Derped Babbeh (animated by The Neutralist)


Another one from the Booru…


Why is it’s shit grey? That ain’t normal.


Did the kid get underped from that first hit? Cause if so, rough time, I was thinking death was a better outcome but sometimes the only thing between a cure and a poison is the dosage.

Too bad Fluffies don’t do things by half measures

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Honestly thought it was going to choke on its own arm, this is just as good.

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Aww. I liked derp baby.

I always found the original comic funny because the mother said “Bleah! Iz dummy babbeh!”. To me, “bleah” is inherently funny. Oh, well…

Grey stool indicates lack of bile. Could be gallstones. Suggest a vet visit. Or just harvest/sledgehammer the sick fluffy and save everyone time.


Really great I love this.

God the way it’s legs are twitching… I might’ve done the same thing, there’s no way that things not in pain

Exactly! That’s the point!