DOLLIFICATION: make a doll fluffy instead of a milkbag (Smarthater)

It was a normal day for Stan working at a no-kill shelter of his city, it was a day of birth, a blue mare was about to give birth to a whole litter of foals however she wasn’t giving birth in a pretty saferoom surrounded by toys and other things but she was giving birth in a grey room while she was strapped.

While Stan worked in a no-kill shelter it was a special kind of shelter, whenever a shelter received a feral mare they ould give her some tests to see if she was a bitch-mare.

They would show her some poopie fluffy to test if she was mean to them, they would show her pretty babbehs and their mother to see if she would try to steal them and they would show her alicorn to see if they would try to kill them.

This mare however scorred them all! So she got a gift we have put her together with a rowdy stallion that got her pregnant by violently raping her. After the deed was done she was happy to have babbehs that would be pretty like her.

Now the day was now, she screamed “biggest poopies”. Stan just as fast after that he took her under his armpits while another worker moved to clean her babbehs who were already chirping. She had 2 unicorns red and green 3 earthies, yellow, pink and blue and 3 alicorns. What a find.

-“Babbehs” she screamed then she saw all her babbehs " NNNNUUUU nee sav bestest babbeh fwom poopie fwuffy and munsta, poopie babbeh fow numming poopie and munstah need foweba sweepie nice mistah"

You’re not even remotely surprised by her reaction she got a bestest as soon a she sow the similar color. But it didn’t matter soon there was nothing she would be able to do.

Milkbags are universal when it came to breeder, they were those that would strap the mares, those that wouyld do that and cut her leggies and thoses that would simply crush their legs so that moving was beyond painful.

But this shelter was different, this shelter had a method that was beyond cruel and painful: dollification, you would make a fluffy unable to ever move trough a surgery, it solved all problems the foals would just take their mother for a toy and they would be given a nurse mare even if she couldn’t make milk they could feet of the doll fluffy.

Stan took the screaming mare to a surgical table, she immediatly tried to escape hile shitting and sreaming but stan held her down, then he stabbed her with a need just after that she stopped moving, it wasn’t a sleeping drugs just a paralising agent that would make sure she would not move during the surgery.

First he plugged her but with a metallic cylinder, this cylinder was an invention of the shelter specialist it was used to make doll fluffies and punish fluffies who didn’t use the litterbox, once the cylinder was inserted Stan hit the button on his phone to activate it. Suddenly the cylinder gained size until it painfully clogged the fluffy ass.

The mare who’s eyes were darting around because she couldn’t move suddenly stopped in the middle her veins made visible due to the pain. Tears of pain welled up in her eyes. She then moved her eyes everywhere due to the pain but that was just the beginning.

Stan then procedded to inject her with another chemical. This a corrosive acid inserted into her spines and at the base of her front legs and back legs, this burned her nerves making it painfully inimaginable, tears filled her eyes due to the paralyzing agent she could not fall uncounscious. She now was unable to move even if the effects of the paralyzing syringe were to fade. She would never move again.

Next Stan proceeded to open her move, then with a pair of plyers removed her teeth and then seared it with a hot metal. Then he filled her mouth a a bioglue developped to help fluffies heal, this glue would fuse with the fluffy cells making it impossible to remove. The inside of her jaw now looked the same as a plush.

He then inserted different chemicals into her fur. Those chemicals would cause her to become a living plush, making her muscle softer and softer, extensible but it had the bad effect of making the whole body itch and hurt It also provoked hearing loss, now that she couldn’t move there was nothing she could do about it. So this was a painful hell.

He then cut into her back near her intestine and stomach and inserted two tubes: one to insert food and the other to remove waste. This means that she didn’t have to be fed normally not that she could eat kibble anymore.

And the most enjoyable part for those working here. Stan moved himself to have her, a spoon in his hand. In her eyes only one thing was visible: Fear, Pain, Despair, her eyes said one thing that he could understand.

-"Pwease NUUU!!! Nu want huwties NO MOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR!! Pwease!!

Savoring her pain Stan then moved the spooon and slowly removed her eyes one at a time, he inserted a hot rod into the empy space that was her eyes searing it, now she was in total darkness. Stan then put the bio glue into her eye socket and put two doll eyes into it.

That was the end, the doll was complete.

Two weeks later. The mare was at her usual kennel with her children not that they would know that she was their mother to them their mother was the nurse mare that saw them grow. They didn’t need her milk anymore so she was taken for breeding.

While Stan took her they passed by the stallion that impregnanted her, he was too a doll, a enfie doll made for stallion to fuck. The mare was put int the kennel of the stallion and she was raped again by a stallion that saw her.

No matter how much she begged to stop nothing would change, no matter how much she wanted to become better nothing would change.

Even if one day she wished for death it would never be given to her because this was…

A no-kill shelter


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Holy motherfucker,I love this story.
I think they should leave one eye for this bitch so that she can see her terrifying fate in the future.


Reminds me of Charming, but the feeding and waste tubes sound like an easy fix to make it a fluffy toy…


So Sorry iwas so into the writing this story that i forgot. I’ll think about it next time. :sweat_smile:

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Nah, no worries lol.


I love that the idea of a “no-kill shelter” sounds laudable on paper, but in practice it leads to horrors far worse than death.


How long do doll fluffs last?



Will anyone notice when she dies?


Usually i would make them last between 7 and 8 years due to the fact that they’re “fed” healthy stuff so that they do not get fat and due to the chemicals they’re less likely to caught sickness not that anyone would take them to the vet.


They’ll notice the smell of rotting eventually.

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Can she get pregnant? Because that would be hilarious.

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Yes that why she was put in the stallion pen, she can still get babies her organs are still intact. But due to the chemicals even pregnancy is painful to her.


Awesome. Thank you! She’s now the perfect bitch.

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If can still have foals and they don’t move or anything, they are the perfect product for a breeding mill, I kindly ask permission to use them in a story of mine, gentlemen.


Sure i would love to see that.


Can use this concept, I’ll give credit of course @SmartHater


Sure you can.


i’ve only ever worked at “kill” shelters but i imagine a genuinely no-kill shelter would be a living nightmare.

the shelter i worked at had a sister shelter that advertised itself as no-kill but just sent all the unadoptable animals to us lol… surely not every no-kill is like that, though. there have got to be a LEGION of dogs and cats that are rotting in dull cages for years and years at the super happy fun no-kill shelter of love and rainbows because they’re so many generations feral they’ve become crappy zoo animals & the staff just won’t euthanize them…