Different types of fluffy breeding (by Newb_ronswek)



Everyone knows the mills only gonna use pillows


Finally someone indicates stress levels negatively affecting offspring.


Very nice indeed.


If you’re selling foals that are special in any way, then it’s definitely worth it to have a pen mare, or a breeding pair if you can swing it. Don’t think you’d want an alicorn or similar from a breeding pillow or a caged breeder. Good fluffy husbandry distinctions there.


I like this. I think it’d make a good feature in my game


On that note, I’ve been kinda keeping track of your game here and there. Is there any way we can support your venture by sending you and your guys support on Patreon, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or something?

It depends if you wanna make profits on low cost or wanna make profits with a higher cost.

Id imagine industrial breeding mares would cause a ton of stillbirths because of the high stress enviroment. Makes me wonder if it would cost efficient in the long run

I think the common answer is that the dead fluffies (foals, mares, stallions, etc) get recycled into chow. Depending on when/headcanon the heads get removed to prevent prions disease. Supposedly some folks who did fluffy mill stories/material did it as a reflection of puppy mills and other horrible pet breeding operaions.

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Is Newb saying that fluffies do better when they get a piece of the action?

Newb what are your thoughts on peeing on the fluffies

A serious headcannony question…

Where would a bonded pair like Whoopy Pie and Moon Mist at the ranch fall?

Moon Mist and Whoopie Pie are pen breeders, but they’re treated better than most.

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Bookmarked. I’ll be using this for reference in a story. Thank you @Newb_ronswek!