Derpy Soon-Mummah With Pacifier (moonie)

Her name is Ginger, by the way.


My son loved his pacifier. But we would lose them constantly! They would disappear and then never get found. We bought so many until we finally got him to stop using them.


Ha. My fluffies can use pacis and wear diapers. Used to i had them only be able to use pacis for a short amount of time or else they’d get all sorts of mouth issues. Sores, dental issues. That sort of thing. But now i have them use them all the time with no issues because cuteness. You still have to watch out for diaper rashes and use lotion and baby wipes just like with a regular baby.


This one is so cute :slight_smile: are you going to hugbox it?




this is verry nice

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she cute

Aww cute, I only worried now are her broods, will she be able to take care of them or they have to be moved to a shelter or the owner have to seperate them in a special container?

Looks good but aren’t the eyes supposed to be walled not crossed.

Idea: regular fluffies but human are portrayed as orclike monsters

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you really crave for this to be made, do you?

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I have to see a fluffy torn limb from limb and a random guy saying"meats back on the menu boys!" that is all I ask.