Defective Pinkie Pie (fluffybooru id: 08263) (by: Coalheart)

You finally got your own place to live and they even admit pets

After much thinking you decide to get a fluffy pony

Go to the pet shop to get your very own fluffy pony

Once there the regular fluffies just don’t catch your eye

”Nu daddeh?” “Sketties?” “Pway?” They all sound the same to you

Looking around the shop you see they carry the licensed MLP fluffies

God! $150 for one of those? They must be joking

You’re about to leave the pet shop somewhat frustrated, regular fluffies wont make it and licensed ones are way too expensive, at least if you want to cover your rent this month

You think better and ask the owner if you can pay in cash instalments

She negates but suddenly his eyes brighten up

”I can do something better, I can offer you a uh… ‘defective’ item at 60% discount… just no refunds”

You ask to see said ‘item’ and soon the owner comes back with a carton carrying case

As she opens it you see a perfect Pinkie Pie fluffy pony covering her eyes suddenly hurt by the bright light and quickly agree to buy her

You pay the 60 bucks you’re asked for, step price but totally worth it.

Once home you take her out of the carrying case and tell her you’re her new daddy

She immediately cheers up and reaches with her front hooves to hug you so you comply and lift her from the ground


’defective item’… oh well it’s not so bad having a Pinkie Guy


When I worked for an outlet store we didn’t use the term defective. We sold 2nd quality items. Perfectly good but not exactly to spec.


Rule 63 would likely be a niche market that would exist, ensuring they would only be cheaper rather than discarded.