Disappointment (AmbitiousLeather8309)


Awwwwwww!!! Cute as a button!


All I see is some cute foals and one very good mama.


Oooh black with purple with mane!!! Or is that brown, I can’t tell. Either way they’re all to perfect


I mean not the best batch but we can still make it work, also awww


Eh mught as well keep’em


What a happy mummah with her pretty babbehs!


Ah, a shit factory.

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Such cute manes though! Still adorable and all so well-loved. Sometimes colours skip a generation, right?


In my personal lore, There are fluffy ponies who aren’t actually poopies, they are Russet. Often have dark reddish brown fluff and a light mane. These are actually all color dominant, so pairing them with a very light all recessive traits pony, like a light colored alicorn, pretty much guarantees a bright colored litter with more rare colors than trying to pair two alicorns.


This is what happens when your award winning Alicorn get knocked up by a random feral shitrat.
I think that the worst is yet to come, especially if her owner is a breeder who now is stuck with merchandise that at the best can be sold to abusers at a low price.

They’re all very cute! There’s a niche for every fluffy and I’m sure they’ll find a lovely home that will appreciate them.

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Where one see a disappointment i see a diamond in the rough

They foals and family seem good-natured, always a plus. The blue one is still an alicorn after all, and the purple-maned unicorn has a decent enough color pattern, they could be sold at a decent enough mark-up. Even the green pegasus would make a decent enough sale, perhaps for a young boy. If put for sale, they can easily go for $40-50. Definitely nothing for shows or collectors, but not a complete waste of a month.

It also goes without saying of the breeding potential there. Any breeder that doesn’t have the brain of a fluffy would know that a good-natured brown fluffy, especially one with a pedigree or good colors in their genes, are a potential gold mine. I’d be willing to bet that if you match the unicorn with a healthy light colored stallion, you just may get a Rarity-color or even the vaunted Celestia. Even if they produce more brown one, you can still fetch a decent penny for a well-behaved, docile chocolate with a good coat. They do make the perfect ones for companion fluffies or couples without children

You see, if you plan on going into the breeding business, you need to plan for all possibilities. Only arrogant, short-sighted people would toss away a valuable mare and her brood for something as simple as color. You can have the best colored fluffy, but having them be poorly trained and even worse a “smarty”, is a sign of a shoddy breeder, one thats house is about to be condemned for sanitation because they can’t be bothered to even maintain their farm, let alone give proper training. The ones who sell bad colored fluffies to the nearest budding psychopath for $5, while putting an infertile Pinkiepie-color smarty with loose bowels on Marketplace for $500. Unless you have the start-up to make an honest fluffy mill, you need to put in the time and effort, and always find a way to maximize you profits.