a great day. And, in the long run, it would even be better with her "best friend"and his fluffy.

And, through the halls of the house a happy, yet horrible sounding song could be heard.

“babies fo’ daddeh; daddeh wiww wub; daddeh wub bubbwy…”

Next Episode: Danny, Eliza And Bubbly part2 : Fury and Guilt


This will go horribly wrong. I can sense it.